9 Secret Techniques To Improve Facebook Marketing for WordPress Website


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

In this post, I will talk about the two quintessential ingredients (or platforms) for the recipe of successful business marketing.

All it takes is the combination of Facebook and WordPress that helps you to set your game right.

Marketing trends change in the blink of an eye. I was thinking of techniques that would go well with the whole transformation. Is smart, Right?

Facebook: Not an obvious choice for marketing anymore!

Well, it is a bit surprising to see that the importance of Facebook for businesses has sharply declined in all these years. Things change, and we all love to witness the ‘ebb and flow’ around us. But the reduction in organic traffic and the reach on Facebook has seriously hit businesses worldwide, so much so that they have withdrawn the efforts they used to put on Facebook and thought of other alternatives.

Still, you don’t need to lose heart as there are currently 2.23 Billion monthly users on Facebook, clearly more than Instagram and WhatsApp. It would be best to change the strategies that would work well in the current scenario, and it’s possible.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

But did you ever think that with a change in mindset and practical thinking, you could bring your business on track and back the traffic on your WordPress website?

9 Tips to get traffic on your WordPress website from Facebook:

I am sure you are excited to know about the top techniques to get traffic back to your website using Facebook marketing techniques.

Let me start with the techniques to bring traffic from Facebook to the WordPress website or vice versa.

1. Less is undoubtedly more on Facebook:

We have heard enough in the past that posting daily on Facebook will bring more traffic to your website. If it were true anymore, I would have happily recommended it.

When your Facebook followers see so many posts from your page daily, they will get annoyed and unfollow you. The middle way is to limit posting to 1 time in 2 days to get the needed attention to your website via your posts.

2. Quality over quantity is the key:

I was shocked to learn that every 20 minutes, Facebook gets a flurry of about 1 Million shared links! Getting less organic reach led to rumors that things don’t work on Facebook anymore and forgetting about a lot of space.

What if you carefully select the content being posted on Facebook? It works! Users will undoubtedly think of browsing your website once they see something constructive.

3. Get the nerve of the Facebook algorithm:

Posting consistency and quality are undoubtedly vital factors in winning over Facebook marketing. But, the Facebook algorithm is ever so shifting that it becomes hard to catch. How about trying different things and knowing what works for you?

Try yourself. Try posting more in less time or less in days. ..anything can work in this unpredictable scenario of the Facebook algorithm.

4. Make use of WordPress Facebook plugins:

Our very own WordPress has so much to offer that it can also help you retain Facebook traffic on your website. User interaction and engagement are the usual benefits of using Facebook plugins by the developers in WordPress development services who know well that it will help the business at both ends. Facebook Messenger plugins on your site will help trap the users and convert them into leads with constant interaction.

5. Be bold and compelling:

Sometimes, you may feel too lazy to think of unique content that stands out. I emphasize the fact that you have to have compelling images and bold one-liners to make an immediate impact on your Facebook audience.

Being bold refers to something so engaging that users can’t help themselves but browse through your website instantly. Your content is a reflection of your brand and your company. If it doesn’t contribute to the brand reputation on Facebook, no one will bother to click on your website links.

6. Resonate with a specific target audience:

When you have created your website, you must have thought about the target audience. Why would you not think of the same while creating content for your Facebook page?

When you create ad campaigns on Facebook, you are asked about the in-depth specificness of the audience you want to reach. Make sure your content gets to the perfect group of people. Higher the CTR, the better the results.

7. Use Video Content to boost traffic:

Your ultimate goal at the end is to get as much traffic to your site as possible. What makes sense is the constant inclusion of video content into the ad posts. If you only focus on a single type of content, your audience can get bored and look for more appealing content from other pages.

Your one video can go viral all over Facebook, getting you insane traffic on the website.

8. Getting it right with Facebook Ads:

If you keep trying to find ways to bring traffic from Facebook to your website directly, you will surely miss out on other exciting but clever ways. Capturing users’ email addresses and sending them newsletters will help you extract the best from the marketing juices.

Just do it right. Create a meaningful Facebook ad to get the users to subscribe to you and then send emails that click with the receivers. You aim to get them to your website by promising them exciting things in store for them.

9. Keep it short and catchy:

Last but not least, keeping updates short but highly meaningful will let you leverage the best of what Facebook can offer to call the users to your WordPress website (or any other website).

Don’t take too long to convey what your business can offer users. Keep the updates below 75 characters to coerce the followers to read and take action by clicking the website link.

Bottom Line:

When Facebook caught the wind of the free business marketing profits, it drastically changed the algorithm to make the users pay for Advertisements. I mentioned some tricky ways to stick to and see what brings traffic to your website and what does not!

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