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July 10, 2024

Have ever you tried Facebook video ads for your campaigns?

Videos are a great way to grab people’s attention and at times, can be a great alternative for static images to achieve a higher ROI. In fact, Facebook videos ads typically have a higher CPC and CPA than static image ads.

If you’re ready to start using Facebook video ads for your campaign, let’s closer look at some of ads you can create to promote your business.


Creating video ads for your Facebook campaigns can be as easy as grabbing your phone, capturing your product, then creating a few simple cutscenes with text overlay.

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“People [look] five times longer at video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram” – (Image Source)

Facebook video ads can seem complicated and overwhelming, as you read through this article you’ll soon see how easy it is to create and publish Facebook video ads regularly.

As you read, here are some key elements to watch out for:

  1. How can I create Video ads?
  2. How long should an ad video be?
  3. How should I use these video ads?
  4. What kind of video design should I use?


Note: The Facebook video ads you’re about to see are those that appeared in our newsfeed. We’ll give you our analysis as to why they work (or don’t work) and some features we would recommend for your Facebook video ad campaign.


#1: Tailor Brands (pt. I)

Here’s a high-quality example of a Video ad

This 10 second Instagram video ad by Tailor Brands is both simple and stunning. They use their sharp brand colors consistently throughout the video and add some contrast near the end.

To recreate this video, you would have to create a variety of snapshots and stitch them together in a program like Photoshop or a Video Editor.

Key Features

  • Short & stunning – This ad takes you on a journey in just a short amount of time.
  • Focused, targeted messages – Notice how the call to action focuses on new businesses? You’ll see a few more examples later on that emphasize this.


#2: Funnelytics

Display your video ads on Facebook and Instagram

When you’re setting up your video ads, you can choose where they will be displayed. In this case, we were seeing ads from Funnelytics appear in both our Facebook and Instagram account. This is a great remarketing strategic.

Key Features

  • Target users on both platforms – If your Facebook ad budget is flexible, try displaying your ads on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create video ad product / service explainers – What is done really well with this video ad is creating a short “demo” of the Funnelytics software with a free-to-try call-to-action. Try this!

#3: Oberlo

Ad music and sounds to your Video ads but remember to obtain a license to avoid copyright infringements

Oberlo uses a rather simple video ad design with 6 slides with text overlay explaining the features of their services. The intro music begins immediately to grab attention and attract clicks.

Key Features:

  • Keep it simple – If you’re new to Facebook video ads, try using this style. It’s simple and won’t take too much time to put together pictures and text with a little sound on top.
  • Relate with your customers – While this ad is simple and appealing, one thing we would do differently would be to identify the pain points of our customer followed by a feature that solves it.


#4: Promo

Here’s what a video ad looks like when you hit the play button.

It’s good to know what Facebook users will see once your ad goes live. This video ad uses a visual content creation platform called Slide.ly which allows you to share a variety of custom designed videos.

Notice how additional videos appear below the original Facebook video ad?

Key Features:

  • Use creative tools to design your ads: You don’t have to be a graphic designer to design video ads. While it can be as simple as using a mobile phone, the alternative is to collect images and make designs with creative tools such as Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Try looking for royalty-free images from Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels.
  • Experiment with colors: Believe it or not, color plays a significant role in decision making which you can learn more in Facebook Ad Design.


#5: Tailor Brands (pt. II)

Try animations for your Video ads

Welcome back to another Tailor Brands video ad. These kept showing up in our Instagram feed and they’re the perfect example of experimenting and testing different ad types.

This video was released in early January 2019 with the target audience being new businesses and individuals who have been thinking, for many years, to start a business in 2019.

Key Features:

  • Create an inspiring story – Take your viewers on a journey that connects with their situation and needs.
  • Create custom animations – Do you have your own cartoon mascot? There are many creative ways to use animation in your video ads.


#6: Elementor

 Another cross-platform display, this time using stories!

You’ve probably noticed Instagram’s interactive feature called “stories”. It’s a great way to gain exposure to your business and brand while encouraging more conversions with the “Swipe Up” feature.

Remember, the swipe up can be customized specifically to your call-to-action (i.e. shop now, download, sign up, etc.).

Key Features

  • Display your ads in stories – Use stories to engage with different users.
  • Create a clear, compelling offer – This ad appears a bit confusing as to what users should do. It emphasizes a discount and Christmas special but those unfamiliar with Elementor may not react as well as if a clear message was included which described the product.


#7: ROI Hunter


Make an epic video ad!

This Facebook video ad is incredible. The sounds, the story, the transitions, everything about this ad is brilliant!

With the quality of video design this good, its no surprise this video ad went viral and reached 2.1M views.

Key features:

  • Production level ads – Hiring a video design firm may be able to bring your business to the next level.
  • Time the sound and transition – When creating your own video ads, don’t forget to time the transitions of your video clips, audio clips, and text.


Here are a few more video ads that popped up on our newsfeed we thought worth sharing:


#8: Tailor Ads (pt. III)

There’s so much to learn from these Tailor Brands video ads.


#9: Entrepreneur First

This is a nice video slide ad, however, we’re not engineers so they may be targeting the wrong audience!


#10: Clip

Depending on your target audience, adding emojis and other visual may work.


#11: Billy Gene is Marketing

Doesn’t this remind you of an infomercial?


These are just a few ideas for Instagram and Facebook ad examples. What have you seen show up in your newsfeeds? If there’s any worth sharing, feel free to send us a message and we’ll add it to our ongoing list of ad examples.

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