Importance of Marketing and Advertising on Billboards


Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

The billboards are a type of outdoor advertising. In short, they are large format prints that must be prepared for exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents.

Although they may have detractors, with the necessary creativity they can cause great notoriety and not be annoying or intrusive.

While advertising in some media is in decline, outdoor advertising grows beyond our borders and in Spain it is maintained. To this we must add the digitalization and the advantages that this entails in terms of the ability to interact with consumers and reducing production costs.

Origin of Outdoor Advertising

The origin of large-format advertising dates back to the first forms of graphic expression that the first men on earth made to communicate their ideas with a meaningful visual expression.

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From the time of the pharaohs, merchants carved stones along the roads to promote their products. In Pompeii and Rome, years later, murals were painted for the purpose of selling. Subsequently, already with the paper and thanks to its flexibility, the advertisements could be moved and placed in virtually any part that was desired.

The printing press in the fifteenth century led to advertising posters to replace the crier. The images on the posters were due to the fact that the population could not read and, therefore, the messages were transmitted thanks to the association of ideas with images that represented the business.

In the 21st century, advertising is one of the most valued tools to influence society thanks to the advancement of technology. The marketing digital is one of the exponents of advertising at this time, but it is not alone.

The billboards are large structures that act as supports for fixing ads. They are located in sports facilities, highways, parks, airports, etc. and, depending on where you want to install, will require a permit or another.

The format of the fences must be studied in depth. It is not convenient to leave improvisation or photography, color or quality. That is, the components of the messages must be well taken care of and be as attractive as original.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Format Advertising


1.      The main advantage of using this advertising format is that, being placed in busy public spaces, its visualization is evident.

2.      Depending on our interest, we can place the fence in the most appropriate area to achieve greater impact.

3.      It is a permanent promotion, especially if it has lighting. This causes the impacts they cause to be greater.

4.      It is a static advertising, which allows a detailed and quiet reading so that consumers can identify the brand or product.

5.      If compared with other advertising systems, and given its coverage and penetration, such as the subway or buses, its price is not high.

6.      If used properly, they can be a great complement to advertising campaigns conducted in the press, television or radio, as it reinforces the messages. Especially in the last kilometers before shopping centers to cause a greater impact on consumers.

7.      If we know the advantages that this advertising format can offer, we have the necessary reasons to go to them.


Content limitation Outdoor advertising is of visual impact, that is, you cannot make great arguments or optimal presentations of the products.

You cannot focus on a specific demographic segment because it is visible to all people.

Strategies to Ensure That Outdoor Advertising Is Observed

Less Is More

As people are on the move, when the fences are observed there is no time to make decisions and notes. Six seconds is the average time used to read a billboard? Depending on the ease of reading, our claim can create a good impact on our potential consumers.

The messages have to be creative and we can use 3D images. This opportunity allows us to do something very striking.

Cause Impacts without Distractions

Outdoor advertising is aimed at drivers, pedestrians, cyclists or bikers and only a few seconds are available to cause an impact on them.

This impact aims to attract attention without causing an accident.

Direct Response

On the fences you can find promotions or offers that, thanks to new technologies, can be scanned or photographed before entering a commercial area or making a phone call with which to consult that information.


The results that billboards can offer to companies that want to improve their promotion can be excellent. But to be successful in this sector, all the factors that would undoubtedly condition the results must be taken into account. The location and the people who can transit that area must be analyzed precisely.

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How to Boost E-commerce Sale with Promotional Labels and Stickers

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