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July 10, 2024

If you are running a small business, you must be using Facebook for driving visitors to your site. Facebook has more than 1.09 billion daily active users. So, you can’t really afford to lose this source of traffic.

Now that you are using Facebook for advertising, you should look for efficient ways to manage your campaigns. You may be spending thousands of dollars, but it will only be of worth if you are doing it right.

It is essential to learn how to use several tools to ensure that you get the best out of your ad campaigns. Today we will be covering 5 Facebook advertising tools that will save you time and boost your return on investment (ROI).

  1. QWAYA

Cost: Qwaya has three different plans. They are Premium, Business and Agency plans, starting from $149, $249 and $349 respectively. A suitable one can easily be chosen from these three.

They also offer a two-week trial period.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Qwaya is one of the most popular platforms for optimizing Facebook advertisements. This is a tool that can help you cut through the noise from over three million advertisers on Facebook. Many marketers have faced problems using Facebook’s Power Editor because it cannot split test and lack efficient reporting features. Qwaya brings you the solution to these issues.

Qwaya offers features like ad scheduling, performance-based rule setting, automation of ads, campaign organizer, link tracking of URLs to ads and dashboard integration with Google Analytics. Its best feature is its ability to automate split testing (A/B testing).  With Qwaya, you can test every aspect of an ad campaign.

  1. AdStage

Cost: Starts from $1048/month per user.

It comes with a 14-day trial.

If you are looking to expand your horizon outside of Facebook, Adstage is there for you. It offers excellent information for creating Facebooks ads, and it can also be used with multiple other platforms. AdStage saves you from managing individual and separate ads by providing one dashboard to manage all of them at the same place.

With just the simple inputting of accounts, you can have access to Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks. Having everything you need on one platform is a huge timesaver for any business.

AdStage lets you set up custom ad targeting using “and” and “or” settings. For example, you can target users who follow Melbourne Stars and either Adelaide Strikers or Sydney Sixers.

AdStage offers multiple levels of subscriptions to select from, but all of these are costly for small businesses.

  1. Adspringr

Cost: Starts from 399/month

For most companies’ budget is a concern. No problem, Adspringr is there to help you. It can lower your overall costs by making your ad spend much more efficient.

You can view all your campaigns through AdSpringr’s designated portal – whether they are paused, pending, active or completed. AdSpringr also provides useful charts and graphs for visualizing your ad campaign, making it easy to extract valuable insights.

You can also create custom campaign rules based on different parameters of customer engagement. This ensures you are not draining your money on clicks that don’t convert. This also distinguishes Adspringr from other Facebook ad tools.

  1. Hootsuite Ads

Cost: Starts from $19/month

Your business needs to generate leads from the traffic that you get. Hootsuite Ads lets you get those leads from your site with its marketing tools.

It scans your Facebook page to find the best ads to promote and then applies an automated targeting and bidding algorithm to launch your ads.

This tool is designed to help beginners master the art of effectively advertising without having to do much work.  It’s quite easy to use as it can fully automate.

  1. AdEspresso

Cost: AdEspresso has 4 plans. Base plan – Premium Plan, Elite Plan and Diamond Plan, costing $49/month, $149/month, $299/month and $499/month respectively.

If you are a visual marketer, AdEspresso is for you. It is more like a report card for your Facebook ads account.

The interface and language are almost identical, and it takes very little time to get up and running with the tool. It is recommended for users who are just starting out with Facebook Ads.

Facebook organic advertising is pretty much dead. Facebook has reduced the visibility of company pages in people’s news feeds. So, the only way to reach your target audience is through advertising. With AdEspresso, you can be quite selective with who you target. It is pretty easy to work with.

Dashboards can be customized for a detailed view of your best-performing ads. As AdEspresso puts it – “Information is displayed in a clear, actionable way, making it simple to understand how your campaign is being optimized.”

AdEspresso can also:

  • Integrate with Canva
  • Upload images or videos to ads
  • Add headlines
  • Create a carousel ad


There are many more tools for advertising on Facebook. If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you should make the best use of your money and these tools lead you to that path. If you can select the right Facebook advertising tool for your business, there will be a big positive impact on your sales and ROI.

About Author:

Liakat Hossain is a content marketing professional at WebAlive, a web design and SEO agency in Melbourne. He has been helping businesses grow by developing search and content marketing strategies since 2011. Connect with him via Twitter.

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