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Kevin Urrutia




September 24, 2021

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[00:00:31] Hey everybody. Welcome to today’s episode of digital marketing fast lane. Today we’re going to be doing a brand audit. It’s Friday, April 10th, 2020 we’re still working from home. Hey, Eric, what’s up?

[00:00:42] Eric: [00:00:42] Hey Kevin, how are you?

[00:00:43] Kevin: [00:00:43] Good. I was just asking you what you’re up to today. So you just told me that a bunch of, uh, reports.

[00:00:49] Eric: [00:00:49] Yep. Just a. Nice little quiet Friday. But yeah, we have a really exciting episode today because we’re reviewing a brand whose ads I’ve gotten a ton of times. [00:01:00] If you’re in the digital marketing issue, you might have even gotten it. Um, it’s called So I think they, I’ve never clicked one of their ads, although I’ve gotten a ton of their ads.

[00:01:11] So I think there’s some sort of a sauna or project management software

[00:01:15] Kevin: [00:01:15] style. Yeah, I mean, there’s definitely, I mean, they’re like a project management tool. I mean, I think Eric, we use a sauna here. Mondays is like a big competitor that just came out, which is interesting because. I wonder what they were called before because is a pretty good URL.

[00:01:32] Right. That makes sense. Right. Hmm. Because it’s like, it’s good. It’s, it looks like it’s an Israeli company too, just looking at where the pages are from. Oh yeah.

[00:01:42] Eric: [00:01:42] 26 people or whatever.

[00:01:44] Kevin: [00:01:44] It’s gotta be an Israeli company. Oh, for sure. But yeah, it is. I think you can tell by

[00:01:48] Eric: [00:01:48] like not

[00:01:48] Kevin: [00:01:48] available organization though.

[00:01:50] We look at the organization, it’s from Israel. Monday comes the interesting SAS company. So today we’re going to be reviewing a SAS company, which is great. We haven’t done too many sass companies on here, so I think it’s a [00:02:00] great deal for SAS business owners to sort of see how they’re thinking about ads in a company like Monday.

[00:02:05] They’re doing it really well. SAS companies make great for Facebook ads, and I think it’s one of those. Places where people are in the SAS or just coming to Facebook ads. Whereas e-commerce owners have been on Facebook for years, but SAS has sort of been like, they don’t really like to advertise. I mean, now they do, but they’re realizing, I think we know Eric, like SaaS is still the companies that have the biggest profit margins versus like.

[00:02:29] Eric: [00:02:29] It’s one of the best. Um, it scales so well. Uh, that’s, yeah, that’s definitely one of the business models that are awesome for performance marketing, uh, TTC even, even if it’s a business, a business. But this direct response marketing, you know, this is one of the, these are fast growing style brands. They can scale well because their software.

[00:02:50] I imagine the margins are really good. So yeah, direct response to marketing for the style a business is really good. And we’re seeing a lot of good [00:03:00] SAS companies with really good ads and doing a lot of good direct response style marketing funnels, their website. Um, and then you see them growing. So I like to think, I haven’t dove into.

[00:03:11] too much. But I think, you know, just by getting their ads so much, I have a very good impression from them from a direct response standpoint. So it should be exciting to look at them. Oh, do you want to dive into their Facebook ads now?

[00:03:25] Kevin: [00:03:25] Let’s just look at what ads they’re running.

[00:03:27] Eric: [00:03:27] All right. I think, let me just, can you try to click all ads?

[00:03:30] So, yeah. Um, this is their Facebook ads library. We love to. Sometimes we look at a website first, but it’s also cool to look at the ads library first before you even know what a brand does. So you see their ads. So you’re looking at it like a, like the consumer would. You’re looking at it like, Oh, I don’t know what they do yet.

[00:03:48] Maybe their ads tell me what they do. So this is a, that’s a really interesting exercise. A lot of times, brands I work with when we just signed them as a client or a partner, I like to do this first look at. [00:04:00] Maybe their ads first before I look at what they do as a business, so I can get an idea of what their ads are like.

[00:04:06] So that from an advertising standpoint, you can see you if that’s communicating it clearly enough. And that’s super important. So this is what we’re going to do now. We’re just going to look at it or filtering by United States right now, and we’re just gonna scroll down. So upon the first thing I see, I see variety looks like.

[00:04:25] So I see something about property listings. Um, I see some kind of workplace. I see. Um, it looks like they have a couple of different. I guess angles or personas.

[00:04:35] Kevin: [00:04:35] Yeah. So this one we’re seeing right now, which is like working away from your workplace and your coworkers isn’t always easy. Monday. That calm brings your team together so you can continue to collaborate, manage and track your work in one, easy to use platform where you are.

[00:04:48] So this is clearly an ad to sort of the Cobra 19 where everybody’s home, so they’re running campaigns. Two, um, do that. I mean, you can also tell that by the creative they have in that second ad, in that image, you have a record records, like start working [00:05:00] remotely in minutes. It’s very, um. Yeah. I mean, it’s like everybody’s working from home right now, so it goes, I mean, I think that this is just marketing.

[00:05:06] That makes sense. I think it’s, you have to use your times to your advantage. Like people work from home, your platform that works from home. Why not say that? Yeah. I think they’re definitely doing a good job. Can you play that video? The one in the with like that. This middle of the middle one. All right.

[00:05:21] Then you’re saying you see the video with the thumbnail. This reminds me of like those old school infomercials where it’s like a black and white, right. And it’s like, don’t do it. This is the wrong way of doing it. I want to see if it’s like the, I’ve never seen this ad. Yeah. It’s exactly like that. That’s what I figured.

[00:05:36] You see? So yeah, this is interesting. I think this goes back to control over saying like those ultimate videos work. And the best agencies are doing that. And like this is sometimes like you see founders are just like, no, this would never work for my company because my company is different. But like if you’re growing and scaling, eventually you’re trying every single tactic that has worked previously.

[00:05:57] Eric: [00:05:57] Absolutely. Yeah. And this is one where, [00:06:00] I mean, I’m literally on their edge to manage your ads. The library for the first time. We’re right now. So I don’t know how much advertising they’re doing, which is over the last three to six months, I’ve gotten so many ads from them, and I’ve consciously thought, Oh wow, a lot of different, Oh, it’s still

[00:06:14] It’s a lot of different angles and stuff. They’re trying. That’s one of the reasons I was excited to look into this bed’s library. But yeah, this is a good example. Um, and this is a pretty cool video. I even bet this is someone on their team or their marketing team shot this from home. Like in the last week or so?

[00:06:31] Kevin: [00:06:31] Just the stock photo. I mean, it’s like, Oh

[00:06:33] Eric: [00:06:33] yeah. Well, there’s just so many. So yeah. So when we look at it again with no audio, I like there’s audio in the hook. That’s something that we see pretty good because a lot more people, if they’re browsing at home, especially on a desktop or even just there at home when their phone, they might have audio on, they’re not, yeah.

[00:06:50] You know, on the bus or something. There. So, and this is interesting. I like it. These little animations to these pops of color. Yeah. These are something we [00:07:00] see working really well.

[00:07:01] Kevin: [00:07:01] Yeah. I would consider this like this angle style, like the old school infomercials. It’s like, Oh my God, I tripped and I can’t get up, you know?

[00:07:09] Yeah.

[00:07:09] It’s

[00:07:10] Eric: [00:07:10] the same alert or something. Yeah,

[00:07:11] Kevin: [00:07:11] exactly. It’s, it’s, they work. I mean, there’s a reason why. Yeah. And also this goes back to kind of like when you’re scaling aggressively, you’re trying all the tactics where maybe in the beginning you’re doing it, but like Monday, that comes a pretty big kind of what you said, they’re in subways, they’re on billboard.

[00:07:27] So when you’re doing subway and billboard ads, you’re sort of looking for new channels of acquisition because you’ve probably exhausted a lot of online marketing already. And that’s usually kind of how it goes. Right, right. I mean, you see with all the DTC brands, they start on Facebook, Instagram, and then eventually your CAC just gets too high, like, yeah.

[00:07:44] And then this is really why people are going to subway ads, billboard ads, other channels, right, because you’re looking for a different acquisition source. Yeah. I think sometimes founders of D to C companies think that they can stay on Facebook all the time, but know that a brand isn’t just Facebook.

[00:07:59] It’s [00:08:00] everything else besides that.

[00:08:01] Eric: [00:08:01] Yeah, and that’s an interesting point about the subway and the transit ads. That’s something interesting where I actually have noticed in the last few months, definitely obviously before the  work from home situation, but on the New Jersey path train, and I think sometimes on the New York city subway, you’ll notice a brand might buy out the entire train cart.

[00:08:21] So literally every single wall of the ad is all of the train is covered by that brand. And I feel like that makes up a much better impression for the brand than if they got one ad on every train cart.

[00:08:32] Kevin: [00:08:32] Yeah. I was actually, I was at, um, a growth conference, uh, Necro both meet up in the city and I was talking to somebody that was doing the billboard ads for, and a billboard ads, but the subway ads for one of his companies he worked at, he was like a VP of marketing.

[00:08:44] And, uh, he said that like, the goal is to get like, uh, the carts. Can we say the full thing? Obviously it’s much more expensive. And then. Then versus like those little spotty ones that you see. But he said that like to get like a full cart, let’s say New York city, cause it was [00:09:00] in New York city company, you get to book that like a year in advance.

[00:09:03] Wow. Yeah. So that’s crazy. I was like so surprised because I think, you know, I recall maybe 10 years ago, no one was advertising on subway ads. No. Like no SAS companies or like DTC companies were. And then when Casper started doing it, it was a big way of. Oh shit. This is an interesting acquisition channel, right?

[00:09:22] So you see how channels come and go, and it’s all it really takes is like one company use it and now every D to C company is using subways. Yeah.

[00:09:32] Eric: [00:09:32] So when I was in China for a while, I don’t know if it was a company or what it was, but like literally the entire year, everything is plastered with some brand or something in the same one.

[00:09:44] So I think some brand was doing some kind of flowers. It was like some pink flower design, and that’s logo. But even the seats, the floor, the railings, literally every single inch of the subway train was covered in some kind of, in like the same. Homogenous branding is actually [00:10:00] really beautiful cause like you see it throughout the entire train cart.

[00:10:04] It’s like a very long, there’s no doors between the cards. So it just made a really cool impression. So it’s like a, it’s almost like immersive depending how they do it.

[00:10:13] Kevin: [00:10:13] So also another thing here that I think you were mentioning, Eric, is if you go up, go up a little bit again. You see how this ad to the left, the first one is manage your leads and listing at one place.

[00:10:22] So they have a specific sort of personas or sort of markets that look at the target. Like obviously this one’s clearly for realtors or real estate agents, right? So they’re creative and the copies relate to that. So one thing that I think with a lot of these sort of. Businesses like is then for obviously, clearly for small businesses, right?

[00:10:42] SMB market, SMB market as well. It may be, I thought 33 million businesses in the U S right, Eric, or something like that. But within the SMB market, there is definitely a certain segment that your company should probably targeting, right? So it could be realtors, lawyers, agencies, right? That’s a big one that they [00:11:00] target.

[00:11:00] Um, it could be plumbers or bakeries, right? So SMB market is so big. But I think with any brand, it’s like you need to look at which sort of targets, Margaret, do you want? So for example, I was listening to that talk the other day, all of the FreshBooks, that accounting software. So Kennedy’s offer there, their main market is SMB and the VP of marketing for him was saying how fresh books, yes, we’re for everybody, but when we’re doing our marketing, there’s five core SMB markets that we go for, and that’s really what we relay in our, on our website and copy.

[00:11:31] And he says, of course we take other ones, but it’s not literally who we focus on because. We know that, um, these five or six, whatever it was, bringing the most revenue, so they really try to focus on who those, um, markets are. So it’s kind of like any marketing, it’s like, who are your core audiences? Um, and that’s kind of always say terribly.

[00:11:49] Like every brand is always like, Hey guys, I wouldn’t want to, I’m for everybody. But it’s like, okay. Yes, of course. For

[00:11:54] Eric: [00:11:54] everyone you’re for no one. And what’s interesting, what I like about, I think to Kevin’s point, [00:12:00] and what I like about a lot of these brands is they have different personas. Maybe they are for everyone, but they stick to different personas and they have different funnels for each person, entirely entire funnels.

[00:12:10] And so I think I’m going to hover my mouse over the headline here in the URL. And if you see the bottom of my browser, it has a, where it goes to tip. Kevin actually taught me this trick on the territory brand audit. But anyway, you can see it. It’s LP property. There’s like a property landing page. So they have their own funnel entirely for the real estate agent, the real estate industry.

[00:12:34] Ah, that’s pretty cool. And this one looks like it’s a different funnel. It goes to a different page, work remotely, landing page. So their whole funnels, even their landing pages for everything.

[00:12:43] Kevin: [00:12:43] Yeah. I think it’s important to think about like landing pages as general when you’re doing ads. Like your homepage is probably not the page that.

[00:12:50] Your target market wants to go to click on the work within the realtor one cause that’s probably the one that’s probably interesting. Yeah. Landing pages are important. Part of your marketing in general and sort of what we do here is [00:13:00] you see how manage your property listings in one place. It’s very on par with what their ad said.

[00:13:04] Yeah.

[00:13:05] Eric: [00:13:05] If you clicked it, if I’m a real estate agent or something and I click it, I think this is specifically a software for real estate agencies, so it is that audience of one funnel. You have a phone call for different target audiences. Yup.

[00:13:19] Kevin: [00:13:19] That’s what I like about this. No, go down real quick. On a C. Uh, okay.

[00:13:26] Yeah. I mean, the landing page is perfect. It’s exactly like, if you look at the language and sort of here it says property management, negotiation, working on it, on hold, it’s, it resonates with that audience. Like this is, these are buzzwords, keywords that they’re using. Yeah. It makes sense.

[00:13:41] Eric: [00:13:41] Yeah. I like it a lot.

[00:13:42] One thing I would like to say on a separate note is I love their use of color and design, and I think that is very similar to some other brands we’ve looked at in the D to C space, uh, that I love. So that’s one of the traits I see of these brands that are scaling there. Aesthetics are just beautiful.

[00:13:59] Yeah. [00:14:00] It’s just kind of, there is like a less is more approach to going back to the ads manager now. Actually, let’s just click this video just to see

[00:14:12] Kevin: [00:14:12] w where you can raise the volume up. I can’t hear you because I can’t hear.

[00:14:21] That’s good. I like that. Very good.

[00:14:24] Eric: [00:14:24] All right, cool. Going down. And the thing is like those ads

[00:14:26] Kevin: [00:14:26] are easy to make and it’s not hard. It’s

[00:14:29] Eric: [00:14:29] that graphic was pretty cool. It got me, I get, I got admit, but yeah, I know that

[00:14:35] Kevin: [00:14:35] we can do stuff like this too. I think the thing about it here, I think that trips people up is this kind of why you wanna work with agencies.

[00:14:42] Like you just really want the copywriting or script writing on top. So really what you’re doing is script writing nowadays.

[00:14:48] Eric: [00:14:48] Absolutely.

[00:14:49] Kevin: [00:14:49] Yeah. Go down.

[00:14:51] Eric: [00:14:51] You looking at their other ads. A lot of work from home stuff I’m seeing, I’ve gotten a lot of their work from home ads in my own feeds.

[00:14:58] Kevin: [00:14:58] It looks like they’re doing.

[00:14:59] Um, [00:15:00] um, is that like a lead collection? The one that says like, uh, those, yeah, those computer ones.

[00:15:07] Eric: [00:15:07] Oh yeah. Global teams at work. It looks like an advertorial. Maybe

[00:15:10] Kevin: [00:15:10] click on it. Yeah. It could be just like a blog post. It

[00:15:12] Eric: [00:15:12] could be blog posts. You’re

[00:15:14] Kevin: [00:15:14] number tutorial.

[00:15:16] Eric: [00:15:16] Couple of teams that work the secret sauce.

[00:15:20] Kevin: [00:15:20] Click on the work from home platform. Go up, go down real quick. Okay. No, down, down right there. Yep. Okay. Yeah. So it’s like an advertorial to just educate people about, yeah, this is like, they’re probably promoting their content, but they have clear call to actions in their articles. So we consider those advertorials where it’s obviously educational in some sort, but it’s really educating you towards that product and convincing you to buy that product.

[00:15:44] Eric: [00:15:44] Yeah, absolutely. And um, what I’d like is it’s topical. It’s, it’s relevant to probably what people are searching for a remote teams. You know, people are probably, I’m really worried about that. I know a lot of ’em don’t listen to a lot of podcasts about their agency owners and how they’re done last two weeks or [00:16:00] so.

[00:16:00] They’re thinking, Oh, we’re, we’re just starting remote. Boy media has been remote a lot. Um, a lot of other agencies are remote, but a lot of teams are just not remote. And so this is something that I can see relating really well. To a lot of people is, yeah. This is a nice one to work from home. Okay. Yeah. A lot of remote work stuff.

[00:16:19] Yeah. And more blog post stuff. I like the graphics templates. I know.

[00:16:24] Kevin: [00:16:24] Yeah. I think one good thing about, uh, I think is they promote their blog posts, but they also promote other content. So it’s something that we tell other business owners, and it really, it goes back to where we were, we were saying before, Eric, where SAS companies can just spend more money to acquire users so they can send them through different funnels because their customer acquisition is so much.

[00:16:45] It’s such a healthier, you know, like a SAS company, like once you’re so with like, let’s, let’s [email protected] let’s go to their pricing point, right? For example, we could talk about, like for us, for Dropbox, right? We use Dropbox here as at our company to manage every client asset. Our bill every [00:17:00] month is like $200 a month, right?

[00:17:02] And. Like, are we realistically ever going to leave it? I mean, I think not cause like I, I think I was in self, I was like, Oh my God. The hassle of removing every document from that to another platform.

[00:17:13] Eric: [00:17:13] Oh yeah. Well they got you for that one.

[00:17:15] Kevin: [00:17:15] Yeah. So you see how with these SAS companies, that’s why something like Monday, I mean even in general, just project management is such a big business because all your projects are on there.

[00:17:24] And you don’t want to, like for us, like we use a sign like, yes, we can leave, but we find like kind of like we literally have someone at the company that just helps us with us on it. Right, right. Yeah. Now it’s like, are we really going to leave with sauna? No, it’s, that’s why it’s like, yeah,

[00:17:42] Eric: [00:17:42] yeah. It’s a powerful thing.

[00:17:43] Yeah. Yeah. I get the retention is probably really, really high, so they want to make a really strong impression upfront.

[00:17:50] Kevin: [00:17:50] But that’s why there’s marketing for them. It’s really great that they have all these like templates articles because what you’re doing is you’re educating the user about your business and product and then you built, you’re putting them into [00:18:00] different funnels.

[00:18:01] Plus like templates are always great, especially for, I think templates are great for these services such as project management tools where let’s say you’re an agency, right? You want a template that says, Hey, how do, how do I structure onboarding. Because as an owner, you’re like, Oh shit, this is a great template.

[00:18:17] I want to use that for myself. Right. And a lot of like, and this is also great for organic traffic too, cause like if you look at ’em. Like there’s definitely agency owners look up like onboarding templates. That’s a great keyword or church term that you can get in front of users. So this all pairs together with your continent marketing

[00:18:34] Eric: [00:18:34] like that.

[00:18:35] Yep. Let’s talk about content marketing a little more cause we were just talking about that I think earlier this week, how important content marketing is, and these blog posts. How do you think these blog posts. I guess they’re good for educating, but also for search results. How do you think they’re improving that?

[00:18:51] Kevin: [00:18:51] I would say like, let’s go back, let’s go down to their footer. I want to see what’s, I want to see what they’re thinking about. Cause sometimes a lot of companies put like some of their really [00:19:00] important work. You see how if you go down here, go to like, you know, software management. Let’s see what they have.

[00:19:05] I’ll actually go to the tablets. Click on it says resources templates. So you see, this is all sort of great way to sort of see how they think about marketing. Eric, you see how they have guides, webinars, community stories. It’s like they’re doing everything. So go to like M C client management. Exactly what I say.

[00:19:22] Go to. So now Google, what you want to do, Eric, is Google client management template and let’s see where they rank. So this is probably a really good keyword for them because they’re probably right about wrote about it right. So yeah, it’s the number one. Yeah.

[00:19:37] Eric: [00:19:37] Oh, wow.

[00:19:37] Kevin: [00:19:37] Yeah. You see how templates, like if you’re a business, the.

[00:19:42] Something. Something, something template is a really good keyword. Cause this is such, this shows such high intent. Like someone wants to do something, how can I, how can I give to somebody? And now Mike can myself would provide that. So look up for, for example, another great keyword I think about Erica is like local black business templates or resume templates.

[00:19:59] That’s another [00:20:00] critically good

[00:20:00] Eric: [00:20:00] one for sure.

[00:20:02] Kevin: [00:20:02] You see how like, there’s such big intent, if you go down, you problems. A lot of SAS companies doing resume genius is a really big SAS company. . Mmm, yeah. So. It’s templates are always a great sort of way to educate people and bring into your software or product

[00:20:19] Eric: [00:20:19] or wherever you see this target audience.

[00:20:21] Cause they’re probably project managers looking at this. Exactly. Our template queen or he’s our project manager. Yeah, she would be, she’s for sure searching these things. Client management type templates. Uh, task tracking templates.

[00:20:34] Kevin: [00:20:34] I can, yeah. How do you improve? You know. Planning, how do you prove this?

[00:20:39] How do you improve all this stuff around this sort of content? It is sort of what content marketing, it’s sort of, it’s content marketing. Exactly. Similar to marketing. What is your target audience looking for. And then you write about it and then if you’d write about it and you rank, let’s put that into ads.

[00:20:54] It’s personas. It’s persona building, right?

[00:20:56] Eric: [00:20:56] Absolutely.

[00:20:58] Kevin: [00:20:58] I can talk about LCL all day, Eric. Yeah,

[00:21:00] [00:21:00] Eric: [00:21:00] no, me. I look more at the ads cause there’s so many more. The ads stuff.

[00:21:03] Kevin: [00:21:03] Yeah, that’s good. The ads. I would say like, let’s, um, let’s do a sample sign up. I mean like, let’s just use a fake email and then we’ll sort of see, I mean, we can look at ads for a day, but look, I think it’s, I think it’s interesting.

[00:21:13] Go down. What I like about Monday, what they’re doing. If you go down up a little bit more, you see how they had Monday plus zoom. Zoom was like a big thing. Everybody is talking about it. So they’re very like on par with what’s going on. And with the marketing, it’s like zoom. You see that everyone on your Instagram feed, all your friends are sharing.

[00:21:30] There’s zoom chats or zoom CC how like,

[00:21:32] Eric: [00:21:32] yeah. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And even I’m looking for an ad that I’ve been getting over the last few weeks. I don’t know if they’re still running it.

[00:21:40] Kevin: [00:21:40] Maybe they’re just targeting you.

[00:21:42] Eric: [00:21:42] Maybe, I don’t know. But it was basically pixel of Eric. It was, it was the coolest ad.

[00:21:47] Maybe it’s this one, but the thumbnail, basically at the top it said how my boss thinks I work from home and it’s a guy in a suit dressed up, and then the bottom half of the ad said. How I actually work from home and it’s a bunch of pets slaying on the [00:22:00] keyboards are people playing with their kids and stuff.

[00:22:02] Um, so that was a super cool ad. I think we posted it. I definitely shared it internally with our team. Um, but yeah, maybe we share it in our Facebook ads explosive growth group, cause it’s a really cool ad in general.

[00:22:14] Kevin: [00:22:14] Yeah. Yeah. If anyone wants to join that group, just let us know. We have a lot of good ads that we share.

[00:22:20] Eric: [00:22:20] Nice. Um, yeah, a lot of good stuff here. Maybe. Yeah, let’s do, let’s do a test sign up though, because there’s so much stuff we can look into. Um, but the of the ads, you can see so many different angles that I got the real estate. Um, see what this, it looks like some kind of student thing. Now

[00:22:38] I like this style a lot, the buzzword popups here. Um, I like that a lot. Let’s go back real quick. Just.

[00:22:47] Kevin: [00:22:47] Oh, yep. Just a

[00:22:49] Eric: [00:22:49] bunch of buzz words that they’re probably thinking about and they’re just, it’s just popping up, so it’s pretty cool. I’ve seen this similarly done with like reviews, like people are in like cool comments like you’ll have, I think magic spoon [00:23:00] does this really well.

[00:23:01] They have like a bowl of their cereal and then it pops up all the different positive comments people say about it on Instagram and Twitter and stuff similar to this. I like that a lot. Nice. That’s all there is here too. Nice. Yeah. Really cool ads. All right, so let’s click something and let’s sign up as a funnel.

[00:23:16] Let’s click a, you want to have the real estate one, or you want

[00:23:19] Kevin: [00:23:19] to use the real estate one, and then, um, you don’t have to use your email. Just go to, um, just Google a fake email generator.

[00:23:28] Eric: [00:23:28] All right.

[00:23:28] Kevin: [00:23:28] All right. You’re like, what am I doing?

[00:23:30] Eric: [00:23:30] Email generator? Yep. This is very good content for the podcast, by the way, if you guys want to learn how to, uh, but I mean, if you’re looking at a SAS company, you’re looking at a review of brand and just learn more about their funnel.

[00:23:41] This isn’t an interesting way. So what this one,

[00:23:44] Kevin: [00:23:44] you just go to the first one and basically what you’re doing here is just getting a fake email. It’s not fake, but it’s a temporary email. Let’s wait a little bit. Just go ahead and copy paste it. This is usually how I sign up for stuff when I’d want to test it out because I don’t want to get my email.

[00:23:59] Is that better?

[00:24:00] [00:24:00] Eric: [00:24:00] Alright, cool. So, uh, can I go ahead and get started?

[00:24:04] Kevin: [00:24:04] Let’s get started.

[00:24:06] Eric: [00:24:06] Enter my work email. Don’t mind if I do

[00:24:09] Kevin: [00:24:09] government department. Ooh, they’re going to get a little, you’re going to get a little government costume

[00:24:13] Eric: [00:24:13] full name. Just understand them.

[00:24:16] Kevin: [00:24:16] Then I’ll just do something random.

[00:24:17] Eric: [00:24:17] Okay.

[00:24:18] Don’t pull that in. Kevin,

[00:24:20] Kevin: [00:24:20] Kevin. Kevin Johnson.

[00:24:22] Eric: [00:24:22] Okay. Kevin Johnson,

[00:24:24] Kevin: [00:24:24] and then it’s for password. Just make something up.

[00:24:26] Eric: [00:24:26] Kevin Johnson. Yeah. So you guys watching, you will have access to an account called Kevin Johnson password. Kevin Jones.

[00:24:33] Kevin: [00:24:33] Yeah, I agree. Yeah, that’s my team.

[00:24:36] Eric: [00:24:36] okay.

[00:24:39] Kevin: [00:24:39] Ooh. So see, now they want to know what you’re using it for.

[00:24:41] You know,

[00:24:42] Eric: [00:24:42] um, I’m going to hit work. I’m a business. I’m a business owner. Uh, and let’s, uh, let’s rock their world. 500 plus.

[00:24:54] That’s your company size. Oh, team size company says, Oh, see.

[00:24:58] Kevin: [00:24:58] Damn, we’re going to bet you’re going to get up. They’re going [00:25:00] to, they’re going to get pinged that they’re going to call you to upsell you to

[00:25:03] Eric: [00:25:03] actually use a real email. Cause I want to see what their followup process is. So, well, that’s another thing.

[00:25:08] So we sign up for some emails from the DDC. I used my real emails, so I want to see what their followup processes are. So, Mmm. Uh, do marketing creative. That sounds fun. Oh, would you like us to contact you? I will put, yes. I’ll put no, cause I don’t want to put up, but for now, yeah, it’s just an audit. I don’t want their salespeople to

[00:25:29] Kevin: [00:25:29] take.

[00:25:29] It’s interesting. So this is this, you saw, you saw what they had in here. Did you see that? Did you catch that

[00:25:36] Eric: [00:25:36] or, I wouldn’t write and read it too quickly, but I’m

[00:25:37] Kevin: [00:25:37] sure it said, would you like us to contact you? And the prefilled information was a phone number. Oh, that’s cool. Because

[00:25:46] Eric: [00:25:46] wouldn’t do a phone number cause

[00:25:47] Kevin: [00:25:47] subconsciously they want you to put your phone number.

[00:25:50] Eric: [00:25:50] Nice. Oh, we got something.

[00:25:53] Kevin: [00:25:53] So obviously this is like a sass, just typical SAS workflow. They want you to invite your people.

[00:25:58] Eric: [00:25:58] I’m going to click out of it. I’ll do it [00:26:00] later. All right, and welcome to all right, so it looks like I’m in, what am I working on? It looks like it’s taking me through some kind of a, just like a workflow.

[00:26:08] Going to put brand review. Oh, name your groups, things to do. Done. Okay.

[00:26:15] Kevin: [00:26:15] I like how they give you a little, uh, on the right side. It shows you kind of what you see, how like it auto fills and gives a little preview. You see, that’s really cool. As in like, just as a SAS company in general.

[00:26:27] Eric: [00:26:27] Oh yeah. Nice little animation there.

[00:26:28] Cool.

[00:26:30] Kevin: [00:26:30] But here you go to your temporary email. Let’s see if they emailed you.

[00:26:33] Eric: [00:26:33] Oh, I can

[00:26:33] just,

[00:26:34] Kevin: [00:26:34] yeah. Yeah. It’s a really, well, yeah. Nice.

[00:26:37] Eric: [00:26:37] There is something really cool. Cool. On this podcast,

[00:26:41] Kevin: [00:26:41] I’m always teaching you things.

[00:26:43] Eric: [00:26:43] Confirm the email.

[00:26:44] Kevin: [00:26:44] Yeah. So now you can see the email. Okay. Okay, cool.

[00:26:50] Go back. Go back to the email. Don’t lose it here. That’s the only issue with these email tools is that like. They opened.

[00:26:58] Eric: [00:26:58] I had to go back. Now

[00:26:59] Kevin: [00:26:59] I [00:27:00] just go back. Yeah, that’s fine. We can go back. Yeah, go back to the list. It says, go back to, yeah. Click on that and then go down. Okay, cool. You’re still having, okay.

[00:27:11] Ooh. Click here to talk to hot girls in your city.

[00:27:16] Eric: [00:27:16] That’s very quick.

[00:27:17] Kevin: [00:27:17] Yeah, go to a welcome to and let’s see that sort of intro

[00:27:21] Eric: [00:27:21] email. You sure not the other ones

[00:27:25] Kevin: [00:27:25] talk to hot girls in the city and in the Corona. Okay. But yeah, you see kind of very typical workflow, um, introduction, you know, very kind of like, even no matter what store you have a business, you have.

[00:27:36] Um, you kind of introduce people to your product and able to

[00:27:39] Eric: [00:27:39] chaos out of your marketing. Yup. Good language.

[00:27:43] Kevin: [00:27:43] And also this, this marketing is probably relevant, relevant to what you picked. Right? So you said marketing, it’s the advice that marketing, so if it’s a realtor, it probably has reels for copy.

[00:27:52] Eric: [00:27:52] For sure.

[00:27:53] Kevin: [00:27:53] So they also have some, like that’s where they probably asked you all those questions up front. Like, who, what is this for? What are you using it for? How can we

[00:27:59] Eric: [00:27:59] like [00:28:00] that a lot?

[00:28:00] Kevin: [00:28:00] Yeah. How can we personally, how can we personalize the whole experience?

[00:28:04] Eric: [00:28:04] Yeah. Does a sign to do that? I don’t, I don’t mean to start this war on the podcast, and

[00:28:09] Kevin: [00:28:09] I think they do.

[00:28:11] I mean, I, all these SAS companies are doing all of this attribute testing now. I mean, at least they should, right.  but yeah, that’s a sign. I mean, a Fanta is also like massive company.

[00:28:27] Yeah. Saunas. Massive dude. They make so much money. Like I think it’s like over a hundred million dollar company. Yeah. Yeah. Well, let’s go back to

[00:28:35] Eric: [00:28:35] my board. Right? You go back into the, uh,

[00:28:37] Kevin: [00:28:37] yeah, I mean, like my, I mean like, I love SAS stuff. I mean, that’s my background. So

[00:28:42] Eric: [00:28:42] nice. Alright, cool. So this is a pretty cool dashboard.

[00:28:45] Yeah, this is

[00:28:46] Kevin: [00:28:46] cool. You know, it’s sort of makes

[00:28:48] Eric: [00:28:48] the welcome, of course. It’s like, you know, it’s pretty common. A lot of these softwares. Lot of colors. I like that a lot.

[00:28:54] Kevin: [00:28:54] You have to call the platform.

[00:28:55] Eric: [00:28:55] It is less scary to look at then. I know a lot of, you know, people [00:29:00] I’ve been looking at using a sauna for a few years, but I remember my first time in a sauna, it was very scary because I, there was like a hundred tasks and you know, it wasn’t very clear what all these little columns meant.

[00:29:11] But here it’s like pretty, it’s very clean look like everything’s. It looks more straightforward. I like the interface a lot. So nice. That’s cool. Do we want to talk more about the user experience here now for a SAS user experience or do you want to talk more about

[00:29:27] Kevin: [00:29:27] that? Here was a great user experience.

[00:29:28] I think having a great onboarding is great. They clearly, they were there trying to figure out who you are, what your customer is. Um. I think that, yeah, I mean onboarding. I thought it was great. I mean, let’s just sort of try to create new stuff on here and sort of see what that’s like. And also, um, a lot of these SAS companies to have that little thing on the bottom.

[00:29:46] Now, could I continue exploring. You see where it’s like, it gives you like kind of what you, it sort of walks you through. It should be a thing because like you can see how some of these companies are so complicated. When I say complicated, I mean there’s so many things to do in the platform that they need to like [00:30:00] give you a walkthrough.

[00:30:01] Eric: [00:30:01] Yeah. It’s

[00:30:02] Kevin: [00:30:02] software just does so much now.

[00:30:04] Eric: [00:30:04] Yeah. I imagine that’s important to do for a SAS company as well, just to show the value, like there are not just like, like if someone would be leaving thinking, Oh, there’s not much I can do with it, or it can’t help for my specific problem, it’s because they haven’t explored it enough.

[00:30:19] And that’s something that I imagine is a, is a very real issue. So real lot of education upfront about it.

[00:30:26] Kevin: [00:30:26] And yeah, I think you have to, especially especially in a tool like this where. Yeah. It’s kind of like, Oh, it’s going to be confusing. Oh, it’s like all this stuff. It’s like you have all these objections, like, Oh, I’ve got to learn this all over again.

[00:30:38] I’ve got to learn their way of doing it. I got to learn what are their tasks. Right? Even when we switched from, even when we got to a sauna, it was a learning curve, and. Just because I was just like, Oh my God, what does this all mean? You know, how do you, what’s the projects? How do you comment people? You know, all these notifications you’re going to get right.

[00:30:57] All this stuff.

[00:30:57] Eric: [00:30:57] And it was really cool. Nice. Do you wanna look more about their [00:31:00] ads,

[00:31:00] Kevin: [00:31:00] their ads? Again,

[00:31:01] Eric: [00:31:01] maybe some, maybe try a different funnel or something, or let me try the student funnel. See how the language would be much different. I like this emergency County. Responding to . It’s like a maybe a PR something or emergency management.

[00:31:16] And that’s interesting

[00:31:17] Kevin: [00:31:17] and interesting.

[00:31:19] Eric: [00:31:19] They have a lot of stuff they can do.

[00:31:21] Kevin: [00:31:21] Yeah. I mean, there’s so many use cases, right. This is why project management is just such a huge business.

[00:31:25] Eric: [00:31:25] Yeah. And

[00:31:27] Kevin: [00:31:27] managing projects.

[00:31:28] Eric: [00:31:28] Absolutely. And let’s say you’re a SAS company. You have to think there’s so many different personas that you can appeal to.

[00:31:35] Especially like something like this. There’s so many personas you can appeal to. So personas in marketing are extremely important, and we see this with e-commerce. You got a few personas you want to try, but in this case, a SAS company or even any product, that’s that. There’s a lot of, you think it’s a universal, you think it’s for everyone?

[00:31:54] You can think of so many different use cases and have completely different funnels for them with different language addressing [00:32:00] different pain points. That’s something extremely important that a lot of brands, it helps them grow a lot, especially when in the paid advertising, because we’re thinking of marketing angles, marketing angles, just reasons why people buy.

[00:32:14] And if you can address reasons why people are buying and have addressed more different reasons why people are buying, you’re widening the number of people you can appeal to. So it’s being specific and I guess brought at the same time. I’m not sure how to explain that, but. It’s definitely, you’d have to think about these personas and angles when you’re marketing.

[00:32:36] Kevin: [00:32:36] Yeah, no, it, it really affects everything you’re doing when you’re marketing from the copy to the language to however you’re sending things. Kind of kind of like the email that you guys got from Monday where it’s like, so related to marketing.

[00:32:49] Eric: [00:32:49] Yeah. Oh,

[00:32:50] Kevin: [00:32:50] it looks like they’re doing international ads.

[00:32:51] Eric: [00:32:51] Yep.

[00:32:52] I’ll for sure. We can do all that. I’m sure they’re doing a ton of different countries.

[00:32:57] Kevin: [00:32:57] Yeah. Do all, let’s see what they’re doing. [00:33:00] Oh wow.

[00:33:01] Eric: [00:33:01] Okay. So there’s the ad. Oh, great. Podcast content, because I want to show this ad. This is the ad. It was one of the ones I got, so,

[00:33:09] Kevin: [00:33:09] okay. How did you see this ad when it doesn’t say United States?

[00:33:13] Eric: [00:33:13] I don’t know, man.

[00:33:14] Kevin: [00:33:14] Where are you traveling, Eric? Are you traveling?

[00:33:16] Eric: [00:33:16] I was in China a month or two ago, so

[00:33:19] Kevin: [00:33:19] it might be under international pixel.

[00:33:20] Eric: [00:33:20] I was in Hong Kong too.

[00:33:22] Kevin: [00:33:22] You’re definitely international

[00:33:23] Eric: [00:33:23] picture. Yeah. I don’t know. And I think it’s a retargeting one. I don’t know if it’s retargeting or not, but.

[00:33:30] Kevin: [00:33:30] But this is definitely you like,

[00:33:32] Eric: [00:33:32] Oh yeah, your third cats. Okay. Yeah. Jumped on

[00:33:35] Kevin: [00:33:35] this weird cats like on your back

[00:33:36] Eric: [00:33:36] when we’re doing, because look, if you right click this, you can just save the video ads.

[00:33:41] Kevin: [00:33:41] Yeah. That’s another stretch. Few people, I’m not sure, like, I think it’s just Chrome, but you can always save these ads.

[00:33:47] Eric: [00:33:47] Yeah. Yeah. If you can add library again, um, that’s one of them. My favorite parts about looking at ads library, you just right click and you save the video. Now you have the video. Yeah, it’s on your computer. You can organize your files that way. You can share it

[00:34:00] [00:33:59] Kevin: [00:33:59] internally. We usually, what we usually do is like, we’ll say the video and we’ll talk to our designer and be like, Hey, we really like this ad.

[00:34:06] Eric: [00:34:06] Absolutely.

[00:34:07] Kevin: [00:34:07] Yeah. That’s the easiest way to do it

[00:34:08] Eric: [00:34:08] or how we can apply this to other industries or just like, that’s such a cool thing to do. And I mentioned that because if you’re looking on your own feed, how to save ads and videos, it’s a lot harder. There’s, you got to get some Chrome extensions. You see it on Instagram.

[00:34:22] You got to record your screen or something. Dad’s library. Yeah, you can find it. You can save it real fast. Even if you get an ad on Instagram, go ahead and quickly look them up. Maybe save the post or something or send it to someone or for safekeeping, and then next time you’re on your desktop, look at their ads library.

[00:34:39] Look for it. Go ahead and do that right click.

[00:34:43] Kevin: [00:34:43] I love staring out this way.

[00:34:45] Eric: [00:34:45] Yep. Okay, cool. Let’s

[00:34:47] Kevin: [00:34:47] see what else we can learn from your ads. Again, I think some things we can learn is they use a lot of copy on top of their tech on their ads. Absolutely. It’s, it’s, it’s something that we keep seeing over and over again.

[00:34:56] I remember noon or noon last week, they kept [00:35:00] using tax on top of their ads. I think. Like the best DTC not to C, but performance, uh, sort of brands are doing. So when Facebook like this, they’re using texts on top because the video, you can really say your messaging. You can really say, okay, what’s your hook?

[00:35:13] What’s your, what’s the problem? How are you solving it? Here’s a solution.

[00:35:18] Eric: [00:35:18] Nice and simple sentence that they don’t even have to read per se, but like a phrase that they’ll just so it resonates. They see work remotely team. And I clicked this and they got audio too.

[00:35:35] Kevin: [00:35:35] Yeah. The like I keep saying over again over again. Some people just want videos that just don’t show any text or copy. You need to show something on top of that.

[00:35:43] Eric: [00:35:43] Yeah. It’s a nice way to visualize it. Some people don’t have sound on in this case, they, they, what I like is they do audio overlays. If you do have sound on by, yeah.

[00:35:52] Once again, I also love the color in this ad. I saw this at a few different variations of this as well on my own feeds and noted it. But [00:36:00] so much color. Really cool animations. I like this a lot.

[00:36:06] Kevin: [00:36:06] Yeah. You see how here too, if this is a Snapchat or it’s not Snapchat, Instagram story ahead

[00:36:11] Eric: [00:36:11] with the story one,

[00:36:14] Kevin: [00:36:14] can you save these two, the story ones with the right click.

[00:36:16] Eric: [00:36:16] I’m pretty sure you can. Yeah.

[00:36:18] Kevin: [00:36:18] Yeah.

[00:36:19] Eric: [00:36:19] I can see the story one.

[00:36:20] Kevin: [00:36:20] This is already ones are the hardest to save.

[00:36:22] Eric: [00:36:22] Oh yeah. On Instagram. Yeah. Look at dad library and you have the swipe up. It has a start. The free trial. Um, you can tell they made this like just for Instagram stories. It’s really nice. It came up, gave him a really nice.

[00:36:37] Oh, is it? That is actually the first one I saw with the, anyway,

[00:36:39] Kevin: [00:36:39] so the other one, the story, but

[00:36:42] Eric: [00:36:42] color, it reminds you a lot of magic spoon and their color, which is,

[00:36:46] Kevin: [00:36:46] yep, that’s probably that purple.

[00:36:50] Eric: [00:36:50] Basically to summarize this, if you want to see how a SAS company is doing a really good job. In a performance marketing is a really good example.

[00:37:00] [00:37:00] They have a lot of different angles and different funnels for each of their different personas. They’re using a lot of different personas because very versatile software. Uh, even if you’re not a SAS company, you’re just an apparel brand or some household product or something that there’s so many different use cases and target customers.

[00:37:17] Maybe, um, moms, maybe kids may be something else. They have different funnels for each one, and you can see it so clearly in their ads and even their landing pages and everything, so that’s really cool. They’re definitely doing a good job. The ads themselves look great. Um, you know, they’re trying a lot of different things.

[00:37:34] So if you’re looking at just ways to even just broaden the personas in your own advertising, regardless of your industry or just to see how it SAS companies is growing. Well, specifically Facebook ads. Yeah, this is a great thing to look at.

[00:37:47] Kevin: [00:37:47] All right. Perfect. All right. Thanks, Eric. I think we get a review happier.

[00:37:52] Cool. Thanks guys. Any other questions or comments? You know, feel free to email us or comment us where we posted post this and we’ll see you next week. [00:38:00] This week’s episode of digital marketing fast lane was brought to you by the performance marketing experts at voice media. Join us again next time as we’ll be bringing you more tips, techniques to know how to make your online business the very best that it can be.

[00:38:14] If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we’d love to hear them on Twitter at voice media. Thank you.

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