April Fools Day Email Subject Lines

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It’s fools day and you don’t want to fall into the trap of being a fool. However, you want to make some extra more money from your business.

You need a smart marketing strategy to win more customers to your business and convince them to buy from you.

A great marketer takes advantage of the current trends to acquire more customers to his business.

As others are being fooled, your great strategy will draw in more customers and help you make more money for your business growth.

You can create smart pranks that can lure more people into your business. However, don’t overdo it.

For example, sometimes back Youtube pranked its users that it’s going to shut down the business. Google also had a smart prank for its users sometimes back.

People have different opinions on the idea of pranks on this day. Research by AYTM shows that 43% of people are very unlikely to prank a person.

However, with great creativity, this fool’s day can be a great marketing day for your business.

If you are running email campaigns and want to capture more leads, convert them into customers and make more sales, here are some subject lines you can use.

  1. Best business sales event you can have. NO JOKES
  2. Enjoy 30% OFF the price just for you.
  3. All you need to do if make $500 worthy of sales and get free shipping offers. We are not pranking
  4. Hi JIMMY, this present and offer are just to say thank you. We don’t prank
  5. How about getting 60% OFF with free delivery. We mean business
  6. I don’t like PRANKS. So here is a special deal for YOU
  7. April fools day is here. But we are not fooling. Here are our great prices
  8. Serious business. Get 45% OFF price + free gift for you this day
  9. Get a SPECIAL reward for making $400 and above ORDER. NO KIDDING
  10. It’s SAVINGS day. Save $200 TODAY for all your purchases above $500
  11. We know it’s FOOL’S DAY but we are not fooling. Here is what we have for you
  12. Make a PURCHASE from our store and get WONDERFUL after sale-services. No pranks
  13. See the great DEALS we have this SPECIAL day. Pranking is prohibited here
  14. Just real offers and discounts this weekend to enjoy fool’s day. We are not joking
  15. ORDER NOW and get 60% OFF the price TODAY. We know it’s fools day, but we mean business
  16. Thanks for the great orders from our STORE. And no jokes NOW!!!
  17. Here comes a great sale. Prepare for an AWESOME time to shop. It’s business time
  18. How about $250 OFF for making shopping worthy $1200 and above this fool’s day. We are not teasing you
  19. Here is your shopping savings plan. Enjoy your shopping without pranks
  20. We have a SPECIAL treat for you this fool’s day. Visit our store for more details. NO JOKES
  21. This is a real purchase DEAL for you. We are not fooling
  22. See the GOODIES we have for you this GREAT day. We are not playing pranks on YOU
  23. BUY NOW and enjoy a 50% OFF price with free delivery to your home. It’s not a joke
  24. New products for you with up to 70% OFF. No pranks

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