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Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Facebook Instant Experiences, which used to be known as Facebook Canvas, is a way to instantly capture the attention of your audience. Instead of giving your audience a boring, traditional ad, this allows you to create immersive ads and create a whole new experience for your potential customers.

There are some simple reasons you should be advertising on Facebook in the first place:

  • Facebook users log in an average of 8x/day through the app.
  • 88% of Facebook users access the site on mobile.
  • 26% of people who clicked on an ad on Facebook purchased.

If you’re into marketing or you use Facebook for your business, you’ll want to understand what makes Facebook Instant Experiences different than other types of ads out there.

What makes Facebook Instant Experiences different

With Facebook Instant Experiences, you can create a whole different type of ad with elements such as:

  • Tilt to pan
  • Carousels to swipe through
  • Use engaging videos
  • Use moving photos
  • Tag your product in an ad
  • And more

This creates a whole new experience when it comes to creating these ads compared to a traditional ad on Facebook. When users click on your ad, they enter a full-page immersive experience.

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Because it’s such a different experience than a typical ad, it can be a marketer’s secret weapon when it comes to building engagement and making more sales. Not enough businesses have taken advantage of these types of ads and Facebook loves when you create them because it also keeps users on Facebook (which is their main goal), instead of sending them to your site or another platform. You can also use these ads with Facebook and 3rd party pixels for accurate tracking for analytics.

You don’t need a ton of coding experience or graphic design experience to create the ad. There are a ton of templates to choose from so your ad will look professional. Every template is fast-loading so you don’t have to worry about losing customers while they wait for your ad to load. On average, each Instant Experiences ad is fifteen times faster than a standard website, even if you use a video.

They’re also unique and outside the box of traditional Facebook ads, which might draw your customer in – purely out of curiosity.

There are also a few different ways you can use this type of ad for your business:

Instant Storefront – This gives people the ability to see your business like a storefront. They can scroll through your products in a grid.

Instant Form – Collect contact information quickly and easily, such as email addresses.

Instant Customer Acquisition – Encourage people to buy from you.

Instant Storytelling – Show off the story behind your brand or product.

Instant Lookbook – Let people explore your products in action.

What you need to create your Facebook Instant Experiences

There are a few things you need to do before you create your first ad.

The first thing you need to do is to outline the overall story your ad and brand are trying to tell. When you know the overall story and goal, you’re able to create an ad with a specific target.

Once your goal is set, you’ll need to get high-definition media for your ad. Don’t use low-quality or blurry pictures and videos, especially for Instant Experiences, because they are full-screen and the resolution won’t look the quality you need.

Once you have these two things done, you’ll be able to move on and actually create your ad.

How to use Facebook Instant Experiences

Facebook Instant Experiences requires a little more work than a traditional ad, which is why some brands don’t use them to their full potential. However, they probably don’t take as much work as you’re imagining they will. We’ll provide a quick overview on how to set it up so you can get your first Instant Experiences set up.

Once you log into Ads Manager, you click on “Create Ad”.

As with all ads, you’ll want to pick an objective based on what you want your ad to do. That might be traffic, engagement, reach, lead gen, or something else.

From there, you have the option of doing split tests, different optimization strategies, and budget considerations.

Inside the Format option, you’ll be able to see the Instant Experience option.

Once you check this option, you’ll build your custom ad option.

Something to note – if you create a Facebook Instant Experience, you’ll want to select the “Preview” option before you make it live. Double check that it works well and your media looks good on both a desktop and on mobile.

The ad builder has a drag-and-drop option for all the ads to create the perfect experience for your audience.


Creating ads on Facebook is easier than ever before, and the more you use them, the better ROI your company will receive.

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