Successful Marketing Career: 6 Essential Tips to Have in Your Resume


Kevin Urrutia




September 13, 2022

Writing your resume isn’t something particularly easy, especially if you’re working in the marketing industry. Everyone dreams of a successful marketing career and that’s why the competition is so high on every job opening in today’s marketplace.

Therefore, your resume must be flawless to be taken into consideration. Marking your personality on it would make it stand out from the crowd.

A resume is like a summary of your professional and academic achievements, skills, and certifications and it should be one page long only. For a resume to be effective, it must be short, concise, and extremely relevant.

With no further ado, in today’s post, we’re presenting 6 essential tips to consider when writing your marketing resume:

1.      Present Yourself

Most recruiters like to see something different on a resume and presenting yourself in a unique way is exactly what you need to do. It’s the perfect way to show initiative and interest in providing value for the company.

You should present yourself personally and professionally in one or two sentences right below the contact info section. The first sentences should already communicate your unique value proposition. Just make sure you don’t state the obvious, as the recruiter already knows why you’re submitting your resume.

2.     Outstanding Templating

Most resumes look the same and state the same main things, and the last thing you want to do is bore the recruiter even more with a basic templated resume. Of course, that it’s the content that matters the most, but we’re talking about a winning resume, right?

Therefore, you should get a bit creative. For instance, you can use some color here and there. You don’t need to exaggerate, but black and white are so overrated. Light blue font color for the main headings can only make your resume stand out.

The coloring isn’t the only thing you can do because you can play a bit with the font styles too. For instance, you can use a fond like Lucida Calligraphy for the main headings. Moreover, the best resume template design is the two-column one. Besides giving your resume’s a more professional aspect, it helps you include more info and it makes information easier to read.

3.     Tailor Your Skills Section

Most people believe that the skills section is the easiest to write. But they are totally wrong. First, you must pay extra attention as you must tailor this section according to the job description very well.

This means if in the job description they say they’re looking for exceptional leading skills, you’re going to write it word by word. Why? Because some companies use professional recruiting software to look for this type of keywords and you must pass that software’s conditions to get that interview.

Generally, recruiters are looking in this section for three main things: your competence in certain channels or techniques (video editing, content marketing, web design, public speaking), your skillfulness in specific software platforms or tools (email marketing platforms, PPC platforms, SEO tools), and your ability to handle operating systems and coding languages (Mac, Javascript, CSS)

If you have some trouble especially with this section, you can always seek guidance from professionals. Here are several tools to help you improve your resume’s skills section:

4.     Provide Proof for Your Work

Words are just words when you have nothing to back them up. If you truly are a professional, then you should already have a LinkedIn profile that you can link on the resume. As well, what marketing professional doesn’t keep an online portfolio with his greatest achievements?

Working for some years in the marketing industry leaves a mark on your social media appearance, so they’re going to research your presence there too. If you happen to have a blog on the same niche or you simply written several articles, leave the links to them too, as you can only increase your chances if you do so.

5.     Provide Stats and Figures

You’re not applying for just any job post, you’re applying for a managing position, so recruiters can’t just pick anyone. They’re going to need strong evidence of your performance. Therefore, you should talk in numbers whenever mentioning results and accomplishments. That’s how you’re going to impress them.

6.     Add a Cover Letter

Most probably, you won’t be able to sum up all your academic and professional achievements in just one page, so adding a cover letter to your resume is the best thing you can do.

But what should you write in a cover letter? You should start by mentioning why you’re applying for this job, why you want to work with this company in particular, and why they’ve gained your attention – make them feel special.

Also, talk about the job-related experiences that will highlight your main abilities – don’t forget to use keywords all over the cover letter. As well, move a bit around the question “What makes you the perfect fit for this job post?”

Remember, recruiters don’t have all day to read your cover letter, so keep it short and on point. There’s no need to use fancy words and stay true to yourself. Don’t lie, just present your excitement to work with them and show how you’ll provide value to their company.


After all, it’s not quite that hard but you must pay extreme attention as the devil is in the details. When you finally manage to finish your winning resume, make sure you proofread it at least 3 times and ask a professional (or a skilled friend) to look for mistakes too. Now, what are you waiting for? Don’t you have a resume to apply these 6 great tips on?

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