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May 05, 2024

Trying to keep up with social networking changes can prove to be a challenging task, especially these days when updates are almost weekly. Your current social media marketing strategy mostly needs to change with certain updates. Instagram, at this present moment, has around a billion users. Like any other modern social channels, IG is full of features. Now the time has come when you actually have to dive deep within the classic features from Instagram and some of the latest additions too.

IG features designed for marketers:

Right from the time it launched, IG has already added multiple features, which otherwise benefits marketers. Some are paid ad features and then you have some organic posts in the list as well. It is time to check out some of the most promising Instagram features, designed solely for marketers.

  • Going for the video features:

You are no doubt quite familiar with the IG video posts, don’t you? They are more like you regular photo posts, except the fact that they allow your videos to be around 60 seconds long. If you want, you can try adding a filter, tag your location, add a caption and more, before you finally share post. Video posts are known to generate some more user engagement than some photos on IG. This practice is high for brands, which are actually looking for ways to win with the latest algorithm from IG, which furthermore, helps in tacking user engagement in posts. The main aim is to determine if you need to display your content or not. Details are available from now.

  • Live Video:

Live Video is quite different from the IG video because it is ‘live.” Now, do you want to know how it works? Let’s get right into details.

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  • Followers will get to push notification telling them that you are about to come live.
  • Moreover, followers get the opportunity to comment or just like live video stream just in real time.
  • The video will leave no trace behind once you end it and it won’t get saved to account.

This is a proven way for the marketers to actually build brand transparency along with authenticity. Both these practices are important with latest algorithm from IG.

  • Stories Features:

One of the best additions to IG is the Stories feature. Stories over here is more or less similar to Snapchat, where users get the opportunity to add video clips to story, which is viewable for around 24 hours before it can actually vanish. You have the right to view story content as many times you want within that span of 24 hours. These stories will appear like little circles on top of followers’ feeds. Before you start using these Stories, you might want to check out the features involved.

  • Here, the video recording will be up to 15 seconds and not more. The image viewing will be for 10 seconds max.
  • You have the right to add unlimited stories to the feed. Moreover, you can get direct messaging within stories.
  • You can further swipe down on camera screen for unlocking videos and photos from personal camera roll. You have the right to access content on camera roll for last 24 hours.
  • You even have the right to track total views you got and the users, who viewed your content.

Under your current IG settings, you can adjust Story. If you want, you can hide stories from some users’ feeds selected ones and edit who can and can’t reply to you through direct message. You have to check out the IG video specs to know more about ad sizes and some other crucial options.

  • Push notifications for favorite accounts:

Being a part of the business world, you may like to consider receiving some notifications from accounts that you might be following as top priority. But, that’s not the end of story as you want your followers to add notifications from your side as well. This form of hidden feature is available on mobile app. There are some steps to follow in order to turn the notifications on.

  • Go to profile whom you want notification from
  • Click on three dots
  • Select the option “turn on post notifications”

Once you have done that, you will start receiving updates every time that account posts any content.

  • Importance of notifications for your business:

Recent studies have helped researchers to find that around 65% of mobile users selected push notifications from an app and they returned back within 30 days. This study further reveals that users who enabled push notification will engage 3x more than those who did not. Modernized social users are now getting accustomed to set notifications for things that they want to be informed of. Now, you want to gain some tips to help users turn on notifications from account.

  • First of all, you can ask them to do so. It will come as a surprise to you on how many people will respond to direct command like that on current social media. That’s why most of the CTA comes with “click here” option.
  • You have to post the most valuable contents from your side, always. Don’t forget to ask yourself about the post and its value towards customers. Do you think they really want to know about this post? Only post the content when the answer is yes

In case the users enable notifications for your current account, then you can earn extra sales when you post anything about new product launch, deals, promotions and more.

  • Catch up with the filters:

Well, to your surprise, there are 40 different types of filters available for Instagram. Here, you can add on a level of creativity from your side, especially when you are posting some new IG videos or photos. But, being in a business field, your content needs to be consistent in terms of brand style and image. So, be sure to keep this point in mind while using business filters.

Results will always act in your favor if you only know how to use Instagram features well.for some help, chalk down these points now.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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