Want to improve your SEO ranking? Top Five Useful Steps to Follow


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vast subject and is forever changing! What do you think when the word SEO pops in? Where do you concentrate all your attention and energy while attempting to enhance your website’s SEO ranking? The majority of people would place their bets on keywords alone. Though that’s important, it’s not the only thing you can do.

Have you worked endlessly on your keyword optimization without getting the desired outcome? If yes, check other factors that affect SEO ranking. Search engine algorithms rate your keyword’s significance on web pages and Metadata in links to your search terms. It also analyses data which include the time your viewers have spent browsing your website, broken links, bounce rates, outbound and inbound links, pages viewed, and many more.

Do you want your users to stay on your website for longer? Do you want them to browse through, engage with your content, and enhance your website’s ranking? If yes, you must improve the website’s usability and overall user experience. You can reach out to an expert SEO company for professional assistance and seek guidance.

Understanding website usability 

Simply put, website usability comprises several aspects of website design that help increase conversion. Factors that can impact your website ranking are as follows:

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  • Efficiency

Can a user find answers to their queries when browsing your site? Can they order their choicest products and get the best discounts and Facebook ad service? And if the answer to both questions is yes, how fast can the task be accomplished? Users who don’t find what they’re searching for on your website will quickly move away from your site. IYourSEO ranking will be at stake if your bounce rates are high.

  • Averting errors

Selected mistakes on your website will impact both SEO ranking and user experience. For instance, the typical 404 Page Not Found error is a link that displays one thing and says something else. It’s also an invalid, broken link at times, which you must avoid.

  • Learnability

Design your website in a user-friendly way so that it can navigate fast. Check your CTA (Calls to Action) regularly. It should be consistent and relevant for users to know how to interact. If your online users are spending spare time, they have less time to read through your content and check out the products. Also, they might not locate what they require. Such a negative experience can cost your SEO ranking as well.

  • Memorability

Will users be able to locate you online next time if they want to? If yes, that’s a good sign. Repeat traffic is beneficial in boosting your Google ranks. Online users can locate your website and shift away from it for multiple reasons. Ensure that the keyword linked to a specific search is amply memorable for users to find your site.

Tactics to Increase SEO Rankings 

If you want your SEO rankings to grow, you can follow the simple and helpful tips listed below:

  1. Use relevant, valuable, and high-quality content

The time users spend on your website is called “Dwell Time.” It impacts your SEO ranking. If your website has informative, original content, users will linger more to browse through the information. It increases your Dwell Time. Considering this, your web content word count should be between 2,000 and 2,500 words. It is the perfect word count for online content to fetch a favorable SEO ranking.

  1. Optimizing image

There’s more to website images than sizing and file formatting. Your pictures must work in your favor regarding SEO ranking. Manage your content relevancy in search engines using the correct keywords for an image file, caption, title, description, and alt tag.

  1. Manage the page load speed

The page loading speed is essential for search engines like Bing and Google. Every website must loan within three seconds. When a site takes a long time, it can negatively affect the dwell time, maximize the bounce rates and bring down the pages viewed in totality. All these aspects will affect your SEO ranking in its entirety.

Do you want to maximize your page load speed? You can opt-in for caching plug-ins to ensure that the code gets streamlined and is clean and that there is an optimized image size that reduces the number of redirects. SEO experts suggest that excellent-quality images can maximize conversion rates. When you optimize your picture correctly, you can leverage the photos to create empathy, maximize trust and goodwill, and enhance the overall user experience. It doesn’t affect the load time and is beneficial for your SEO ranking.

  1. Header tags

No one loves to head to a text wall. Intelligent content formatting enhances the website user experience to a considerable extent. Readers get encouraged to spend more time reading a content piece, referring it to their friends, sharing it on their social profiles, and anreturningck to it repeatedly. It will improve your search engine relevancy. Smart header tags usage will divide your content into sections that are simpler to read and use.

Using header tags in WordPress is easy. It enhances user experience and your website’s SEO ranking. Search engines rate the keywords contained in header tags. When you have good terms in these tags, your SEO ranking automatically increases.

  1. Managing outbound links

Do you want to make your online content relevant and valuable? You can link to the authority sites for in-depth data your users can utilize. Linking to authority sites will maximize content relevancy and the time users spend on the website. It gives Google the signal that your website is trustworthy, which in turn maximizes the SEO ranking.

The online world is all about competition and expansion. Every brand and start-up company wants to make it big today. And for this, procuring a high SEO ranking is essential. There are several ways in which established and start-up companies can attempt the same. However, the above-discussed strategies are intelligent steps that will boost your SEO rankings if executed correctly.

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