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July 10, 2024

Running an online business requires efforts, time and concentration to build trust, nurture leads and generate sales for your business.

Online buyers are more demanding than ever. If they can’t find what they want from your site the moment they land on it, they will leave your business website and you will lose them to your competitors.

In this article, we will focus on how you can use google product listing ads to grow your ecommerce sales.

Google product listing ads (PLA) show buyers product images, prices as well as their description. 

Here is an example of product listing ads on amazon for hp laptops.

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To start with, let’s look at why you need to use Google product listing ads for your business.

Benefits of Google product listing ads

Perform better than text keywords

Pictures have a more attractive appeal that words. The product listing marketing campaign has images that attract buyer interest and triggers their attention to engage with your business.

Images help resonate with buyers with your products. It helps potential customers know how your products look. It triggers buyer interest in your business and increases engagement.

Images of your product play a great role to help buyers make decisions. According to Justuno research, 93% of buyer decision is triggered by product images.

Generation of qualified leads

Before buying your products, potential customers need to know how your product can help solve their pain points

When an ecommerce business provides a product description to leads it helps them make buying decisions. 

From the ads, they can see the product they want to buy, its prices and also the description.

The ads attract leads who are serious with the buying decisions and providing quality images and persuasive product descriptions can increase conversion rates. 

Listing ads make it easy for leads as it provides detailed information for different products. 

For example, if a client is searching for power banks can have a variety of different power banks to choose from. 

Since the power banks have images and descriptions it is easy to know which one to buy.

Increase conversion rates

As you market your business you nurture leads through the different buyer stages. When leads who are at the decision/purchase stage reach your website, they are more likely to convert.

They already know their pain points, have considered the products they need and now are in search of the best products to purchase.

After they visit the product description page, they can go ahead and buy the product they choose since the page is linked to the shopping cart.

Integrate reviews and ratings to your products

Potential buyers love and trust products that other people have used. Research by BrightLocal shows that 54% of potential buyers read reviews before making a purchase decision.

Reviews increase buyer purchase power. Google compiles reviews and ratings of your products and displaces them along with your product listing ads. This increases the lead trust with your business brand and conversion rates. 

Infographic by Invesp shows that 31% of customers spend more money on brands with excellent reviews.

You can ask your previous customers to leave reviews and ratings of your products. 

Factors to consider before using product listing ads

Listing ads can be a great way to market and grow your business revenue. However, here are some considerations before you implement this strategy.

Have a professional website

Before you think of using product listing ads, ensure you have a professional website. Your website should be easy to navigate and have fast loading speeds.

Your site should also be responsive to different devices buyers use to search for information. 

Product description ads will not perform better if Google notices that your website has a high bounce rate.

Ensure you create high-quality content for your business website. The content should be informative, easy to read and optimized for search engines. In-depth content that is optimized performs better for the search engines. 

Research by Blue Corona shows that content that is 2500+ words performs better.

Your website landing page

Google will redirect people who click your ads to your website. You need to design and optimize your landing page to reduce bounce rate, build trust with leads and increase lead conversions.

Report by Ecommerce shows that a detailed product landing page has a high conversions rate.

To create effective landing page, collect target customer data, know your audience and create copy that speaks directly to their pain points.

Competitiveness of your market niche

If you are in a niche that is highly competitive, you should think of investing in product listing ads. You are competing for clients with other businesses to earn their trust and sell them your products.

The listing gives you a higher chance of generating quality leads as they can see what they are buying and increase their trust in your business.

Your cost of running product listing ads

You need money to run google ads. Before you launch the ads campaign, ensure you have enough budget to run your ads. 

It can be a great disadvantage if Google pulls off your ads because you can’t you lack enough money for your ads marketing campaigns.  

Your ROI from the ads

You can have the budget for the ads, but if you are not getting any ROI from your marketing campaigns, you should try other marketing channels.

There are different factors that influence your ROI such as search volume, how consumers demand your products or data quality of your products.

In either way, if you are not getting profits from this investment, it is not worth spending on the campaigns.

How to increase your revenue with product listing ads

Once you start running your listing ads, it is essential to tweak something to ensure you get a high ROI for your campaign marketing. Here are some ways.

Do A/B testing with your product image and description

You can do an A/B test with your descriptions or images to increase clicks and conversion rates. 

If you use a certain copy and clients convert more them optimize that copy to increase revenue.

A/B test increases user experience, builds more trust with leads, increases engagements, and sales.

You can also experiment with your product listing ad marketing with different headlines of your products. 

Analyze the headlines with more clicks and optimize them for more traffic and conversions.

Create different ad variations per group ad. Test ad variations to know ones with better conversions. 

Despite that your group ad has the same title and descriptions, its ad variations can convert better and generate revenue for your business

Mention any product promotions

If you have promotions such as discounts or free shipping them include them along with the product listing ads. 

Potential clients will be more likely to buy a product that can solve their pains if they will get certain forms of product promotions.

Promotional information in your product listing ads entice, attract and engage potential buyers to your products. 

Monitor your shopping product data feed

Your product data feed informs Google more about your product and optimizes it for better performance. 

To increase how your ads perform, ensure your data feeds comply with Google data regulations

Violating Google rules can affect your product listing ads campaign and lead to greater losses for your business. Send your data feeds to Google on a regular bases. 

Check your merchant center account to ensure the proper processing of your data feed and make sure it’s error-free.

Consider retargeting

Retargeting can help you increase conversion rates and sales. It helps you keep your products before your target clients who bounced off your website.

You can reach out to customers who showed interest in your products but didn’t convert.

This includes who abandoned the cart during shopping. Those who interacted with your product page clicked your ads but didn’t take action.

You can use dynamic remarketing for your past lead engagement with your campaigns. Google creates personalized ads to entice customers who interacted with your ad to convert.

Customers can notice personalized dynamic ads with ease. This increases the number of customers who return to your website and increase conversions and sales.

How to set up product listing ads

Create a google merchant center account

This account has tools that help you upload pictures of your products to your campaign ads. 

Remember, you are featuring your product images with description. Your clients need to see your products and this tool is a vital part of your listing.

After creating your Google merchant account, integrate it with your Google AdWords.

Plan for your product listing ads campaign

First, you need to give your campaign a descriptive name. If you are selling electrical cables, them you can call it by that name. 

The reason you give a descriptive name is to have control over each listing ad you create. 

It also helps you budget for your campaign based on your marketing goal and identifies your product groups in your campaign.

Customize your bid and campaign budget

Place bids within your marketing budget. Your product listing ads will not show if it’s past your daily budget. You don’t want Google to pull down your campaigns because you set your budget too high, right?

Your highest cost per click for your campaigns is just the same as Google AdWords. After you customize your ad, set your daily cost per click budget. 

Once you save your settings your PLA campaign information as click-through rate, impressions, cost per click and clicks will be shown. You can also set advanced settings of your ads on your AdWords account.

If your campaign ad is not getting much traffic, consider changing your bid. Also, optimize your description to include keywords that rank high. 

After setting up your product listing ads, upload your campaign to the Google merchant center account. 

Mistakes to avoid in your product listing ads

We are all prone to errors. But you don’t want to make errors that will cost your business. Do you?

Well, I guess no. So here are some mistakes to avoid.

Not using merchant center promotions

Clients love promotions on your products. If you are running ads, including promotions helps with conversion rates. 

Ensure you take advantage of the merchant center promotion offer and include them in your ads to attract customers to your products.

Special promotions on the merchant center help you place your promotion below your listing ads to attract, engage and close sales with customers.

Not optimizing your bids

You create product listing ads to reach more leads who can convert to clients. To ensure this a successful bid, have a bid strategy that will help you achieve your campaign goals.

Ensure you optimize your bids with the right lead target keywords and bid frequently. Remember, you are not the only marketer. 

Your competitors are trying each day to improve their marketing strategy to win the same clients you want. If possible you can automate the bid management process. 

Lack of negative keywords in your ads

Negative keywords help prevent your product listing ads from showing when a certain keyword is used. 

These keywords signal Google search engine that you don’t want your ad to appear with their search.

Not using negative words can trigger Google to give search results that don’t match your product. 

If for instance, you are selling smartphone accessories, you don’t want Google to give “ best smartphones” alongside your product listing ads results.

Not optimizing titles and descriptions

Ensure you specify your product data feeds. Google uses your product ads titles and descriptions to rank your ads and determine where to show them.

Optimize your description with keywords your target users use. Place major keywords at the start of your descriptions and titles.

Perform a Google search to know the high-volume keywords you can use in your ads. There are many tools to help you come up with great keywords for your product campaigns.

Failing to see what your target consumers see

If you do a search for your own ads and the results are not what you expect, then that is what your potential consumers feel.

If your right products are not showing on your search results then fix them. If you are not happy with your product images after a simple search, then change them.

If product offers are not attractive to you when you search then, they will definitely not be to your target customers.

To make you access how your product listing ads appear, ensure you log out your Google account. 

Using a different laptop or desktop will give the best results as you will not interfere with Google search algorithms to your products. 

If you are using your own device where you had logged your google account, ensure you clear the cache and cookies.


Product listing ads can help grow your business profits when done in the right way. Take action to avoid the above mistakes when running your ads and use all the best ways to increase business revenue through your PLA marketing campaigns.

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