Why do you need a Google SEO Expert Company in Singapore?

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Every business wants to enjoy a first-page position in the Google search result pages. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for a website to outperform a hundred others to reach the first page. Ranking within the first ten spots is not easy. It is especially not easy to do so in a city-state and island country of Singapore. There are close 700,000 business operations in Singapore since it ranks second among 190 countries in terms of the ease of doing business. Establishing a new trade in this country is easy, but ranking on Google for the same is challenging thanks to the competition.

The only instrument that can boost your visibility and improve your ranking is SEO. Google is famous for changing and updating its ranking algorithms at least twice each day. Therefore, by the end of a year, you may have experienced over 600 small and large algorithm updates, without realizing so. Major updates like the Medic Core and security warnings updates of 2018 have massive impacts on both ranking and organic traffic. Contact your Google SEO Expert Singapore to learn more about these updates and their influence on your online performance.

Why is it important to be on the first page?

For any business in any corner of the world, organic traffic is the denominator of success. It refers to the search engine traffic that comes directly from an SRL to the website. It is only possible to garner high organic traffic when you have a high rank. The first position gets close to 33% of the total traffic. The second and third positions get 15% and 9% of the share. The drop in traffic is quite steep after that unless there is a Google Answer Box present. For mobile, the first position gets close to 24% of the total search engine traffic.  The first five results are the traffic magnets, hogging up over 67.6% of the total organic traffic.

The CTR distribution of the Google SERPs

The second page barely gets any views since people don’t have the time or patience to check beyond the first page for information. The sponsored content also takes up a considerable percentage of the CTR. They find it easier to change search terms than to visit the second page of the search results. Unless someone is truly desperate, they do not visit the third page at all. While the first page gets close to 92% CTR, the second page gets a meager 6% and the rest of the pages share whatever is left!

The only way to remain visible in this mess is by keeping your search engine optimization strategy in place. Your strategy needs to incorporate the latest changes Google rolls out, and it needs to keep your site updated for any unprecedented change along the way. SEO makes your website user-friendly and search engine bot friendly. You need an SEO expert agency that understands the need of your audience and follows the Google updates closely.

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