55 Must-Use Newsletter Topics


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

If you’ve built an email list, the next thing to do is prepare and send your newsletters. From informational pieces about your business to fun photos of your recent public event, there are many newsletter topics to choose from.  

Email Newsletter Facts

Before diving into newsletter topics you can use for your business, let’s review a few interesting email newsletter facts:

  • Email is the 3rd most influential source of information for B2B customers. What was 1st and 2nd? Colleague recommends and industry-specific thought leaders.
  • When it comes to revenue generation, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel.
  • Tuesday is the best day of the week to send an email.
  • Tailoring content to segmented users on your email list as allowed some marketers to achieve a 760% increase in email revenue.
  • One in five (19%) of consumers said they read every email newsletter they receive just to see if something’s on offer (Forrester Research “North American Technographics Survey”, 2014).

With email newsletters, you can feel confident that your message doesn’t get lost. If you think about it, if someone offered you their email to send them a newsletter, you have exclusive access to their personal space. In between email messages from mom and updates from colleagues, could be your email newsletter just waiting to be opened.

So, to ensure that your next newsletter captures the interests of your subscribers, here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Newsletter Topics You Can Use

  1. Information blog posts that offer advice, support, and value to your email list;
  2. Invitation to an upcoming event, tradeshow, workshop, or festival which you are hosting, participating, attending, or sponsoring;
  3. Featured articles and blog posts from guest authors and influencers;
  4. Ask readers to take a survey or poll in exchange for a coupon or discount;
  5. Share FAQs about your products, services, or business;
  6. Send a product or service demo;
  7. Celebrate a milestone, anniversary, or special event at your business (this could be a team member’s birthday or the business itself);
  8. Feature a list of helpful, insider tips or DIY info related to your products, services, or industry;
  9. Send access to the podcast provided by your business;
  10. Make a summary statement about the donations or charitable organizations you support and share a story as to why;
  11. Use customer testimonials, feedback, and mentions;
  12. Provide an annual report, company summary, or message from the CEO that captures the success, growth, and impact of your business;
  13. Create a roundup of your most popular products, blog posts, videos, infographics, and any other content over the past month or year;
  14. Share industry-related content (i.e. articles, videos, infographics, etc.) that you came across;
  15. Send a gift guide during special holidays;
  16. Write stories about new employees and team members at your business;
  17. Mention an upcoming offer, promotion, sale, or early bird discount;
  18. Tell your company’s story;
  19. Give your list a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business and customers (i.e. send photos);
  20. Feature any awards you won or achievement your attempting to win.
  21. Share the apps and tools you find useful;
  22. Send a curated list of customer photos — use photos where customers are happy, using or purchasing from your business, or an event they recently attended;
  23. Invite readers to signup to a customer loyalty or rewards program;
  24. Showcase a contest or exclusive giveaway;
  25. Announce the winner of your content or giveaway;
  26. Feature all the times you were mentioned in the press or other news outlets;
  27. Give them a sneak peek of upcoming products, services, or features;
  28. Invite them to go to an upcoming live stream or webinar you’re hosting;
  29. Make an announcement about a new product or service you just released;
  30. Release relevant and weird statistics, studies, or surveys about your business;
  31. Send a new Pinterest board you created;
  32. Discuss breaking trends or news related to your industry;
  33. Announce your newly redesigned website or blog;
  34. Send a list of do’s and don’ts about your industry;
  35. Send reminders to save-the-date for upcoming deadlines, registrations date, and so on;
  36. Create holiday newsletters with featured content and relevant material;
  37. Share a review you wrote online;
  38. Share a review written about your business;
  39. Comment on local news or political affairs that affect your community or business;
  40. Send your latest or most popular Instagram posts for the month;
  41. Share free resources, such as a white paper or downloadable guide;
  42. Encourage your list to follow your business on the social media sites your business uses;
  43. Send motivational or funny quotes;
  44. Share information about a crowdfunding campaign you are running or supporting;
  45. Release information about a new strategic partnership or business you are working with;
  46. Send job information if there are any open positions at your business;
  47. Share videos and pictures of a recent challenge you participated in (such as the Ice Bucket Challenge) or encourage your list to participate in a new challenge;
  48. Create a Staff or Employee Picks for your products or services;
  49. Highlight your mobile app’s features and functionality;
  50. Feature an interview with a client, customer, employee, vendor, or another industry-related expert;
  51. Request readers to leave feedback on various local listings, Facebook pages, and other places your business engages with online;
  52. Feature best selling products over the past month or share a story of a recent product that sold-out and the craze that made it so popular;
  53. Seasonal greetings;
  54. Share customer support or service information;
  55. Send a spontaneous “Thank You” to your list using a fun GIF, video, or message.

Real Examples of Newsletters

  1. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review sends a daily newsletter which contains the Management Tips of the Day. The content ranges from advice for executives, marketing teams, and other business tips to help a range of different situations.

The tips they introduce are always top quality and condensed versions of an already published article online. Below the tips, you can see they include links to featured products, advertisements, and best sellers.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.


  1. SerpStat

This newsletter from SerpStat offers a hack to create a content plan that outperforms the competition. They start by packing it full of value-focused content featuring their new FAQ section on the website. Below that, they invite readers to try a demo of the platform.

Later in the email, they include an invitation to join a webinar related to the topic of the newsletter. Then, they wrap it up with a few more articles from their blog and the signature. Very effective!

  1. MailJet

MailJet stays up to date with special occasions with this email newsletter dedicated to Mother’s day. They share an article with their list that helps them plan an email. Here’s the link to that post, in case you want to read it.

Below the article, they also include an informational video to educate their list about some key features of their industry. This is a simple approach to keeping people engaged and up-to-date with their service. 

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