The Anatomy of a Good Website: 5 Key Qualities Your Site Should Have


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

A strong presence online is necessary, especially for small businesses. This can give them an edge over their more established competitors. Websites for small businesses should not look like an “about me” page on your business and who to contact from your side. It would be best to maximize its potential by incorporating many tools and features to achieve a better user experience.

A good website should be secured by the company and of the best quality. Obtaining a cheap one will only hurt your business and your image. Not acknowledging the potential of good websites will cancel out all your hard work and effort in your industry. To avoid that dilemma, here are five qualities of a great website:

Well Designed

Feedmusic’s Website

Never forget the immense importance of having a well-designed website. An aesthetically pleasing design will most likely leave your visitors astonished at what they are entering. Here are some tips for making a perfectly designed site:

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  • Make your local navigation easy to access and grouped accordingly.
  • Put all clickables in one common place and not scattered on the site.
  • Use the best language that your audience will understand. Consider not only the writing language but also the jargon.
  • Never forget to put white spaces to let your site breathe.
  • Consider making a guide on sizing images to hasten the load time.

The design also plays a significant role in increasing your search engine rankings. The other focuses solely on the design and forgetting the website’s functionality. Two common errors incorporated in websites are using flash or JavaScript in most parts of the website. Apple products are not optimized for these kinds of websites because of a viewing problem. Automatically, websites using this kind of design will drop their viewership.

Optimize for Other Platforms

Your website will determine your brand’s image, so building a solid online presence will help your business grow. But do not build a company only on desktop computers; consider the traffic that mobile devices can make. Approximately 53% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and Facebook ads. Optimizing your website for mobile platforms can build credibility with mobile users.

Sites not optimized for other platforms tend to be slower and not readable. Your visitors can leave your site and find an alternative to your services. Optimizing your page will automatically increase your search engine rankings and customer conversion rates.

Page Load Times

Google’s Page Speed Tool

Google included site load time and speed in its search engine results ranking criteria. Until now, it is evident that site speed increases your conversion rates and visitation rates from new visitors. Loading speed says a lot about your website’s architecture and skeleton. You need to improve your code and start investing in a good hosting provider which will help you improve your site speed. It is better to purchase a sole hosting plan or a dedicated server for your site. This will let you have your server without any other website sharing from your server.

A faster loading speed will undoubtedly influence all users and owners online. Page load times say a lot about your customer engagement, and a fast one creates satisfied customers. Research backs up the claim that a slow responding time of websites has a higher bounce rate, and users visit the site quickly.

Relevant Content

In the online world, your content will be your asset and, possibly, your edge above your competitors. Because of this, you must plan and strategize posting content on your website. Of course, it should be substantial and informative but simultaneously creative and unique. You have to find the right balance between them to keep your readers hooked and, at the same time, get your message across.

Relevant content must be based on every characteristic of your audience. Content should also be based on your audience’s demographics, psychographics, and interests. Make your content run around that information and incorporate your messages creatively.

Social Media Options

Social login enables your user to connect their activity on your website to their existing account on their social platform of choice. Having a social login doesn’t only help your customers, but they also promote user engagement. Engaging with your users is one of the most critical objectives for keeping your web presence relevant. Social login works to your advantage because you already have information about the user through the data from their social network. Hence, it’s that much easier for you to engage them. The more present they are on their social networks, the more data you have to study what piques their interest or expectations. Making sure you act on your newly acquired information will guarantee more traffic to your site.

As a starting business, get a good foundation for your brand to rely upon; in this case, it’s your website. Creating, improving, and maintaining a website entails a lot of time and hard work and, at times, may require a bit of an investment to ensure you get quality results. For as long as you keep these five qualities in mind, you will find yourself steadily surviving and growing in the competitive industry of online businesses.

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