How to Boost E-commerce Sale with Promotional Labels and Stickers


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Ecommerce businesses put in a lot of efforts to gain the attention of their audience. From running search engine ads and implementing SEO best practices to widening their social network reach and sending email promotions – they do it all just to reach their audience and encourage them to buy.

For an ecommerce store, it is crucial to build recognition for their brand. You can do that effectively with customized labels and stickers. is a team of creative designers who custom design offline and online stickers and labels that you could use for your ecommerce marketing and brand building campaigns.

Benefits of Customized Labels and Stickers

Brand Building –

This is specifically useful for new and emerging ecommerce businesses looking to create a name in the market. Every produce they sell should have some kind of information about them. And stickers and labels serve that purpose.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

The tape that is used for packing the order can also be designed to have their brand name, logo and message printed. This is a super-effective way to promote your brand. And this is how your customers and prospects will identify you.

Amazon does that. Walmart does that. Every ecommerce business does that. And you too should follow do it, to create an identity for your ecommerce business.

Indirect Way of Marketing –

This is not direct marketing. Neither is it aggressive marketing. This is called an indirect way of marketing your brand. The customers, who have ordered your product, already know it is yours.

But, when they receive their order, they should know it without opening the box that it is from you. And the person who is delivering, and the people around (if some people are there around you), should also know that it is a shipment from your ecommerce store.

That’s when your customized stickers, labels and packaging tape will work. It is like promoting your brand, but indirectly, without being aggressive.

Cost-Effective –

Stickers and labels are a cost effective way of marketing your brand. They cost nothing, when compared with the cost of your overall marketing expenditure of your ecommerce business.

Get your labels and packaging wraps custom printed in bulk for deliveries. You can also get personalized labels and banners designed to be used on your website and social network.

How to Use Stickers and Labels to boost ecommerce Sales

Improve Your Brand Visibility –

Customized product labels displaying your brand logo increase the visibility of your brand like no other marketing and advertisement channel does. When you use stickers and labels on your product, your audience knows that it belongs to you.

When your product is on shelf or on a multi-brand ecommerce platform, it is becomes easier for your buyers to identify and select your brand. They can easily differentiate which product they have to buy. And that’s the reason why product labels were invented for. And that’s also the reason why you should focus on getting your stickers and labels designed by an expert designer.

Display Special Offers –

Labels and stickers are widely used for providing brand information. You can highlight your running offers and discounts through labels. If the stock is old, and you want to give its sales a boost, you could consider applying a sticker to highlight a new discount offer for the product.

You can also use online stickers to run special discount offers for special days – for example Black Friday Discount – on your existing stock without having to introduce a new line of products for the occasion.

Send Welcome Offers –

Sending welcome letters and emails to new subscribers is a not-to-miss exercise for ecommerce stores. You can get your welcome email and letter templates custom designed/printed and send them to each new sign-up.

Apart from that, you can send a personalized product discount offer – just like The Ella Bing Haberdashery sends custom printed welcome messages and offers – to each new subscriber.

You can also prepare a random offer for your customers on their special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Same way, you can design offers for festive and holiday seasons.

Put Labels on eCommerce Store –

As the season and trends change, you can label products in your ecommerce listings as Sale, Hot, Trending, Best Selling, Recommended, Limited Time Deal, or Clearance to change the mood of your store visitors.

These labels have a psychological influence on the mind of user. For sellers, these stickers and labels are a tool to boost customers’ interest in certain products. However, you should opt out from using these labels on few products, not all your products.

Bottom Line –

Stickers and labels, without a doubt, are a smart way to market your brand and boost your ecommerce sales. To get started, focus on your product including its visual aspects; evaluate your offer, if any; specify the same to the designers; and get your stickers and labels tested before using them for the final display.

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