Visual Design for Social Media: Creativity in Focus


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Today we can hear many people repeating that every business needs to be on social media. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you don’t exist. However, it’s not that simple anymore. Competition is getting so harsh that sheer existence in social networks isn’t enough. Building unique design features is essential to stand out from the rest of the social media business pack. Creativity is the key to producing compelling social media content that converts. You can read more about boosting this creativity in the following seven paragraphs.

Color palette

Your products and services speak best for your business. However, bear in mind that your branding strategies are communication tools for your venture, as well. Using colors to send branding messages is an old but practical option. So, include your brand colors in your social media posts. This will ensure that you keep sending a consistent message throughout different online channels.

When social media users come to your website, they’ll also see the same colors there. This will build a stronger sense of your business identity in them.

Blending branding and design

Let’s stay in the area of branding for a bit longer. Business owners need to know that their design is the leading ambassador of their enterprise around the Web. From the branding colors in the previous paragraph to smooth solutions on the website and blog, your business design tells a unique story about you. So, include your business logo in all your social media posts.

As a new undergraduate degree in visual design teaches, modern business owners might not be fully aware of the close link between branding and design. With this in mind, you should let your trademark colors and logo permeate through all the online channels you use.

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Get familiar with your network.

Not all social networks should be used for the same purpose. This mainly refers to the question of graphic design in social media posts. In a nutshell, using Facebook for a general audience and widespread products is recommended. Since Facebook is the most popular network globally, it is a perfect place for mainstream businesses.

On the other hand, Instagram is a better option for businesses that target a younger audience. As for the design, remember that Instagram users communicate via images. So, try to give your best original photos to that audience. LinkedIn is the best solution for business networking. Therefore, your posts on this social network should be visually more serious and professional.

Typography for better promotion

It’s not common to promote traditional or vintage products with futuristic fonts. Likewise, we don’t use fonts with sharp, digital lines to present products meant for older audiences. From your experience, different typographic solutions spark other users’ mental images. That’s why your business must choose good fonts for your business. Once you select one or more, use them consistently on social media and your website/blog.

Various design elements

You’ll be more competitive and successful in social media if you display an array of various design elements. It’s not enough only to post your business videos and photos, even if they’re authentic. It would be best if you went above and beyond to make your graphic identity look different from others. Informative Infographics and detailed reports about the current affairs in the industry are two practical ways to do that. Those reports need to be populated with numerous graphs and charts.

Moreover, search the Web and books for engaging quotes from the top managers in your industry. Post them with your typical business fonts and colors to underline that your venture lies behind them.

Witty copywriting

When you’re writing a social media post, it shouldn’t be bland or dull. The goal of every such correspondence should be attracting new customers or raising the interest of the existing ones. If you write down ‘Check out our new blog post,’ it’s almost like saying nothing. But if you go with something like “Learn why logos are important for blogs – our 10 (b)logo tips”, you’ll include some witty copywriting in your post.

Visual design can skyrocket your business on social media. Those graphic features will attract various users to check out your content if appropriately arranged. So, implement the tips suggested in this post and let your genuine creativity spread the word about your business.

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Next up

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