DevOps as a Service – Is It Really a Good Idea for Your Business?


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Reaching the top of the IT industry is not easy, and neither is remaining there. Everything is moving at light speed, and you are expected to finish the project the second you agree with the client. This puts an incredible strain not just on the business owners but also on the employees themselves, and this haste to get everything done as fast as humanly possible is what birth to mistakes.

Some mistakes emerge right away, while others surface later when correcting them is more challenging. Sometimes it is not a particular person’s mistake but just an efficiency gap – for instance, something functioning in the development phase shows flaws in the operation phase. And this is where DevOps as a service can come to your aid. So, let’s consider the benefits your business can hope for using DevOps.

Facilitating automation

Automation has solved many problems in the business world, not just in the IT world. Once people found a way to delegate repetitive, time-consuming tasks to software, they were instantly granted more time to use for challenging studies that test their problem-solving skills. 

If you feel that the tools you use to manage your infrastructure may not be helping you reach your full potential, you might want to turn to DevOps. DevOps can help you choose the right automation tools, generate reports for your employees and clients, analyze results, etc. The goal is to make the automation error-free because that is the only way to stop wasting resources and time. A manual approach can lead to mistakes due to pressure caused by looming deadlines or a moment of carelessness, but you can stop by combining cloud service tools and DevOps. 

More control over the projects

Speed is everything in a demanding environment such as the IT industry, and this is precisely why automation has found fertile ground. With so many projects and different stages, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of everything and monitor it to prevent some significant mistakes from occurring because that could slow everything down. 

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If your infrastructure is on the cloud, you probably have monitoring tools as a part of your package or as an additional service. However, instead of a general alert that would notify you that something is out of order without specifying what it is, your business will be provided with distinct monitoring alarms by using DevOps as a service. This means that you would know exactly what needs to be tended to so that no time or resources are lost. Such options are beneficial for your teams because it helps them react on time and correctly. 

Improves team cooperation

In the simplest of terms, a happy employer is one whose employees are satisfied because they are the moving force of every business. If an employee is unsatisfied with the job or the team’s working atmosphere is not good, the results will not be great either. If the collaboration between groups is not satisfactory due to irregular communication or one team not respecting the deadlines, that can affect the product.

DevOps helps optimize the workflow and takes care of repetitive assignments leaving room for innovation and growth. Personal growth is aided by additional training and employees having more time for brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, which all lead to the advancement of the business itself. Regarding quality communication, it prompts it to achieve better results, which means it enriches the business culture. The harmony among employees reflects on the work and the business’s success

Integrate DORA metrics into DevOps practices as it plays a key role in fostering teamwork and collaboration across different segments of a development organization.

Increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction

As mentioned, customers often need projects to be finished as soon as possible, and they are no strangers to setting unrealistic deadlines. However, to motivate them to use your services again and recommend you to others, you need to cater to their needs to the best of your abilities without expecting impossible results from your employees. That will not help you finish the project faster.

Suppose you agree on reasonable terms and deliver when promised. In that case, your customers will have no reason to collaborate with a different business, and you can expect to increase the customer pool. This usually leads to a rise in revenue; if your IT business experiences this, it is another confirmation of DevOps’s effectiveness.

Wrapping up

If you are wondering if DevOps is a good idea for your business, you can conclude that it could make all the difference based on its many benefits. It can help you optimize many procedures and make them flawless and provide you with tools to monitor infrastructure. 

Your employees will get along better and be more productive as soon as the workflow starts running smoother. You can also expect more customers by delivering exactly what you agreed on. A boost in the number of customers is usually followed by an increase in revenue, making DevOps a solution that ()directly improves the whole business structure. 

Author’s Bio: Lauren is a regular Bizzmark Blog author with many articles published, mainly focusing on clients who want their brands to grow in the fast-changing and demanding market. Her personal favorites are the successes of small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. She goes through life with one strong motto – Kindness, always.

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