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Drip campaigns, also known as drip marketing, automated email campaign, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, and marketing automation, is a way to nurture leads through a series of messages.

Whether by email or other messaging systems, a drip campaign sends a marketing message to prospects again and again over a prolonged period of time. The goal being: nurture prospects and leads through a sales funnel to become a customer or repeat buyer.

Why is a Drip Campaign Important?

With the right strategy, a drip campaign can be an efficient, automated solution to drive more leads through your funnel. Setting up a system could include a series of emails which are sent automatically over a period of time for weeks to months.

The main messaging could be focused on a specific offer and include promotional deals later on to entirely new and first-time prospects to become a new customer.

Email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns are two of the most common places for drip campaigns for their large user base.

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