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Kevin Urrutia




February 28, 2023

Do you know what plays an important role in ensuring market success of mobile applications? Well, you may be thinking about factors like app concept, features, functionalities, user interface, etc. Right? Undeniably, these are the most important factors that make mobile apps successful. But, these can help you only if your mobile app enjoys a maximum reach among your target users.

So, maximizing your app’s reach among your target audience should be your first priority. Of course, it’s not an easy job especially due to stiff competition prevailed in the app market. As the app stores (both Play Store and Apple Store) are flooded with numbers of mobile apps. According to Statista, Google Play Store accommodates 2.46 million apps whereas App Store houses 1.96 million apps.  

The above stats make it clear that how tough the competition is. So, you need to explore all the possible ways to ensure a long survival of your app. An effective app marketing will help you in many ways including maximizing your app’s popularity, providing value to your users, create awareness, connect with customers, etc. Getting in touch with a professional app marketing company will make your job easier in this arena. 

We are going to unveil top secrets of app marketing that will surely help you in achieving your goal.

Know your Competitors’ Strategies

You will not be able to strategize your app marketing successfully, if you ignore your competitors’ strategies. A powerful app marketing always starts after getting details about competitors and their strategies. It will not only help you know why they are successful or failure (in some cases), but will also help you define your target market.

Create a Landing Page

Though landing page creation is an old app marketing technique, it’s still the most reliable way to market mobile apps. Your landing page should include every detail of your app, like images, punch line, links of app stores, features, videos, call to action, etc.   


It’s something that you can start even before the launch of your mobile application. Blogging helps you connect with your target users directly (through comment section) and also lets you know what they love the most in mobile apps. This also helps you develop your mobile apps accordingly and ensure its success.

It’s advisable to make your blog engaging with an eye-catching title to attract users. Your blog should tell an interesting story about the development phase, features, ideas, etc. Users always prefer to read such blog.

Video Content

Video easily catches the attention of users compared to any other form of content. So, you can either choose to create a promo video or documentary on your application. If you are creating a promo video, it should include a quick overview of your mobile app in terms of its offerings, features, functionalities, etc. 

In other words, the promo video should highlight all important points about your app. If possible, then include some celebrities’ statements about your apps in your video. Never forget to include a compelling ‘call to action’ in your video and also encourage users to give their feedback.

No matter what kind of video you wish to create, it should be compelling.

Influencer Marketing


Influencers are those who have a large number of followers on social media sites. And their every word is listened to by their followers. So, if they say a few words in favor of your app, it will definitely increase your app’s download and installation rates.  

You should find those influencers who influence the majority of your target users. Once you find, you can directly approach them for your app promotion. It’s possible that some of them may ask you to pay hefty charges in return for their promotional efforts, so you can manage your budget accordingly.

App Store Optimization (ASO)


No matter how advanced your app marketing strategy is, you can’t ignore ASO that ensures improved visibility and thus increases download rates of your mobile apps. For an outcome-driven ASO, you can consider a few important factors including a short title, well-written description, icon and eye-catchy screen shots of core features and functionalities.

Leverage Influence of Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and others help you a lot in maximizing your app’s reach, app engagement and also in finding potential customers. As you create a social media page for your mobile app and interact with your target audience on a regular basis through interesting posts, videos, images, etc. And they comment on your posts.

So, it gives you a clear idea of their likes and dislikes. You can use such information in customizing your social media ads or campaign (Facebook Ads) to target potential customers.


Every step of your app marketing should be focused on luring your target users. You can give a try to the above techniques of app marketing and the results will definitely be in your favor. 

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