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February 09, 2024

Are you promoting your apps with paid advertisements?

If you’re competing with tens to thousands of other apps in your niche, what strategies can you deploy to get lots of people to download your app?

Let’s take an in-depth look at mobile app marketing to learn attention-grabbing strategies that will drive more users to your app (and more revenue for your business).


What is Mobile App Marketing?

400;”>Mobile app marketing is about strategically interacting with your target users throughout their entire lifecycle. This includes the first time they hear about your app, to when they became a loyal and frequent user, to the day the uninstall it (if ever).

In order to achieve this, it’s important to think of marketing in terms of a funnel. There are various stages your users will interact with your business. Understanding each of these points not only allows you to attract more users, but it also extends their lifecycle longer.  

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Here are a few important metrics to consider:

User Acquisition. This is a critical step, it introduces your user to your app and convinces them to download. How and where do you get users to download and install your app?

User Activation. This will be different depending on the app being used, however, this refers to the first action users take on an app. This could be registering an account, providing their email, adding credit card information, and so on.

User Retention. This is where your app becomes a regular and recurring experience in a user’s life.

These are critical steps to define, track, measure, and analyze to determine how fast users pass through each level.

From a marketing point of view, each level requires its own unique marketing strategy. You’ll need a different approach to drive users to new “actions” (i.e. in-app purchases) or encourage users to return to the app after not using it for a while.


Mobile App Marketing Strategies

In order to make the journey from new user to a frequent buyer or extended subscriber, here are some strategies you can use at each stage:


Acquisition Strategies:

Social. This is one of the most popular channels to promote, attract, and acquire new users. If you have a large following, you can promote content on your pages to encourage organic growth. Alternatively, you can use paid ads and target your ideal users via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

App Store Optimization (ASO). Taking time to improve your ASO can significantly boost your app downloads. ASO includes the text and visual elements as well as reviews to determine where you’ll be ranked in each App Store’s search results. 

Real-World Incentives. Try offering a giveaway, sweepstake entry, or some other tangible reward in exchange for an app download. However, track this strategy closely to see whether people are downloading to receive the reward then immediately uninstalling once received. The best way to reduce the rate of uninstalls is to offer an in-app incentive.


Activation Strategies:

Welcome Messages. Send push notifications soon after the initial install. These are typically sent within 24 hours and includes a thank you for installing your app. You can also reinforce your app’s value by sharing key features using a link that explains how to set it up in your app.  

User Registration. When users register or signup for an account, you can take your mobile app marketing to the next level. Obtaining personal information, such as email or social channels, allows you to create specific marketing strategies. For example, an ecommerce app might try these email marketing tactics.

Conversion Incentives. Depending on the app you created, you’ll want to provide an incentive to create the action of buying in the app. Offer a new user coupon or discount code to unlock new features or discounts for purchasing through your app.


Retention Strategies:

Discounts or coupons. You can send users discounts or coupons to keep them interested and engaged with your app. These are great incentives for retail, travel and local apps. Use your app data to personalize and segment your users so that each offer is relevant to their needs, interests, and goals.

Featured Messages. Whenever your app is updated, send a message to your users (via email or in-app messaging) and teach them what it means. For example, if you add the ability for users to share their achievements on Facebook, let users know.

Use Special Content. Are there guides or reports you can provide that bring back users to your app? If you offer some kind of time optimization app, what information can you include in a guide that requires them to return to your app and set up?


Mobile App Marketing Agencies

There are some mobile app marketing agencies dedicate to specific platforms and marketing strategies that can help your business. Some might specialize in App Store Optimization while others are pro at iOS app ads, Google Play Store, or both.

If you’re looking for some help with your mobile app marketing, check out these agencies:  



Here’s a quick fact to introduce this agency:

There are only 14 apps with more than 1,000,000,000 users, and… Moburst was the agency behind 42% of them!

Moburst is a mobile growth agency that works with world-leading business and brands, such as Google, Uber, and Samsung to name a few. They have a track record of helping startups gain more organic traffic and other businesses reach the Top 10 Listings.



If you’re looking to improve your App Search Optimization (ASO), that’s what Mobtimizers focuses on. They focus on driving more organic growth to your app using industry best practice and creative insights to help you stand out in the app store.


Redbox Mobile

If you’re looking for a search ads app agency, try Redbox. They are experts at running campaigns for both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Their focus (and commitment) is to get you at the top of the search results and connect you to users who will download directly.  

VoyMedia (Hey, that’s us!)

Here at VoyMedia, we focus on direct response and customer acquisition. We provide Facebook marketing solutions and can assist with Facebook App Install Ads and other strategies to increase app downloads and business revenue.

If you’d like to learn more as to how we can help your business grow, click here to send us a message and schedule a time to talk!

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