How to Increase Productivity in a Digital Workplace

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In a digital world that we live in, 24 hours a day are definitely not enough to handle all the job responsibilities. When you have your work in your pocket all the times, getting overwhelmed and completely consumed by it can get very easy. So, how can you leave your work at the office where it belongs? Well, you can try to improve your productivity and get everything done even before your deadlines. Luckily, boosting your productivity isn’t super hard, especially if you try and use technology to help you on your way.

Take plenty of breaks

This one might sound fake, but taking plenty of breaks can make you more productive. Giving your brain a regular rest will allow you to maintain a good level of focus throughout the day while working without a break leads to a significant decline in performance. There are great apps (such as Pomodoro) and day planners that can help you with your scheduled breaks and give your mind and body a chance to relax and unwind.

Follow a two-minute rule

If you want to improve your productivity, you have to pay better attention to your time management. Since not all of us are blessed with great time-managing skills, you can try the “two-minute rule”. If you see a task that can be done in two minutes or under, don’t delay it, but do it right away. If a task takes two minutes today, there’s a big possibility it will take more tomorrow. Try implementing this rule and you’ll see that your workload is decreasing and your productivity increasing.

Try different ways of working

When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, a change of scenery can be just what you need. Luckily, with all this technology, it’s possible to work from many different places, not just your office. You can work from home, out of a café or from a completely different country. Remote working will provide you with a more flexible environment that can boost your job productivity and awaken new motivation. According to research, employees who work from a place other than the traditional office report over 90% more productivity than their colleagues.

Include exercise into your day

Regular exercise keeps you fit and strong, but it also has other benefits that might not be as obvious as weight loss. Physical activity can better every aspect of your life, including productivity in the office. It helps with focus and it gives you extra energy to tackle all your work obligations in record time (however contradictory that might sound). Activities like running are especially great because they provide you with a beneficial surge of serotonin called a “runner’s high” that will make you feel energized and happy. Plus, running can be done anywhere and anytime and you don’t even need any special equipment. However, it’s practical to download one of the great running apps that will help you record your times and give you tips on your technique. Literally, your phone and some good running shoes are all you need to boost your productivity at work!

Remove distractions

Technology is a great aid in our everyday lives, but it can also stand in the way of our productivity. When you have all the fun videos, memes and blog posts at your arm’s reach at all times, it’s hard to stay focused on your work. The easiest way to eliminate distractions is to limit your use of technology. Mute your phone, turn off your notifications and turn off all unnecessary tabs. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up with your social media when you get home early from work.

Break the habit of multitasking

Here’s another fact that might sound counterproductive: Multitasking can decrease your productivity at work. While you think you can do more by tackling several tasks at once, don’t be surprised when you experience the opposite. By jumping from task to task, from your emails to your spreadsheets to your conference meeting, you can lose plenty of time and achieve subpar results. So, make sure to commit to one task until the end and then move to a second project.

Use your commute wisely

If you have a long commute that does nothing but bore you, stay away from Facebook or mobile games and tackle your emails. You can also use the time to get into work-mode and create your daily to-do list, research projects or brainstorm some ideas. If you’re a morning person and don’t need three hours and three cups of coffee to wake up, your commute can be a perfect time to get ahead of your work and boost your productivity.

Increasing your workload in hopes to do more at work might be tempting, but it’s not useful. Instead, take a step back, solve the problems that prevent you from being productive and you’ll notice your performance soar. The trick is in working smarter, not harder!

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