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July 10, 2024

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A Brief Overview of A/B Testing

The concept of A/B testing is not new to anyone in marketing. You may have also heard A/B testing is referred to as bucket or split testing. Whatever name you call it, all refer to the same process of comparing different versions of the same application, email, or web page to determine the performance of Sample A vs. Sample B. Groups of people see the different variations, and marketers analyze the data to decide which marketing asset to use going forward.

The fact that you need to use A/B testing as a marketer is obvious. However, deciding which A/B testing tools to use isn’t always as clear, with hundreds of options available. You need to consider your marketing budget, features that you must have, and simply lovely features. While it will take some time to compare brands and features, locating an A/B testing tool you can feel confident about using is time well spent.

Guide to A/B Testing Tools in 2021

Structuring the Guide to A/B Testing Tools allows you to find what you need quickly and determine which A/B testing tools work best for your needs. Below is an extensive guide to new and established A/B testing tools for 2021 to help you make this critical decision. This guide appears in alphabetical order rather than a ranking system.

AB Tasty: CX Optimization and Advanced A/B Testing

As you might determine from the company name, AB Tasty focuses mainly on A/B testing. Because of this intense focus, users can feel confident they will receive exceptional service at a reasonable price. AB Tasty also provides other services, such as essential personalization and heatmaps.

When you set up A/B testing with AB Tasty, you should recognize the multivariate and split testing options available with competitor software. AB Tasty takes testing one step further by offering the opportunity to use its sales funnel testing feature. Each funnel allows you to make simultaneous changes across various pages to complete your experiments. AB Tasty’s drag-and-drop editor also gets high marks from users.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

This A/B testing software service doesn’t offer consumer pricing information, but you should expect to spend a minimum of $1,000 for a basic plan. You will need to upgrade to a mid-level or advanced plan with AB Tasty to access its more advanced features.

Top Features of AB Tasty

A/B testing
A/B/n testing
Advanced segmentation and testing capabilities
Dynamic widgets
In-depth analytics and reporting
Multivariate testing
Personalization powered by AI
Sales funnel testing
Split testing

Adobe Target: Enterprise A/B Testing and a Personalization Platform

A/B testing with Adobe Target is a standard feature of its personalization platform. The three-step personalization process requires you to create variables, determine the audience you want to target, and customize your settings to set up your A/B testing. Once you run the test, Adobe Target software provides insights into mobile application optimization, marketing recommendations based on customer data and behavior, and suggestions for automated personalized messaging.

Adobe Target recognizes that there can be a learning curve with its software, but enterprise brand representatives appreciate its features once they have mastered them. Adobe Target works in real-time to give you the most accurate, up-to-the-minute data and recommendations. As the software’s artificial intelligence (AI) gets to know your customers and brand, it continually updates itself to offer you the most valuable suggestions.

Top Features of Abode Target

A/B testing
Advanced segmentation and audience targeting
AI automation
Multivariate testing
Omnichannel personalization
Visual editor

Apptimize: Improve Mobile Optimization with A/B Testing and Other Tools

Companies that conduct marketing using mostly mobile methods are the target client for the Apptimize A/B testing tool. The Apptimize visual editor always gives you complete control of testing parameters. With Apptimize, you can establish new variants and direct them toward different customer groups using the visual editor.

A unique feature of Apptimize is the ability of users to add code blocks and dynamic variations that support HTML5, Java, Objective-C, React Native, and Xamarin. Since Apptimize uses random experiment methods, you can depend on receiving results with statistical significance from each testing session. The starting price of Apptimize plans is $995 per month. Your fee includes support for up to 100,000 monthly users. Apptimize representatives are also willing to discuss a customized plan and provide you with a quote based on your anticipated needs.

Top Features of Apptimize

A/B testing for mobile applications
Ability to create A/B testing without having to update the browser
Code blocks and dynamic variations
Full-control visual editor
Randomized experiment methodology

Conductrics: Experience A/B Powered by Machine Learning

Advertised as an advanced tool, Conductrics automatically delivers personalized experiences for each user. The Conductrics tool achieves this by combining machine learning with A/B testing. With the ability to customize Conductrics software any way you would like, you can use it as a client-side or server-side tool.

While A/B testing is a prominent feature, remember that you can use Conductrics to make the best marketing decisions because the tool continuously adapts to your input and creates new experiences. A highlight of Conductrics is the flexibility it displays when interacting with each of your company’s systems. Another benefit of Conductrics is that you can select factors instead of the program randomly assigning them for you.

Top Features of Conductrics

A/B testing combined with machine learning
The ability to select factors allows for improved functionality on smaller sites.
Automated and personalized user experiences
Flexibility to interact with systems ranging from one-tag solutions to APIs
Low variance with a wide range of features
Option to use either client-side or server-side

Convert: Tools for CRO Experts and Marketing Agencies

This advanced A/B testing platform enables CRO experts and marketing agencies to optimize digital products and websites for their clients. Although Convert can be an ideal tool for experienced marketers, its features may overwhelm newcomers.

Convert has designed the Kickstart Plan for marketing companies just starting to use A/B testing. With this starter package, you can perform unlimited testing on up to five domains with up to 500,000 monthly visitors. Pricing for the Convert Kickstart Plan starts at $699 per month. The top price point is $3,499 per month for companies that attract up to three million visitors across an unlimited number of domains each month. However, Convert can accommodate your agency if you expect more than three million monthly visitors.

Top Features of Convert

A/B testing
Multiple integration options
Multivariate testing
Page experimentation with numerous pages
Split testing capabilities
Unlimited testing and variations
What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor to build experiments without using code

Convert Experiences: Intuitive Interface and Exceptional Customer Support

One of the most notable benefits of Convert Experiences is how easily it integrates with Google Analytics. You should have no trouble getting different testing variations to display your preferences. Marketers who have used Convert Experiences note that inputting complex A/B testing variations works better with this testing software than with many others.

Customer support via live chat or phone ranks high at Convert Experiences, as does its flexible pricing strategy. The company can accommodate clients from small and start-up organizations that complete their conversion optimizations to large agencies needing enterprise solutions.

While Convert Experiences offers numerous multivariate testing opportunities, it does not yet provide the ability to perform split email testing. Multiple projects may be available, including those with the capacity to operate campaigns with budgets in the millions of dollars. Pricing for plans at Convert Experiences ranks approximately among its competitors.

Top Features of Convert Experiences

Ability to process complex testing variations
Affordable A/B testing options for small to medium enterprises (SME)
Easy integration with Google Analytics
Flexible pricing strategies
Help with onsite conversion optimization
High level of customer support
The intuitive interface provides actionable and understandable data
Wide range of multivariate testing options

Convertize: A/B Testing and Personalization Options at an Affordable Price

As one of the more affordable marketing solutions on the Internet, the Basic Plan from Convertize, which allows up to 20,000 monthly visitors, starts at just $49 per month. The Team Plan includes CRO campaigns and offers up to 100,000 monthly visitors starting at $199.

The first option is suitable for start-ups and companies with tight budgets. Selecting the Team Plan gives you access to numerous testing features across multiple websites. The Convertize Team Plan lets you choose the audience you wish to see each experiment. You must stay under the 100,000-visitor limit to avoid incurring additional charges.

Top Features of Convertize

Autopilot to shift traffic to better-performing webpages
Customer nudges such as fear of missing out (FOMO) messaging to prompt conversions
Dynamic text
Lighting mode for the fastest possible load time during A/B testing
Brilliant editor to create testing scenarios without having to use code
Statistics engine

Crazy Egg: You Don’t Need Coding Experience to Run A/B Testing

If you prefer to test page variations for your entire website, Crazy Egg has the tools to do that. All you need to do is add a code snippet to each page you want to compare against another page. Another thing you can do with Crazy Egg without having any coding experience is redirected website traffic to the page you determined was most effective with A/B testing.

As you use the Crazy Egg software more, it intuitively tracks conversion statistics and provides plenty of reporting tools. You can measure one or more variants against a control and receive prompt feedback regarding total traffic, number of visitors, conversions, conversion rate, and the percentage of improvement or decline from the power.

Most Crazy Egg users own or work for a small business. A/B testing without knowing to code could be ideal if your business meets that definition.

Top Features of Crazy Egg

A/B testing with no coding experience is necessary
Intuitive customer tracking
Reporting tools
Testing tools to obtain usability statistics

Dynamic Yield: A Robust Suite of Engagement and Personalization Solutions

Dynamic Yield allows you to run continuous A/B testing across multiple platforms such as applications, desktop computers, and the mobile web. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the A/B testing platform offers a predictive analysis that can help to improve your return on investment (ROI).

A vital feature of Dynamic Yield is its solutions for advanced omnichannel personalization. With this feature enabled, you can quantify and segment each action taken by a consumer. You can also set up personalized notifications. His option allows you to promptly adjust the content your company displays to each user.

A/B testing with Dynamic Yield is easy because you can instantly change content, messaging, and overlays. The audience segmentation part of the A/B testing platform presents various factors to compare. Some examples include audience type, a device used, and IP address. The customer support team can guide you if you ever feel overwhelmed by Dynamic Yield’s features.

Top Features of Dynamic Yield

A/B testing is available across various platforms with the ability to run continuously
Ability to adjust content based on the preferences of individual consumers
Advanced omnichannel personalization platform
Machine learning algorithms make accurate predictions.
Make instant changes with A/B testing to achieve improved targeting
Many customer segmentation options are available
On-page code changes
Personalized notifications available

Average: Get the AI Personalization and A/B Testing Features You Need

Evergage offers personalization and experimentation through the use of machine learning. Although this software provides A/B testing, its features go far beyond that. All businesses want to create the best possible experience for their customers, and Evergage allows you to do that. The software provides extensive insight into customer behavior and turns that into data your company can use in its marketing efforts.

You can create an excellent and unique customer experience by tapping into Evergage’s machine-learning algorithm. Evergage will track user actions and then activate its automation feature based on the data it collected from customer tracking. This is true even when customers use multiple platforms to access your company’s products and services. As one of the most advanced tools available to marketers for personalization and optimization purposes, it may take some time to learn and utilize all Evergage features.

Top Features of Evergage

A/B testing
Advanced segmentation and customer targeting
Attribution and analytics
Customer behavior tracking
Multivariate testing
Personalization through AI
Intelligent recommendations as the software get to know your customers

Evolv: New Player Offering Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

Formerly known as Sentient Ascend, Evolv provides A/B testing tools that take advantage of algorithms developed by machine learning to increase the speed of multivariate testing. When locating the best testing combinations, machine learning algorithms typically produce more efficient results. That means you can input your hypotheses with the highest ratings into the Evolv software platform, and the machine learning feature will sort them in logical order.

Although Evolv does not yet have the capability, it hopes to offer multiple-segment optimization that users can run simultaneously in the future. Full-time personalization solutions will have arrived if Evolv does introduce this feature.

Top Features of Evolv

A/B testing
CRO options
Machine learning algorithms automatically select the best testing combination.
Machine sorting of your company’s highest-rated hypotheses
Multivariate testing

Freshmarketer: Marketing Automation and CRO

Freshmarketer is an offshoot of Freshworks, a software company that offers a wide range of sales and marketing tools. The two programs integrate seamlessly if you want to take advantage of the features each one offers. Although Freshmarketer provides a free version of its software, it doesn’t include A/B testing. You will need to upgrade to one of Freshmarketer’s plans starting at $ 49 per month to ensure access to the A/B testing feature.

Freshmarketer relies on its WYSIWYG editor and reporting features to enable users to create A/B testing and split URL testing. The benefits of Freshmarketer are that it’s easy to use and affordable. This is probably not the right choice if you need a marketing software program with advanced testing capabilities. However, Freshmarketer does offer numerous features to help you make the most of your marketing budget.

With the session replays and heatmaps feature, you can determine what you need to test on your website and diagnose UX problems that could impact your results. You also have access to data through funnel analytics that helps you figure out why someone abandoned their shopping cart or chose to leave your company website without initiating a purchase.

Freshmarketer’s basic personalization options allow you to obtain real-time customer feedback through messages and polls. Should you want to use automation tools, Freshmarketer integrates with another one of Freshworks offshoots known as Freshsales. Freshsales is one of several CRM options available to you on that platform.

Top Features of Freshmarketer

A/B testing
Automated marketing
Dynamic heatmaps
Funnel analytics
Integration with other Freshworks applications
Personalization platform
Real-time feedback from website visitors and customers
Session replays
Split testing
Visual editing feature

Google Analytics and Google Optimize: The Most Well-Known A/B Testing Tools

Google offers free and paid versions of A/B testing and other marketing tools. If you operate as part of an enterprise brand, you might consider the paid version of Google Analytics 360, including Google Optimize 360.

Google is well-known in marketing because of its robust suite of A/B testing tools. You must understand that some of it can be pretty technical and beyond your time and knowledge constraints. On the upside, most marketers can find and learn how to use Google’s broad range of free tools.

Top Features of Google Analytics and Google Optimize

A/B testing
A/B/n testing if you want to run multiple versions of the same page
Multivariate testing to compare various on-page elements
Redirect testing
Server-side experimentation

HubSpot: Comprehensive Marketing Program and CRO Platform

HubSpot offers an all-in-one plan to help businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals. You would run your A/B testing in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. Other tasks you can manage in the Marketing Hub include content and landing page creation and lead management. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Hub allows you to organize and track customer data. At the same time, the Sales Hub will enable you to access tools to improve and automate your company’s sales process.

To access A/B testing tools within HubSpot, you must sign up for its professional plan under Marketing Hub. You can expect to pay onboarding fees for every 1,000 additional contacts you import and a monthly cost of at least $800 as early as 2021. Although the initial output may be more than you have allocated in your marketing budget, HubSpot is a trusted and well-known name in the industry.

The advantage of signing up for the Marketing Hub is that you can access dozens of marketing tools in a single platform. You have the tools you need in a single location prevents you from having to move between different software applications frequently.

Top Features of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub

A/B testing
Email marketing
Lead management
Live chat
Marketing automation

Intellimize: Predictive Personalization Platform

Intellimize can save you time with A/B testing because the software platform automates many tasks. With the help of machine learning, Intellimize tests website changes and instantly prioritizes the winning result. Competitors of Intellimize typically don’t include the development of testing ideas such as CSS and HTML. Intellimize does this initial research for you, saving developers time and allowing them to focus on other areas, such as high-level research.

A/B testing results come back quickly with Intellimize because it relies on machine learning. You won’t have to wait to see which variables are performing well. Another feature of machine learning is the ability to create personalized experiences for users. Visitors will see a message and image that coincides with their interests and shopping behavior. Intellimize automatically redirects most traffic toward the winning web pages, where people will notice personalized messaging immediately upon viewing the website.

Top Features of Intellimize

Automatic redirect to webpages preferred by consumers
Personalization platform ensures that different groups of customers see the most appropriate image or message for their demographics
Rapid return of A/B testing results due to machine learning algorithms
Staff willing to develop testing ideas for you

Kameleoon: A/B Testing Solutions and Personalization for Enterprise Brands

Kameleoon deploys AI to optimize your company’s digital performance. The software setup is mainly an A/B tester and personalization platform. Kameleoon’s AI offers a personalized experience for every visitor based on their interactions with your web pages. You see a real-time prediction of the user’s probability of following through with a conversion.

You will likely find Kameleeon’s software easy to use and intuitive, resulting in a proper enterprise solution. Teaching the ins and outs of Kameleoon software to newcomers should also be a simple process. Kameleoon falls somewhere in the mid-point range when it comes to pricing. You can find out specific rates by inquiring with the company.

Top Features of Kameleoon

A/B testing
Advanced segmentation and customer targeting
Client-side for use with mobile and standard websites
Customer personalization via AI
Full stack to test digital products, mobile applications, and websites
Multivariate testing
Visual editor

Leadformly: Get Accurate Web Form Data and Complete A/B Testing

Leadformly is an affordable A/B testing option with plans starting at just $37 per month. This software has a distinct advantage over most others in that it analyzes your company’s web forms to determine where customers abandon them and the reasons your web forms remain uncompleted in the first place. Leadformly performs in-depth form analytics in addition to A/B testing. This readily available data allows you to maximize your company’s conversion rates to meet its financial goals faster.

Top Features of Leadformly

A/B testing
Conditional logic
Field validation powered by AI
In-depth analytics of web forms
Invisible filter to weed out spam
Multiple-step web form templates explicitly designed to maximize conversions.
Option for a free trial
Visual Editor

Monetate: Get A/B Testing, Customer Segmentation, Personalization, and More

Monetate offers advanced A/B testing capabilities and multivariate tests to perform customer segmentation. The company also provides dynamic testing and built-in methods to gauge the significance of your statistics. These features enable you to adjust the traffic allocation to the webpages providing you with the best ROI.

A unique feature offered by Monetate is its 1-to-1 personalization engine that provides feedback based on machine learning. This tool helps you select appropriate actions that allow you to meet a variety of marketing goals. Optimizing and automating the personalization process can save time and achieve the most accurate results.

Top Features of Monetate

1-to-1 personalization engine
A/B testing segmentation tools
Automated personalization tools
Dynamic testing capabilities
Reputation for providing outstanding client support and services

Omniconvert: Affordable Option for Start-ups and Developers

With plans starting at just $167 per month for up to 50,000 A/B tested visitors, Omniconvert offers numerous software development tools to enable growth for digital brands. Explore is the name of Omniconvert’s conversion optimization platform. Due to its many features, you can also think of it as CRO for software developers.

Omniconvert gives you total control over how you code variations using the unlimited JS and CSS editor. If the page loading time is a concern, use the code optimization tool to increase speed.

Another feature of Explore is the CDN cache bypass. By enabling CDN cache bypass, you can feel confident that you’re viewing the most recent version of your web pages in real time. The problem with using older cached pages is that they don’t provide the current and accurate data you need to make the best digital marketing decisions. You can also enable stacked testing to run the best variation according to A/B testing results. Exercising this option ensures reliable results and the ability to collect the most data.

The top price point for Omniconvert plans is just over $4,600 per month. Enrolling in this plan allows you to run A/B testing on up to five million users each month. Like some other software companies reviewed, Omniconvert doesn’t limit any features based on your price point. Instead, your rate depends on how many unique visitors you run A/B testing on each month.

Top Features of Omniconvert

A/B testing
Ability to bypass CDN
Advanced segmentation
Debugger for experiments
Integration with other Omniconvert tools, such as customer experience, analytics, and automation
Personalization platform
Popups and overlays
Real-time feedback from website visitors and customers
Session replays
Split URL testing
Stacked testing
Unlimited use of JS and CSS editor
Visual editing feature
Web surveys

Optimizely: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B Testing

Optimizely bills itself as the marketing industry’s leading CRO platforms and tools provider. You can feel confident that Optimizely will continue to provide a wealth of CRO resources as your business grows. When you set up A/B testing with Optimizely, you can use the optional X Personalization feature to deliver specific messages to audiences with varied demographics. Optimizely offers enterprise-level systems that can run into tens of thousands of dollars. While it is not an inexpensive solution, Optimizely provides Google with significant competition.

Top Features of Optimizely

A/B testing
Advanced segmentation and audience targeting
Full stack to optimize digital products and mobile applications
Multi-page testing capabilities
Visual editor to incorporate page variations without using code

Optin Monster: Full-Feature Lead Generation Software with A/B testing

Optin Monster goes beyond the typical A/B testing tools of call to action (CTA), headlines, and images to include the types of offers consumers prefer the most. The A/B testing tools provide prompt feedback on the kind of deal to offer customers in the future. For example, you might offer a discount coupon to one group and a free downloadable guide to another group.

Optin Monster is also well-known for its many unique popup styles and ability to customize messages to different customer groups. This software platform can work well for your company if it does not yet have enough traffic to justify the cost of formal A/B testing, but you still need to know which content and webpages perform the best. Pricing is on the low end of the spectrum to meet the needs of marketers working with a tight budget.

Top Features of Optin Monster

A/B testing options for companies on a budget
Ability to test multiple competing factors such as types of discounts customers prefer
Exit intent popups available in many styles
Reasonable pricing

Oracle Maxymiser: Advanced Testing and Personalization Capabilities

Oracle Maxymiser is under the umbrella of Oracle Marketing Cloud, a company that offers multiple software programs. Oracle Marketing Cloud decided to experiment with its Maxymiser product by making it available to non-programmers for A/B testing purposes. The experiment paid off, and the parent company continues releasing innovative conversion optimization and personalization platform features.

One potential drawback of the Oracle testing software is that it doesn’t always make timely updates to ensure that its software meets industry-wide standards. Because of this, you shouldn’t expect anything beyond the basics for Oracle Maxymiser’s AI algorithms and visual builder. Despite these issues, the Maxymiser program does offer numerous features that mid-level marketers should find helpful.

Oracle’s loading time on the client side is speedy, meaning broken or flickering content should not appear while you run A/B testing. The software’s most unique feature is its length calculator. With this tool, you can calculate how long your comparisons should run before providing you with usable data.

Top Features of Oracle Maxymiser

A/B testing
Advanced segmentation and customer targeting
Analytics predictions
In-depth reporting and analytics
Multivariate testing
Optimization of sales funnels
Personalization platforms

Qubit: Advanced Personalization and Segmentation Options

As a marketer, you can appreciate the importance of segmentation to help you understand the purchasing habits of various groups of customers. One of Qubit’s most robust features is the ability of users to set up granular segmentation to tailor marketing messages and campaigns to specific audiences. You can enter criteria such as age, gender, income, and education level and group people by their tastes and preferences.

While Qubit focused primarily on retail clients in the past, it now serves a much broader client base. Qubit provides robust analytics tools to help you make sense of the data and plan your campaigns accordingly. You also can implement the personalization platform across multiple types of business sectors.

Top Features of Qubit

A/B testing
Analytics suite
Cart abandonment statistics
Granular segmentation
Product recommendations
Strong focus on personalization platform across multiple sectors

SiteGrinder: Numerous Conversion Optimization Tools are Available

SiteGrinder is an intuitive testing platform that enables you to set up A/B testing, popups, customer surveys, and more. As a client, you can access an expert team to assist you with analytics, design, personalization, programming, and test ideas. You can also access SiteGainer’s full suite of tools to improve conversion optimization. Pricing plans for SiteGainer depend on your average monthly traffic, other services you receive, and your established payment schedule.

Top Features of SiteGainer

Ability to create popups and surveys to understand customer opinions and needs better
An expert team available to assist you with research and more
Free trial available
Intuitive A/B testing with a simple setup
Multivariate testing

SiteSpect: First Server-Side A/B Testing Solution Available to Marketers

SiteSpect initially distinguished itself from the competition by being the first software platform to offer a server-side solution. Since SiteSpect released this feature, the company has remained a favorite among users with advanced technical skills and those sensitive to security concerns.

The early release of the server-side solution has given SiteSpect a clear advantage in the marketplace because users can complete more A/B testing. SiteSpect has made this possible by working with newer JavaScript technology.

If you’re looking for a tag-free experience when running your tests, SiteSpect offers that feature. Instead of editing HTML after it reaches a user’s browser, SiteSpect cleanses it before it leaves the server. Companies and agencies that prefer to self-host and have employees with above-average technical skills tend to do the best with SiteSpect.

SiteSpect avoids many issues plaguing its competitors by being a server-side A/B testing solution. For example, companies offering tag-based solutions usually charge by the number of tags you generate, even if you don’t use them all.

Another issue with tag-based solutions is that they often require third-party cookies. If your browser cannot support this requirement, you will be unable to test a good portion of your website traffic. Finally, reporting from tag-based solution providers isn’t always accurate due to issues with the JavaScript not deploying correctly.

Top Features of SiteSpect

Appropriate for clients who want to self-host
Can handle more complex A/B testing needs
High level of security
HTML editing occurs before leaving the server
Server-side solution

Unbounce A/B Testing for Your Landing Page

Unbounce advertises itself as the most popular landing page software in the marketing industry. A marketing package, which includes A/B testing, starts at just $120 per month. Unbounce can help maximize leads from your landing pages by offering multiple features that show you what does and doesn’t work well with your target audience. This software may not have as many options as many of the others profiled, but it can be a good choice if you prioritize landing pages over other types of web pages for marketing purposes.

Top Features of Unbounce

A/B testing at a basic level
Personalization for landing pages
Multiple integration options
Sticky bars and popups
Visual builder

VWO: A/B Testing That is Easy on the Budget

VWO offers a full suite of CRO tools aimed at businesses not yet at the enterprise level. The VWO Behavioral Segmentation tool enables you to target specific audiences for less than it would cost with similar enterprise-level marketing tools.

One of the most unique and appreciated features of VWO A/B testing software is its asynchronous coding. The benefit of using asynchronous coding is that it improves A/B testing performance while avoiding common issues such as flickering and slow load times. While understanding that VWO is not quite an enterprise-level experience, users appreciate the wide range of tools with prices starting at just $199 per month.

Top Features of VWO

A/B testing
Asynchronous coding
Customer behavioral segmentation
Multivariate testing
Split URL testing
Visual editor to create variations without the need to use code
Widgets to test banners, popups, and other types of lead generation

Zoho PageSense: Among the Most Affordable and Scalable Options

The price to access the personalization platform and conversion optimization tools within Zoho PageSense may be the lowest in the industry. Each plan includes all features available with Zoho PageSense, and the software company bases its monthly fee on the number of visitors to your web pages each month. You pay just $17 per month for up to 10,000 visitors.

When budget constraints are a concern, you’re unlikely to find access to the same suite of tools for a lower price. If you’re interested in an enterprise plan, the most you will pay is $599 per month. Smaller companies and start-ups can find the marketing tools they need without blowing through their budget right away.

Top Features of Zoho PageSense

A/B testing
Advanced segmentation and audience targeting
Analysis of sales funnels
Flexible reporting options
Personalization platform
Split URL testing
Visual editor

Refer to this A/B Testing Tools Guide Often

You have just taken in a lot of information and may feel overwhelmed with your choices. Once you find several testing providers that interest you, compare the features and contact the company for a quote. Remember that you can always change your mind if one testing provider doesn’t work out as you expected. Please let our company know if we can assist you in any other way with this critical marketing decision.

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