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September 27, 2022

To win your target customers’ trust and draw them to your business you need to constantly get their attention to your business. 

Trust is very essential in your business growth. Research shows that 81% of customers have to trust a brand before buying.

Your target customers use different channels to search for their pain point solutions. Among the many of these channels are Google Ads. 

Some people have doubts about how Google ads work or if they are profitable and can help them generate leads and convert them into customers.

This article will help answer that question and also shine more light on Google ads and why you should invest in them for your online business growth.

Reasons to use Google Ads

Increase brand awareness

You want more and more target customers to know about your business and engage them so you can convert them into customers. 

Google Ads can help put your brand before your potential clients so they know the products or services you offer and how they can help them in solving their pain points.

You can track their performance

Not all your ads will work right away after creating them. Some may not even work at all. As you run your ads, you can track them to know how they are performing.

If they aren’t performing, you can improve them and make them more customer-focused to draw attention to your business and convert them.

You can also know the conversions you are getting from your Google ads and track your sales and revenue.

Don’t use broad keywords

This starts with knowing your customers well. You need to know what they are going through in their life and business and know exactly what they are searching for.

Using Google ads with broad keywords will not perform well for their business growth. 

Narrow down your keyword search and use keywords your target customers mostly use in their search for answers. 

Research shows that 78% of marketers use keywords when creating content for their brand marketing.

This will increase your Google ads ranking and help you reach more target customers.

Improve your quality score

A high Google ads quality score improves the performance of your ads on search engines. 

Google ranks ads with high-quality scores and helps more target customers know about your business.

Avoid running irrelevant ads

Your main goal for running ads is to get more people to become customers for your business, right?

Well, if you keep running irrelevant ads your ads performance and general business growth will be affected.

Your ads should have your customer search intent in mind. That’s why knowing your customers better is the first priority.

Know that they are searching on the internet and then run ads that are along their search intent to draw attention to your business.

Have the right budget

Running Google ads needs a heavy budget to show results with time. You don’t want to run ads for a short time then stop running them.

You need a heavy budget to keep your ads running. You also increase the odds of Google putting your ads in front of more target customers who will know about your business and engage with it.

Optimize your landing page

Once your target customers see your ads and are interested they will click through to your website to learn more about your business products or services.

You need to ensure that your website landing page is optimized for the customers. 

It should be easy to navigate and provide your customers with the right information they need in their product or service search for their pains.

If your landing pages are not optimized and customer-centric, your target customers will click- through to your website and then bounce back and check out your competitors.

I’m sure that’s a risk you can’t take, right? Then ensure your landing page is optimized to give the potential customers all they need and convert them into customers.

Write great text ads

You need your ads to captivate and attract your target customers and lead them to your business website.

It is essential to ensure your ads are great and capture your customer search intent and also address what they are searching for online.

Emotional triggers greatly help to make your Google ads great and drive lots of traffic to your business increases the chances of high conversion rates.

Pass your message mostly in the headlines

Your headlines should be very captivating and attractive. Most people are headline readers.

 If they are not attracted by your ad’s headlines, they will not click through to your website to engage and learn more about your business.

Use different ad extensions

You want to see high conversion rates and sales through your google advertising. That’s why you need to use ad extensions for the ads you run on Google.

Ensure you use the right ads extension and provide more in-depth information in your ads extension. 

This will help your target customers learn more about your business products or services and how it can help them.

Learn these terms for your Google ads

As you run your Google ads, there are some terms you must be familiar with. They will help you learn more about Google ads and how to run and manage them.

Ad extensions

Your ads need to have the right information to convince target clients to click through to your website. Ad extensions help you add these pieces of information to ensure your ads are more customer-focused.


Target customers use words or phrases in their search on Google. These are referred to as keywords. 

Once you use keywords in search engines they return results. For instance, I used the keyword “ Google Ads” and here are the results.

The words can be a single word or a combination of words. Keywords with more words combinations are referred to as long tail keywords. 

As you plan to write your ads, ensure you first research your target customers. Know the types of keywords they use to search for information then optimize those keywords in your Google ads.


This term refers to the position Google places your ads on their search engine pages. The higher the ranking of your ads, the better as more customers can see and engage with them.

Some of the factors that affect your ad rank are

  1.  your bidding budget
  2. quality of your landing page
  3. Your ads quality score
  4. The content shown on your landing pages
  5. Your ads extension

Conversion rate

Your target customers will visit your website from your ads and then take action that can lead to purchases or sales. 

These include filling forms on the landing page, visiting product pages, and making a purchase. 

Your ad copy and website landing page should work together to lead the target customers to act and convert.

Click-through rate

Your ads are like a gate pass to your website where you want your target customers to engage and later convert into customers. 

Your click-through rate is the number of people who clicked your ads and visited your desired pages for your business.

A high click-through rate shows your ads are attractive and performing better. Just because you have a high click-through rate doesn’t mean your conversion rates will be high. 

That’s why you need great landing pages that will convince your target customers to trust you and later buy your services or products.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

This sometimes also referred to as cost-per-click is the cost that your ads will have when a person clicks on your ads. You set your budget as you create your campaign ads. 

It is essential to first learn how PPC advertising work before using them. It will help you maximize the return on investment from your ads as you grow your brand.

Campaign types

This involves mostly where you want your ads to appear once you make them live. They can be search, display, or video campaign types. Will cover more on it below.


This involves setting your ads budget. You determine how much you are going to spend on your ads. As you set your bidding strategy it is important to consider your marketing goals. See below.

And here are some smart bidding strategies you have to consider in your Google ads.

Quality score

This helps show how quality your ads are. It is a great factor Google considers when ranking your ads. Here are some factors it considers for the quality score.

  1. Your ad relevance
  2. performance of your ads on different devices ( mobile and desktop)
  3. Landing page experience
  4. Expected click-through-rate.
  5. Geographical factor

Types of Google Ads campaigns

Shopping ads campaigns

They are shown on Google SERPs and show the image of the product with its description and also the cost. 

Google has great and powerful tools to help you benchmark and review the performance of your shopping ads. 

When using shopping ads, you can promote individual products unlike promoting your entire business.

Search ads campaigns

As the name suggests, these ads appear in Google as texts on the search engines. For example I just searched “ best restaurant in new york” and here is what I got.

Target customers can easily see them if they are optimized and have a high-quality score.

You can use responsive search ads that help you show more text and use different headlines and descriptions of your ads. With time Google picks the best of the ads and ranks them high.

Here are some instructions on how to create responsive ads.

And here is how you can edit it.

Display ads campaigns

These are images or videos with a short description and call to action that draw customer attention to a brand. 

In other words, you advertise your business through the use of images on different websites through the Google display network.

Here is how it works.

Video ads campaigns

These are video ads that display as one watches video content on Youtube. They can display within the content before you start watching the content or disrupt the content as you watch. Here is an example of cush ads

The different types of video ads one can run on Youtube include

  1. bumper instream ads
  2. preroll ads
  3. Trueview ads
  4. sponsored card ads

It is essential to know how to run your Youtube ads with these different types of campaigns to maximize your profits and return on investment.

App ads campaigns

If you have an app you can promote it to your target customers through app ads. 

These ads can be shown on Google, youtube, Facebook, Google display, Google display network, etc

Here is how Google helps create and run app ads.

You can use these ads to encourage users to subscribe, download, share your apps, install any other desired action you want them to take. 

Tips to write effective Google ads

Be specific/ clear objective

It is important to have clear objectives as you create your ads. This will help you write customer-focused ads with your customer pain points at the center of them. 

Clear objectives help target customers take action quickly when they see your ads. This is because the ads focus on what they are searching for.

Target long-tail keywords

Most customers now don’t use a single keyword in their search for what they want online. 

To attract and draw a large number of target customers, you can use long-tail keywords. Also using negative keywords can help increase your ad’s effectiveness and performance.

When target customers use the right combination of keywords as they search for products or services you will increase the odds of them finding you.

Run A/B tests

You want to ensure your ads perform better for your brand marketing. You can test the performance of your ads by running a/b tests on the ads.

You can change different things on the ads and then run them while collecting data to see which one performs well. 

Then use and optimize it for your ad campaign but avoid making these a/b testing mistakes in the process.

Know your target customers

This is essential in the success of your google ads. You first have to know your customers better. 

Know what they are searching, the keywords they mostly use, and their online behavior.

It will make it easy to create ads that reflect what they want and increase ad performance. Besides just knowing your customers you have to connect and share the same values. 

Research shows that 77% of customers make a purchase from businesses that share their values.

Use captivating CTA

Your call to action in your ads should be enticing and attractive to help target customers click through to your website.

Use words that capture their attention and emotionally draw them to your business through your Google ads.

Check out your competitors

You can spy out your competitors and see how they are running their ads. This will help you know what to focus on and the best ways to approach your Google advertising.

Create a sense of urgency

If you have a product you are selling, you can create urgency to draw more target customers to take action. 

If target customers see an ad with an offer that expires soon, they will more engage with the ad and probably lead to a purchase.

How to create Google ads

Here is how you can start creating your Google ads campaigns.

Then follow these other procedures below.


Google ads can greatly help market and grow your online presence. When run well, they can have a high return on investment that can scale your business, reach more target customers, and convert them into customers.

Use the tips from this guide to create Google ads, run them well and scale your business with Google ads.

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