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Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

As every year that begins, we talk about trends that are going strong for this year 2019. We are not fortune tellers, but the video, the changes in social networks and automations are leading the way. What can we not lose sight of? What would be interesting to try in our business? Where can we update?

Discover 8 online marketing trends that we have highlighted for this 2019


Video marketing continues to grow in this 2019

In 2017, the video about the rest of the multimedia contents began to stand out, and in 2018 it managed to gain the confidence of the marketing managers, who in 2019, have already planned to add it to their strategies.

Everything indicates that in this 2019 its use will be intensified and more video content will be developed for marketing campaigns.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

Because, what advantages has the use of video shown in our online marketing campaigns?

  • The visibility of videos on social networks and online platforms is very remarkable. Above all have triumphed ephemeral video, testimonials, interviews or videos of product samples.
  • They have a great impact and add an added value to the different user. It is more direct and close.
  • If we seek interaction with users, video has better results in most cases.
  • Improve engagement between brand and customer.
  • Video consumption is increasing in all types of devices.
  • More and more, the use of video in organic positioning (SEO) is valued and rewarded.

And based on the boom of the video also revolve some of the trends that we continue telling you.

Instagram television, IGTV

Instagram has already become one of the most important online marketing channels for many sectors for years. With more than 4 million daily interactions and an average participation higher than Facebook, it is always making updates and applying new features to continue attracting users. With the aim of not losing its prominence, a few months ago, Instagram launched IGTV, its new video platform dedicated especially for mobile users (the star device in the online channel). But the novelty is not its appearance, which was already in 2018, if not that allows less time to publish long-form videos , which enables the implementation of more complex strategies that go a step beyond that of Instagram Stories.

The bets for augmented reality continue

The news about the bets of different companies about this reality are becoming more common. Still in development, Facebook already allows augmented reality ads. With a simple interaction on the call to action, by clicking, you will access the camera of your phone, being able to visualize how you would have those glasses or lipstick that you just saw.

A great development that allows you to change the way you interact with users by changing and improving the user experience. Very interesting insurance for certain e-commerce.

The Chat bots as a fundamental tool of online marketing this 2019

More and more companies are implementing chat bots with the aim of improving their customer service and experience. For their ability to simulate conversations with customers automatically, they are part of marketing automation. They progressively improve the perfection of their answers thanks to the use of artificial intelligence computer systems. Do you dare to try them? We invite you to it.

We will read more searches by voice

Increase searches by voice of users. Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Every time we talk more, we write less. The voice searches are taken into account in the online marketing strategies of diamondcleaningcalgary.ca mainly by:

– The considerable increase in this type of searches.

– The incorporation of devices or gadgets dedicated mainly to this type of interaction (Google Home and Alexa).

– The impact of this trend of voice searches in SEO. The searches that you perform by voice are different from those you make when writing them: greater semantic incoordination and greater weight the subject of geolocation. Do not lose sight of these factors to raise your keyword search strategies and other issues.

Not without our mobile device

Last year the use of the mobile device already exceeded that of the computer. This has caused the advertising platforms to adapt their algorithms to these devices and reward those businesses that propose strategies focused mainly on this device. An example, Mobile First, the Google program that prioritizes the positioning of pages that have this technology.

Automations as a basis for several online marketing trends in 2019

We continue with the trend in online marketing this 2019 with automations, which allow us to be booming two trends based on this. We find two related trends:

Context marketing

New technologies allow more accurate analysis and not only more accurate, but analyze much more information in record time. Thanks to this we can impact with more timely content, at the most precise moment and to the appropriate user. We would talk about the correct use of data in favor of the personalization of the contents.

Analytical and CRO

Information is power. As in the previous marketing trend, technology has made possible the appearance of tools that allow us to measure and analyze all the recorded information in detail. So start to use them since 2019 will be the year in which we stop putting blind actions into action and we know exactly why you make one decision or another.

In online marketing the updates and changes are continuous, for which we will remain attentive and expectant to what will happen this 2019. For now, we take note of the trends of online marketing that have already begun stomping from the first day in this 2019.

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