How Working With Influencers Can Help Your Facebook Ads


Kevin Urrutia




February 09, 2024

The number of monthly active Facebook users are more than 2.2 billion. So, to start promoting your brand or business, there is not a better social platform than Facebook.

Facebook ads give brands the opportunity to post content promoting their products or services. They are cost-effective and can help brands to expand their reach. But it’s very difficult to get the attention of audiences even with normal Facebook ads. That’s where influencers enter the picture.

So, how can working with influencers enhance the performance of your Facebook ads?

Influencers are influencers because they are connected with their audiences. And the content they create is trustworthy and authentic. Influencer content has a very high potential to convert followers into loyal customers. So combining it with the power of Facebook ads could yield impressive results.

Collaborating with influencers, such as Instagram models or influencers, has proven to be a highly effective strategy in boosting online advertising efforts. The authenticity and reach of influencers can significantly amplify a brand’s message, engaging a wider and more targeted audience. Businesses leveraging the influence of Instagram models or influencers can tap into their followers’ trust, creating impactful online advertising campaigns that resonate with a diverse and engaged demographic.

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This post will talk about some of the most effective ways you can collaborate with influencers to enhance the impact of your Facebook Ads.

1. Repurpose Influencer-Created Content for Branded Ads

Repurposing your influencer-generated content is one of the best ways to get your Facebook ads to perform better. The content generated by influencers is more authentic, relevant, and relatable without being salesy. So, it can easily connect with your audience and get their attention.

Using influencer-generated content will increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads substantially. It can help you successfully drive more traffic, increase your followers on social media, and boost your engagement rate.

Instead of using a catalog image, you can experiment with authentic images created by real people, i.e. influencers. Here are a few ways to use influencer content on Facebook:

1. Boost Repurposed Influencer Content

Using your influencer content will help you to win the trust of your audience. That’s because it looks more realistic and relatable than a catalog image.

74% of marketers prefer repurposing influencer-created content and publishing it on their social platforms. So go ahead and use your influencer’s content on your social media profiles. But make sure your influencer has given you the rights to use their content and that you give them due credit.

After you’ve repurposed the influencer-created content for Facebook, you can then pay to boost the post. This will help you reach a larger, more relevant audience aside from the users who are already following you. And the high-quality, relatable images will attract them to your Facebook page, possibly turning them into followers.

2. Directly Use Influencer-Created Campaign Content in Facebook Ads

Influencers know what their audiences want to see. This makes their content highly appealing to the right people. And since they know how to position the products in a compelling manner, their content could be great for advertisements that are aimed at converting people into customers.

You can skip the step of sharing the influencer-created campaign content on your social media profiles and directly repurpose it for your Facebook ad campaigns. These ads could promote a particular product and take people to the relevant product page so they can make a purchase. In this way, influencers replace traditional commercial models in your Facebook ads.

2. Tap into New Markets Using Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixels are an easy-to-use tool, which allows brands to create lookalike audiences. This tool will enable you to create audiences with similar characteristics to your influencer’s audiences.

This makes it much easier for you to tap into new markets and expand your brand. This feature identifies and targets audiences with similar habits, behaviors, and interests. After identifying the lookalike audiences, you can target them using the best-performing influencer-created content to promote your brand.

When done correctly, you can turn your lookalike audiences into loyal customers of your brand. This will help you to increase your brand’s visibility and boost brand awareness.

Let’s quickly go through the steps to install Facebook Pixels.

Step 1 – Open the Pixel page directly or open Facebook Ads Manager and click the menu button on the top.

Step 2 – In the next window, kick-start the process by clicking on the green button that says “create a pixel.”

Step 3 – Name your pixel account and click next.

Step 4 – Now, install the pixel page with the given base code.

Step 5 – Now, install the Facebook Pixel with event code.

Step 6 – Click “Next” and test the Pixel status. Go back to your Ads Manager and select “Pixels.” If the status of the Pixel shows as active then you have installed it correctly. Usually, it takes 20 minutes to update the status.

With these simple steps, you will be able to create a Facebook Pixel page for your brand. You can then create an influencer’s lookalike audience to increase your brand’s reach and attract more customers.

3. Consider Whitelisting

Whitelisting involves brands getting full access to the influencer’s account and running ads in their name. With the first tactic, brands use content created by influencers to run ads for their own Facebook page. This tactic, however, involves running ads under the influencer’s Facebook page.

Running Facebook ads as a brand can be highly impactful. However, running the same ads as an influencer may yield even better results. This is mainly because the influencer is often considered trustworthy and likable. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider whitelisting.

Whitelisting allows brands to keep a close eye on the performance of the influencer’s paid and organic content. Brands can filter any type of content that has the slightest chance of damaging the brand’s reputation. It enables you to protect your brand from controversial content.

You need to collaborate with influencers who are relevant and trustworthy. They should be able to create safe and engaging content. Trusting and collaborating with the wrong influencers can put your brand and your reputation at risk.

Whitelisting enables you to mitigate the risk to a large extent and allows you to team up with brand-safe influencers. But you should try to maintain balance and avoid silencing the influencer’s authentic voice, which makes them likable in the first place.

There is an advantage for influencers as well. Their posts will be able to reach a new, relevant audience without any cost to them since you will be paying for the ads. The introduction to new audiences will help influencers gain new followers and expand their social media reach.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages of using Facebook ads in your marketing strategy. But collaborating with an influencer makes these ads even more effective and impactful.

There are literally thousands of attractive and engaging posts on Facebook that can steal all of the attention of your audiences. So it’s very important to create and promote content that stands out, in addition to being engaging and interesting.

And this is where working with influencers will pay off. Their content is often relatable, interesting, and eye-catching. By using influencer-created content in Facebook ads, you can expand your reach and gain new followers.

Do you know any other ways of teaming up with influencers to enhance the performance of your Facebook ads? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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