How To Build Brand Awareness Using Instagram


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May 05, 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social networks. The image and video-sharing platform surpassed a massive benchmark in 2018, reaching one billion monthly active users, thus becoming an essential marketing tool.

Most brands are well aware of this, so they use Instagram to promote their products or services. If you want to keep pace with the most significant competitors, use the network cleverly. Let’s take a look! Our post will show you five tips on how to build brand awareness using Instagram.

  1. Make a Strategy

Before entering the Instagram playground, you need to design a good strategy to plan short- and long-term activities. Think about your brand and what style fits it most adequately. Follow the general visual guidelines from your branding strategy, keeping your posts aligned with brand colors, fonts, templates, etc.

Don’t be afraid of revealing your personality. Find a unique style and tone of voice to attract the target audience, but don’t be too promotional. On the contrary, stick to the 80/20 principle: two sales-related posts demand eight non-promotional images or videos.

It would be best if you also mind the consistency. Top brands post around five times a week on Instagram, so you might want to follow the same pattern. The best solution is to find a weekly rhythm, so your followers know when to expect new posts.

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  1. Find the Right Community

With so many users all across the globe, it’s no wonder that Instagram gathers all sorts of groups and communities. This means you can easily find one or more for your brand, but conduct research to avoid joining irrelevant communities. Looking for critical hashtags, topics, and niche influencers would be best. If you think you can contribute to these groups by adding quality content, don’t hesitate to step in and show them what you’ve got.

  1. Use Hashtags Cleverly

A hashtag is one of the basic Instagram features that can make or break your brand-building efforts on this social platform. You might be wondering now – how can this be true?

SMM specialists at the Aussie Writings Service say it is possible because there is no formula for calculating the optimal number of hashtags per image, which is why some marketers overload posts by adding too many hashtags.

They don’t know that one or two hashtags can be enough if they describe a photo, engage the audience, and are placed correctly in the description. The hashtag strategy is not about quantity but quality, so use them cleverly in your posts.

  1. Feel Free To Engage

Quality content will inspire people to follow your account, but engagement is the only way to build brand awareness using Instagram. After all, users follow you to establish a stronger relationship with the brand, so why not take advantage of it?

Do it by showing honest company faces and posting “behind the scenes” content. That way, you can make the Instagram account feel more human and natural, which is the best icebreaker for user engagement.

Do whatever comes to your mind to engage the audience as long as it follows brand values and style. Don’t forget to ask followers niche-related questions or answer their comments. Besides that, invite them to craft content on their own and acknowledge the most impressive creations.

  1. Use Instagram Insights

You will learn how to create quality content relatively soon, but how do you know it performs well? The answer is simple – use tools such as Instagram Insights to measure the results of your marketing efforts. It’s a native analytics platform that helps you to monitor valuable features like:

  • User demographics and engagement
  • Performance metrics by posts or stories
  • Paid promotions analytics

Besides Instagram Insights, you can use other tools, such as feedback software, to understand what your followers think about the brand. It allows you to measure customer feedback and use its actionable insights to improve your Instagram brand-building activities.


Instagram marketing is not new, but you need to stay up to date with the latest developments to keep pace with your competitors. We made this article to help you understand how to build brand awareness through Instagram. Don’t hesitate to try our tips, and let us know if you have more suggestions to share with our readers!

About the author: Olivia is a passionate blogger who writes on digital marketing, career, and self-development topics. She constantly tries to learn something new and shares this experience on various websites. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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