5 Tips to Make Attractive Facebook Company Page to Get More Likes


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May 05, 2024

If you stand on the edge of opening a business, Facebook might provide you with the desired exposure to dramatically improve your customer base. So, in the present era, opening a company page on a leading social networking site is a basic necessity.

As we all know, Facebook likes to denote followership; you must create a page that gets more ‘likes.’ With increased likes, you can be sure your business has experienced good exposure.

You will surely be amazed that over 10 million global websites thoroughly view the likes and shares. So, imagine what great exposure your business might get in the worldwide market. All you have to do is to make an attractive page for your company that gets more likes.

You can make the best profits from a company page on Facebook if your services are relevant mainly to the youth. As we all know that nearly 30% of the recent global users of Facebook belong to the youth age, you should make a page likewise.

Older adults are also opening accounts on Facebook in recent years, which gives your company page a promising position on Facebook.   This happens due to the increased number of likes. You should always keep five essential tips in mind while increasing Facebook likes.

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Provide Quality Content

  • You must never forget to upload quality content on your company page. It is always necessary for you to upload all the essential facts regarding your services in the range. In the case of a Facebook page, you should mandatorily check that no grammatical errors happen.
  • Audiences of your page often give likes on seeing the exciting content on your company page. Always make sure that the contents are informative. It should convey unique pieces of information rather than the most common ones.
  • At times, the people who like can get convinced to hire the services from your company only by going through the contents on your page. You can expect most people to become fans of your company pages and increase the number of likes on your page.
  • So this is one of the best ways you can think of how to increase likes on FB.

Make Outstanding Profile and Cover Images

  • Apart from the written content, the attractiveness of a Facebook company page largely depends upon the cover pictures and the images. As you know that your company’s digital presence relates to a website, you must connect your Facebook page with the website itself.
  • You need to make a company logo and put it as a cover and profile picture. You can get more likes if your cover picture tells the people clearly about the services you deliver. This way, the communication process with the customers gets enhanced.
  • Maintaining a proper balance between the written content and images can help you to get a decent number of likes. You can never deny the efficiency of the short video clip in conveying information. So, it would be best if you always tried to upload some video clips regularly.
  • Always make the video clips in a personalized manner. This can help your potential customers to get personalized with your business. As a result, the chances of getting likes increase. Different types of video clips that you can make our product details about the usage procedure, memes, and events.

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The ‘About Section’ matters

  • You must be thinking about the importance of the about section. Well, it is the best way out you can take while considering how to look attractive. The number of likes can automatically increase if you clear all the facts in the ‘About Section.’
  • Rarely any customer might go through the page thoroughly while giving a like to your Facebook company page. The ‘About Section’ is where they can get all the known facts about the company. This section helps to authenticate your business, thus promoting credibility.

Make a Proper Connection Base

  • As Facebook is a social networking site, you can quickly establish an ideal communication base. This process of connecting with other pages can be ensured by regular commenting and keeping an eye on the other pages that provide the same services as you do.
  • This activity creates your own identity among the audience base. As a specific company owner, you must always try to give these comments using the company page profile. The chances for your page to get more like to develop is if you provide reasonably good comments against a post made by the other courier.
  • However, it would be best if you did not indulge in making inappropriate or irrelevant comments on any posts made by the other pages. This can increase the chances of your page getting spammed and, in the worst case, the forceful deactivation of your company page from Facebook.
  • A plug-in for the like button can also be attached to your website. The connection base of Facebook improves as people can directly deliver likes from the websites. So, this can be another way how to increase Facebook page likes.

Connect the company page with the personal profile

  • It is always a great option to connect the personal Facebook account as an owner to the company to the company page made on Facebook. This way, a person visiting the owner’s profile can get a direct link to the company page. So, this can be the most lucid method one can take while thinking of increasing the number of likes on the company page of Facebook.


So, these are the five tips you always need to know while opening a company page on Facebook. The increased number of likes ensures an improved amount of Facebook followers. Any business can improve drastically if the FB page is well-active.

As an owner of the business, it is always expected that you will manage the Facebook company page with ultimate dedication. Chances of getting more global customers can increase dramatically too.

Author’s Bio: Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive, one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives in raising the company’s growth with his talents. He is a great business professional with excellent knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients. Follow him on @twitter

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