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10 Best Ways Of Developing A Content Marketing Strategy That Boosts Your SEO

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These days, content marketing for any business has turned more complex and ingrained than ever before. It’s an approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant and progressive content to attract and acquire a pre-defined audience. By developing a content marketing strategy you will not only connect with your customer but will also build a trustworthy relationship with them, which will augment with time. Your content marketing plan and strategy should have certain goals such as:

  • Attract an audience
  • Generate Leads
  • Grow the subscriber’s list
  • Build a reputation
  • Develop brand awareness

For achieving all above-listed goals and perform better, it is important that you develop an integrated marketing strategy. Meaning, getting content and SEO work together that goes hand-in-hand. Although content and SEO may seem completely different, it is possible to develop a content marketing strategy that boosts your SEO. Here are some ways:

10 best ways of developing a content marketing strategy that boosts your SEO:

Defining Audience – Of course, no marketing strategy can be developed without understanding and defining the audience, and the same goes with content marketing strategy. Know what your audience is looking for, review the website your audience is spending the most time on, and develop ways to attract them to your website. Find out, their interests and engage them accordingly. For example, if your audience spends more time on video content, then probably you should have some of the engaging videos on your site as well.

Focus on creating targeted content – Last year, 57% of marketers believed that relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactics. That says marketers today are aware of the fact that content that’s unique, useful, engaging and relevant works well when focusing on people’s need and not just attending their queries. One can create a targeted content strategy by understanding customers’ important characteristics that include demographic information and behavioral information. Because, when you know who you are writing for, it becomes easy to create targeted content that will resonate and help the customer buy.

Get used to Artificial Intelligence – No doubts, Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over the world. AI has a huge impact on Social media and digital marketing. Marketers must start adapting AI to analyze customer behavior and, data and search patterns to understand how users find their relevant product and services. Marketers can use AI to develop a content strategy that can ultimately boost their search engine optimization process.

Create Powerful and Unique Content – SEO and content go hand-in-hand. One cannot work well without other. For example, developing content without keywords won’t get you significant traffic as opposed to a keyword rich content plan. Apart from that, if you can develop powerful and unique content regularly, then you earn backlinks that helps search engine to route audience to your site. Go beyond just creating a usual blog post and consider creating additional website pages such as eBooks using rich keywords. A marketer should also know that Google penalizes websites that create low-quality content. So, develop powerful and unique content on regular basis and your SEO efforts will not go wrong.

Promote content at the right place – Many marketers don’t go wrong in creating powerful and unique content, but fail to understand the promotion pattern. Publishing the content everywhere across social media will not help; one must promote the content based on the targeted audience. For example, when targeting professionals and companies, you must focus on promoting your content on LinkedIn and not on Instagram, which does extremely well with fashion based audience. Many brands also believe publishing blog post and promoting content on regular basis leads to higher rankings, and increased website visitors.

Smart and Strategic Optimization – With Google’s algorithm becoming stronger day by day, marketers must take smart and strategic optimization approach. Both off-page and on-page optimization are still relevant such as using targeted keywords in H1, H2 and Meta description. However, a marketer must adopt new techniques for improving engagement through email marketing, blog post, live chat, and social media. Smart search engine optimization further includes guest blog posting, send an email newsletter, techniques to improve site speed etc. These are quick and effective ways to optimize your website with content that can generate leads.

Review and Update Content regularly – Developing a content marketing strategy for boosting your SEO is not something you can set and leave. It requires periodic review and updating to remain relevant and effective. You can do this by updating the content with new keywords, adding latest stats and facts, check metadata to make sure it is optimized for search engine, use interesting words and sentences to attract more readers and review old blog post that is already driving traffic.

Try New Ways for Link-building – Link-building, including link back and inbound linking, has always remained a major factor of search engine optimization. While getting a link back from high-domain authority websites such as .org can hike the traffic tremendously, you must also try new ways. One of the best and tried-and-tested methods for link-building is creating expert content. Generate quality content and you will see link backs and traffic pouring into your website.

Do Technical Optimization – Although creating blogs, articles, and keywords rich content is a part of SEO, you must not forget the technical aspect of optimization. To make a webpage appealing you must make sure there are no broken links, and each link is routed to its respective page. Optimizing URLs helps search engines to locate the relevant pages and majorly benefits in improving the user experience. Further, a good title-tag and header tags also hold equal importance in developing a positive reputation for the website. Creating searchable titles, optimizing page speed and improve formatting are other ways to do technical optimization.

Don’t Forget the Analytics – Thanks to the number of tools available online today, we can actually measure every part of our content marketing strategy. In fact, data is the key to influence audience and convert them into customers. Data based on gender, age groups, geographies, and time of day often help to locate potential audiences. Marketers can develop excellent and tailor-made content to receive tractions.

So, don’t separate the two – content marketing and SEO, they need each other to flourish your business.


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