5 Things Why Visitors Hate Your Social Media Page

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Your business’ social media page can sometimes be a matter of both love and hate to your followers. Visitors can admire your social media page for a number of reasons, but they can also hate your page for other reasons. Ultimately, nobody likes to be hated, especially if you’re a businessman; having people hating your social media page affects your business. By reading this, you will understand what people hate about your social media page and why. It will also provide you with the solutions to manage your social media and to avoid problems.

Visitors “hate” your social media page because:

Reason #1. You don’t know the difference between a profile and a social media page.

Your profile and your social media page are two different things. Your social media profile is for personal use, where as a social media page is strictly meant for your business. This is one of the basic rules of social media management. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know the difference between the two.

You might commit the same mistake and create these pages with their function in opposite order, i. e. ,your profile seems to be more suitable for business whereas your social media page seems more like a profile. Hence, when a visitor opens your business’ social media page,they will find out your age, marital status, friends’ names, hobbies, interests and even your amazing photos – but not an information about your brand. Your visitors would be left with no other option but to scratch their heads in confusion and start hating your page.


Understand the difference. If you want to earn money through an online business, focus on your social media page in order to maintain it accordingly. There are millions of articles written on how your page should look like, so search the web for more information.

Reason #2. Your page name is too complicated and doesn’t show any relevance with the location, language or type of business.

Imagine if your name is very lengthy and complicated. Nobody would like to call you by your name if one has to do a very difficult tongue exercise just to call you. Results could be even worse if your name doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t show any resemblance with any community, religion or language. Similarly, visitors don’t like strange business names.

Solution: The best social media strategy is to select the name by which your audience knows you. Keep the name simple and recognizable.

Reason  #3. Your Page doesn’t have any photo.

You are supposed to manage your social media page through photos. Your cover photo and profile photo are both important. If you haven’t attached photos, your page becomes dull and unattractive. Visitors are generally not attracted on these types of pages and don’t come back –this is another reason why visitors hate your Page. This is a bad social media management.


Your prospective fans may like your cover photo to start with. Numerous big brands even hire professional photographers and designers for their business photos. You also need to follow some rules about the photo as a part of social media management policy. Moreover, remember that even your profile photo plays an equally important role because visitors see this photo every time you post it.

Reason #4. You are not creative.

Your page tabs may not be clearly dedicated to specific areas of the business. The most important areas are not highlighted and there are no snapshots of the services you provide. You don’t pro-actively encourage fans to participate in a dialog with your business. You are not coming up with great new ideas and have made your page looks dull and boring. Definitely, a visitor will hate you for those reasons.


Think out of the box and come up with exciting new ideas. You can create a contest wherein your fans have to send a photo using your product.  You can put the winning image as the page’s main profile image for few days. It is a simple social media strategy, yet highly effective. If you look at the comments’ section, you’d come to know that it encourages a lot of discussion among your followers.

Reason #5. Your social media page is not interesting, and visitors don’t find any fun.

Most people only run their social media sites when they find leisure time. Nobody wants to spoil his or her leisure time in serious discussions. Nevertheless, everybody wants to increase online enjoyment.


Try to become more interactive with your audience by initiating contests, games, quizzes and other updates that your fans like. You can also engage the users by giving discounts and giveaways. One great social media strategy is to make and post animated pictures of your customers. These should be shared to the fans’ social media contacts. It may even go viral. Just remember that there are many other ways to keep your customers and fans happy, curious and engaged.

In Closing

If visitors hate your social media page, don’t think that it is the end of the world. Just take it positively and accept it as a challenge. It is just a reminder that you must give focus to manage your social media page in order to avoid some problems in your social media management. Besides, you will avoid using an incorrect social media strategy.

Don’t try to make your page as an outlet store –don’t just publish content and ask everyone to like it. Moreover, don’t just blindly purchase some ads and eventually find out that you have wasted both your money and time. You need to do more research to understand the trends in social media. For instance, Facebook cares mainly about four things: ‘Likes, Comments, Clicks, and Shares’.

Just understand this and follow the tips above and you can easily gain following. Your visitors will come back, and this time, they will love your social media page. Are you ready for their return and to say “Happy comeback”!


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