Social Media Campaign Ideas for Boosting E-Commerce Sales


Kevin Urrutia


Ecommerce, Social Media


May 05, 2024

  • Find the right influencer: Social media is not only beneficial for creating a portal of your ecommerce business on the network, but it is also a place where you can buy the services of influencers. Influencers, as the name suggests, are people who influence consumer buying habits, and they can either be celebrities (Karlie Kloss, Felicia Day, etc.) or well-established YouTubers (PewDiePie, VanossGaming, etc.). The right influencer directly correlates with the products and services that your ecommerce business sells. For example, if you’re a gaming company then you will benefit from game-related YouTubers like the afore-mentioned PewDiePie and VanossGaming. If you sell body care products then you should acquire the service of hygiene-orientated influencers. Due to the versatility of content on YouTube, you will have no trouble finding an influencer who operates in your niche. Some ways to locate the right influencer is inputting keywords related to your market and choosing the top influencers who appear in the search results. You would then come across the dilemma of which influencers to choose from this list but you’ll be able to pick one by checking who ranks higher in specific categories, e.g., who has more subscribers, more channel views, etc. One of the swiftest ways to come across the right influencer is to find out that they already endorse your brand on their channel.
  • How to employ your influencers and build a long-lasting relationship: Now that you have picked your influencer, the next step is to build a liaison between your business and the influencer. Introduce the influencer to your products and showcase how they are unique from your competitors.
  • Share your campaign ideas with the influencer: Even if your influencer is well acquainted with your brand, relay your business goals and marketing ideas to them to further your rapport. Hiring an influencer shouldn’t be considered akin to hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai. Whereas a marketing firm can take over the entire advertising process without involving the client, by building a proper channel between you and your influencer, commercial ideas can be molded into groundbreaking campaigns. An example is Purina, a dog food manufacturer’s campaign which was handled by BuzzFeed, and was titled as Purina: Puppyhood. This was a series of short videos which showcased the interactions between a man and the new puppy that he had recently adopted. The initial video in the series gained over 10 million views. Hence, the originality associated with influencer-based campaigns cannot be imitated by non-social-media-channels.
  • Pay a fair amount to the influencer: It will be difficult to choose which monetary amount to pay an influencer prior to them launching your campaign. But you could use a specific metric to compare paying rates. For example, you can set paying rates in line with the number of subscribers that an influencer has.
  • Product reviews are of high value: Have you ever come across a product’s page on Amazon? Potential customers not only consider the price of the product but also the feedback left by other buyers of the product, in the form of reviews on the webpage. So, why not ask your influencer to review your products on his or her platform? After all, people consider social media reviews more substantial than other forms of analysis of a product.
  • Creative content garners more views: Instead of simple shout-out campaigns or review videos, another way to generate more views, and in turn, draw more customers to your products, is by allowing the influencer to be inventive in their content creation. By the influencer being creative in their video production, viewers will be in awe of how uniquely your product has been depicted.
  • Allow influencers to make testimonials for your products in their videos: This is a surefire way to boost sales of your ecommerce business. As consumers tend to trust influencers’ opinions on your product above other types of promotions, then having influencers make testimonials for your products will motivate people to try out your product.
  • Promote your ecommerce business through influencer channels by offering discount codes: On top of influencers showcasing your products and services in their videos, let them offer their subscribers a discount code via their content as well. Fashion and retail companies most often employ this tactic.

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