Ready, Steady, Go: How to Achieve Your Goals in 50 Days


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May 05, 2024

Is this the year when you fulfill your goals instead of dreaming about them? You may have thought of plenty of online business ideas, for example, and you keep thinking about what your life would be like if you could quit your job.

Perhaps the fact that you have to embrace life without a secure salary is holding you back. The best way to achieve your goal of starting a business is to be specific about it and then plan and execute your actions.

Be specific about your goal 

If you aren’t specific about your goals, you have no way of tracking your progress. For example, if your goal is to start an online business, you have to have a timeline.

Give yourself 5 days to find a profitable niche, 15 days to create and launch an online store and 30 days to drive traffic to your store and get your first customers. When you’re specific about your goals, you have a way of turning them into a reality.

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Write down why your goal is meaningful to you

If you can write down what you associate with accomplishing your goal, you will be more prepared to make the sacrifices to achieve it. For example, you may want to set up an online business so you can achieve financial freedom and spend more time with your loved ones.

Break your goal down into achievable steps 

You may have a lofty long-term goal – financial freedom – but you have to break that long term goal down into bite-sized pieces if you hope to achieve it. For example, you may have an idea for an online business but your first step will be to make sure that it’s a profitable idea.

You may start off by giving yourself a week to do your research and identify a profitable niche. This will include evaluating your passions and skills, figuring out if there’s a market for your idea, narrowing down to a sub-niche, doing keyword research and checking out the competition.

It’s also better to get into a market that’s on the upswing, rather than on its way down and the more specific your niche, the more chance you have of success. For example, science fiction writing has less competition than freelance writing and science fiction short story writing has even less.

When you break your big goal of financial freedom down into small ones, it makes jumping off that cliff from employment into self-employment much more feasible.

Set time limits

When do you plan on achieving your goal? Once you have broken your main goal down into achievable bites, you need to write them down on a calendar. Giving yourself completion dates enables you to see whether you’re staying on track.

If you plan on getting your first customers in 50 days, and you still have to create and launch your online store, you need to give yourself a specific time limit for doing so. For example, you will need to set a time limit for creating your product images and descriptions.

If you want to create a Shopify store, for example, it will help you to have a checklist that you can tick off to make sure you’ve thought of everything before launching your store. For instance, you will need to test and see if people can complete a purchase before you start driving traffic to your store.

If you’re still studying and trying to set up your store at the same time, using an essay writing service will give you more time to devote to your store.

Evaluate your progress 

When you have a timeline, it is much easier to evaluate your progress. When you don’t chart your progress, you’re more likely to fall back into bad habits. For example, when you’ve set up your online store, it is easy to keep tweaking it and procrastinating instead of getting down to driving people to it.

You’re less likely to procrastinate if you’ve set a goal of driving targeted traffic to your store within the next 30 days.

Unless you drive traffic to your store, you won’t know if your prices are too high or if your intended audience is actually interested in your products. If you set up Google Analytics before you start, you can keep a close eye on your traffic and evaluate your progress.

Readjust your approach

Perhaps you’ve decided to use free traffic to drive customers to your store. You’ve added your store URL to your personal online profiles and you’ve shared your store with your network and relevant online communities. You’ve shared a link to your store with a discount code, but you’re still battling to get any customers.

At this stage, you may have to readjust your approach and try out some paid advertising. You don’t have to start off with a large budget and you may decide to try pay per click advertising at first.

Perhaps you decide to try out Facebook or Instagram advertising. Both Facebook and Instagram have engaged user bases and many people find that advertising on these platforms helps them to drive a regular flow of traffic to their stores.


Be specific about your goals and why you want to achieve them, break them down into achievable steps, set a timeline and evaluate your progress. If you’re still not achieving success, you may have to adjust your approach. You may just find that paid advertising is the best way to drive traffic to your site, helping you to surpass your goal of getting your first customers to your online store in 50 days. Try, explore and improve – it is the only way to discover what works for you.


Author’s Bio: Alice Jones is a San Francisco, CA based academic writer and journalist. She graduated from the University of San Francisco and then pursued master’s in journalism. Her interest areas include business management, finance, economics and marketing. Her current on reviews has received rave reviews from all corners. 



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