Use Animation Videos in your FB Ads to get over 50% Conversion Rates


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

If you’re like most small business owners advertising on Facebook you:

  • Use Facebook ads because you understand the platforms power
  • Know that video performs best – especially on Facebook 
  • Have run video ads on Facebook but are not sure which format yields the best results

Nowadays, with the amount of video animation tools at your disposal, there are no excuses in budget, time, or skill-set that can stop you from creating engaging videos. 

Today, we’ll explore why you should use videos in your FB ads to increase your conversion rates. 


1. Facebook videos create trust

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

No one can purchase your product or service if they don’t trust you. Did you know that video ads can generate trust and long-term relationships? 

Once you offer interesting information to people, they are likely to purchase what you are selling and test it. Video content is not only engaging but ignites emotions. 

Consumers are likely to purchase online after watching video ads confidently.

Animated Facebook videos ads help to boost conversion, because they inspire your audience to buy your product or service.


2. Puts life in your idea


Did you know that you can bring your business ideas into life through Facebook animated videos? For example, you can narrate how your product changed your life through them. Take advantage of this creativity to showcase how your product can change the lives of your clients.


3. Facebook Favors Video content


There’s no doubt that currently, video ads tend to appear more on Facebook than any form of content. A research conducted by Buzzsummo states that Facebook video content got more shares in one year compared to other types of content.

 Whether they are short-form video content or music videos, all of them seem to be doing better than regular Facebook written posts. 

4. Animated video ads are appealing to mobile users

There is a unique sense of individual connection among those using their mobiles phones to watch videos. Facebook videos and mobile go together because most people use their phones to watch Facebook Videos. 

The number of people using smartphones is overgrowing each day. Those using smartphones to watch videos are more than those who use a TV. 

A Facebook animated videos help you stand out from your competitors because they show that you are creative.

5. Facebook animated video ads explain everything

Do you have a product that you would love to release to the market soon? Telling what it does use text can be time-consuming. 

Besides that, you may not be able to say everything about it to avoid long written posts. However, using animated videos, can save your time and that of your audience. 

With an explainer video, you can entertainingly demonstrate a compelling message. You can put an explainer video on your Facebook page to explain a difficult concept.

6. Facebook animated video ads get more social shares

Have you ever found an interesting video on Facebook and felt like sharing with your contacts? At the end of the video, you may notice a call to action like “Like us on Facebook” “Get in touch with us on..” or “ Subscribe to our YouTube channel”. 

That’s what successful marketers do while trying to market their brand. They share something related to their product but in a creative manner and put a call to action

When you create an exciting animated video, no one will mind sharing it since they liked it. For this, you need to be creative and create an ad that tells your story in a unique way. 

You should note that most people share videos on social media based on the impact it had on them. A study reveals that 76% of Facebook users would share a video with their contacts if it were entertaining. 

Social shares are significant to increase traffic to your website

7. Facebook Animated Videos Engages with all types of audience

If you didn’t know, any interesting video can draw the attention of anyone who comes across it. By creating a Facebook animated video ad, it means that you are going to reach a great number of people depending on the location you choose. 

Some of them might not have been interested in your product, but the animated video will make them aware of its existence. After watching it to the end, they would be glad to follow you for such exciting video ads.

 In the end, they may turn out to be your customers or recommend your products to someone who needs them. Your audience, on the other hand, would be more interested in the product and ask questions or comment on the ad. 

Facebook Video ads are crucial as they engage even the laziest users who don’t like going through ads.

It would be best if you incorporated animated Facebook video ads in your marketing strategy. Don’t worry about creating the videos if you are not an expert.

You can use animation software to create these video ads and entertain your audience. 

Video marketing is one of the best digital marketing trends. Don’t wait as your competitors stand out in the market as they use them. Start now and watch your business grow to another level.

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