How Video Marketing Helps You Achieve Your Marketing Goals?


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May 05, 2024

In today’s digital era, online content consumption by the audience is at its peak. If you are a business, a company or a brand, you’d constantly have to serve your audience with some relatable content to mark your presence in the market

So, to cater to the content need of your audience, you try out a podcast. Or maybe a blog post. You frame it well and write it out. And it is perfect, which means that your audience is going to love it. But you don’t share this piece of content with them. You just let the content rest on your website, hoping that it reaches to the audience all by itself. 

Sounds Impractical, Right?

This is the same scenario with videos. Videos are no different from any other piece of content, except for the fact that they turn out to be more effective. This is the reason why you need video marketing for your business.

In case you are still not convinced, let’s consider the fact that you can achieve all your marketing goals with mere video marketing. Don’t believe it yet? Well, let’s have a look at everything we have that can prove the aforementioned statement. 

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

To start with, what exactly is video marketing? Video marketing is using video solely to market your business, brand or product. But why do you need video marketing? Well, let’s say a lot of reasons prove that. But the most important ones are enlisted below:

-Videos turn out to be very effective because they are informing and educating

More than 90 percent of marketers agree to the fact that videos have helped their customers understand a product or service better. Isn’t that a great thing? If all the advertising trends are to be believed, 

-Videos Have a Higher ROI

-Videos Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

-Videos Are Effective

Above all, you need video advertising trends since it’ll assist you with achieving your goals. 

For huge numbers of the most widely recognized promoting objectives, video is the best and proficient approach to contact them. 

Here Are a Few Stats to Enlighten you:

A normal client invests 88% more energy in a site with video. 

80% of web clients watched video promotions on the locales they visited in the previous 30 days. 

Of that 80%, 46% made some move subsequent to survey the video. 

Marketing Goals With Video

The more individuals know about your brand or product or business, the bigger your pool of potential clients. 

Before you can change over and close, everything returns to ensuring your intended interest group know what your identity is. It returns to mark mindfulness. 

KPIs Related With This Objective:

Lamentably, it very well may be hard to follow brand mindfulness. 

Regularly this is finished by estimating brand review and acknowledgement, or a brand’s pace of appearance in the media and via web-based networking media. These insights would all be able to be utilized to gauge the accomplishment of video content

Notwithstanding, for the reasons for this post how about we measure brand mindfulness with an a lot less difficult measurement: video sees. 

The more perspectives your video content gets, the more occasions it’s been viewed. This measurement doesn’t give us a great deal of knowledge, yet it gives us a crude sign into how well known a video is, its scope, and how fruitful it has been at spreading consciousness of our image. 

The Video Advertising Methodology:

A fruitful video promoting procedure should design both the video content itself and how it is conveyed. 

To begin with, we have to choose what kind of video content will be most appropriate to accomplish our objective. 

For a point of expanding brand awareness, our video content should: 

Be valuable as well as fascinating shareable content for our intended interest group. 

Get over a compelling feeling, regardless of whether that is wonder, motivation, euphoria or cleverness. 

Incorporate components of our image, without over-burdening the crowd with data. 

Be short and concise. 

At the point when you’re attempting to pick up the biggest arrive at conceivable, it very well may be enticing to put your video content in however many places as could reasonably be expected. 

Be that as it may, brand mindfulness is never about mindfulness for it. It’s about mindfulness in the perfect individuals — in your intended interest group. 

That is the reason a fruitful video showcasing technique with the objective of brand mindfulness will at present spotlight on putting your video content in the opportune spot, at the perfect time, before the correct individuals. 

Here’s a Model Conveyance Procedure that Would Satisfy Those Criteria: 

To begin with, share your video content broadly with your devotees via web-based networking media. Make certain to share it at the ideal time for your crowd and enough occasions to boost your range. 

Likewise, make your intended interest group’s key influencers mindful of the video content, and urge them to impart it to their supporters as well. 

Spot your video on applicable content sharing sites where your crowd invests their energy (however focus on the locales’ particular standards and customs). Attempt Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit. 

Use PR to concentrate on a fascinating part of your video content and spread it generally to those in your intended interest group you wouldn’t in any case reach. 

Consider utilizing paid video promotions to put your video before hundreds or thousands of focused viewers. Leveraging text-to-video AI can enhance the engagement and relevance of these advertisements.

You could even run a challenge depending on your video, expecting watchers to watch and draw in with your content somehow or another to enter. 

Why Video is The Most Ideally Equipped Content for The Activity: 

At the point when you’re hoping to boost brand mindfulness, you need your video content to be shared however much as could be expected so its scope is expanded exponentially. 

Things being what they are, animated explainer videos are shared 1200% more than connections and content posts joined on Facebook. (Obviously, video is additionally the most mutual content sort on the channel.) 

The video sees correspondingly high paces of sharing across internet based life. Also, 92% of the individuals who watch videos on cell phones share them with others. 

No other kind of content has as a lot of sharing potential as video. In the event that you will probably expand your image mindfulness, the video ought to be your first decision.

Video URL:

A bolt speaking to lead generation.

Lead Generation and Conversion 

Getting your image saw is incredible, however, without anyone else’s input it’s hard to follow its effect on your marketing projections. 

With regards to creating and changing over leads, be that as it may, showcasing can have considerably more impact on the absolute number of paying clients. 

By concentrating on producing drives, you’re expanding the measure of intrigued individuals with regards to your intended interest group who may one day purchase from you. What’s more, by changing over those leads, you’re really transforming them into clients. 

KPIs Related to This Objective: 

These ones are entirely self-evident. To turn out what number of leads a video has created, you for the most part simply tally them. You would then be able to transform that number into a rate or proportion of perspectives to leads on the off chance that you wish. 

With respect to lead change, this is typically appeared through a transformation rate, which communicates a level of all watchers that convert. 

The most troublesome part about this measurement is turning out how precisely you’ll gauge it. 

For some odd reason, it can mean altogether different things to various individuals. A change can consider a membership, a structure accommodation or a buy, contingent upon the circumstance. 

In addition, the number you create can fluctuate contingent upon your attribution model. This model modifies how much your video tallies towards the change of the watcher, contingent upon when in the lifecycle they watched it. In the event that this all sounds extremely befuddling, read up additional on it here. 

The Video Advertising Procedure: 

At the point when we will likely create and change over leads, we need an alternate kind of video content than when concentrating on brand mindfulness. It should focus more on advising the watcher about how we can support them and why they should change over. 

For this point, our video content should: 

Answer our intended interest group’s specific needs or issues. 

Give explicit data about the offer, item, administration or brand being referred to. 

Be as short as could be allowed while as yet getting over all the essential data. 

Investigate this case of a fruitful bit of video content for changing over leads: 

Presently we know the sort of video we need, we should turn out how to contact our crowd with it. 

You’ll need to focus on a substantially more explicit sort of viewer than for general brand mindfulness. You need individuals in your intended interest group who are contemplating changing over or who may one day consider changing over. 

(Else you’re simply topping off your channel with pointless leads!) 

That implies a substantially more custom-made and focused on dissemination technique for your video content. 

Something Like This Would Work: 

Structure a particular point of arrival for your video to sit on that urges watchers to make the ideal move (either by means of structures or invitations to take action). 

Streamline that point of arrival, and your video content, to rank on web crawlers for an applicable keyword(s). A transcript or summarisation of your video on the page will help. 

Utilize the video in an email crusade to existing leads, being certain to incorporate a source of inspiration driving them to change over. 

You could likewise utilize paid video promotions to arrive at your intended interest group on the locales they every now and again visit. 

Our ultimate objective is to create leads and convert them into clients. And that’s what really matters. 

Author’s Bio: Hello, I am Prashant Shrivastava, Digital Marketing Manager of MotionGility – An Animated Explainer Video Company in India. We are helping individuals and small to enterprise-level companies by providing smart solutions such as Explainer Video, Whiteboard Video, Educational Video, and many more solutions. For any query or business partnership, you can contact us at [email protected]

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