How to Get Listed on Crypto Exchanges

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Any blockchain based business that has cryptocurrency tokens needs to be listed on crypto exchanges for it to trade and conduct business. Today, getting cryptocurrency listing has been made easier thanks to the eradication of some rules which made the process quite unbearable, especially for new players. To get crypto listings, here are some of the things that you need to consider.

  1. Your business plan

Like any other business, you should have a business plan that is good enough to attract  ICOs and win listing proposals for you. A good plan makes it vital for getting crypto exchange listing since it will outline your direction on what you should do, both long term and short term,
with the aim of making more profit for you and your ICOs. A good plan can win you a slot in major crypto exchange because it shows the vision you have hence it has to be the best you can get.

  1. The law

The law is a crucial factor in your cryptocurrency business and determines how far you want to go with it. There is no way you will get any listing if you do not adhere to the cryptocurrency legalities. You need to make sure that you’ve grasped all the legal requirements so that you are not suspicious or portray yourself as a fraud. All your activities and processes should follow the required crypto laws so that you stand a high chance of being listed on a major exchange.

  1. Know your customer

It is easier for exchanges to list you if they realize that they have something to benefit at the end of the day. By knowing your clients and building a community means that an exchange will benefit because you are bringing business with you. The hardest part of building a strong client base is retaining them once they come in. And, the best way to achieve this is by ensuring that you always have good business with both clients and ICOs if you have any.

  1. Reach out to exchanges

Although this might be the hardest job you have especially if you want to target major exchanges, it is one move that you can never regret making. Reaching out to crypto exchanges is some introduction into the cryptocurrency industry. The exchanges you reach out to will acknowledge your existence as long as your application is clear, legal and generally presentable. You never know what luck you can have or who will accept you to their listing.

Gone are the days when one would pay thousands of dollars for their cryptocurrency to get a listing. How to get listed on crypto exchanges has been made simpler, and crypto exchanges opt to consider the long-term benefits of having a new listing.

However, it is vital that the way you present your project speaks a language that revolves around a workable plan and how better you can make profits compared to your competitors. It’s also advisable that you consider getting listed on small exchanges before going for the major ones to build your client base and have something to offer the big players.

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