Pocket-friendly Link Building Tactics That Provide Good Returns In Content Marketing


Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

Earning a link from some other website sends a signal to Google that someone has liked your site and has come forward to link with it. For Google, it is a recommendation for your site just like a vote that denotes the liking of the voter. The signal goes a long way in influencing search rankings and is the precise reason why link building is so important for SEO. It will not be wrong to say that link building had been and still is the backbone of SEO. Studies have revealed that there is clear proof of the direct relationship between the search ranking and the number of domains linking to a page. For search engines, when several domains link to your website, it shows how much reliable and valuable your site is to others. Naturally, the site qualifies for earning higher ranks.

Organic link building is most preferred, but you must adopt the correct link building strategies to achieve it.  If you are worried about the expenses involved in implementing link building strategies, then take heart from the fact that it will never cost you a fortune. Instead, the spending would be minimal if you can choose the strategy and tactics with some good thinking. To create cost-effective link building strategies, you have to be smart by keeping away from the traditional methods and have the courage to think out of the box. You will be surprised how much effect the strategies can be with optimal spending.  Here you will find some pocket-friendly link building strategies that you can try out.

Explore opportunities in broken links

Every website contains broken links that hold enough promise for using it to your advantage for earning links.  Make a list of sites in your industry niche that have a similar business profile as yours and scan these websites carefully to identify broken links. Surely, you would find some reasonable amount of broken links on each site. Since these links do not have any value to the website owners, you can approach them with a request to replace those links with a link from your website related to your services, content or resources. To identify broken links, you can use some tool that checks for broken links once you enter the URL and presents a list of broken links.

Collaborate with experts

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Identify the experts in your field and build relationships with them so that they accept your offer to contribute content, whether it is article or post, for publishing on your website.  You need not spend any money but need good PR skills to convince the experts to collaborate with you.  As the experts exert ample authority in the field, they also have a good following, and you must reach out to the right people. The experts would be happy to contribute content as everyone wants to expand their popularity and make use of new opportunities of being heard. When you publish the article or post of the expert, his or her followers will start linking to it, and suddenly you find links flowing to your website from all directions.

Voice, the opinion of experts

The experts at San Francisco SEO Kotton Grammer Media suggests that interviewing industry experts and publishing it on your website is another method that helps to acquire links very quickly. Choose some topics related to your business that the target audience is interested in and create a series of interviews with established experts in the field. Firstly, your website earns the distinction of a reliable source of information, and secondly, links would start flowing in. The interview must revolve around some special insights, tips or some expert hacks that the audience is anticipating.  The interviews might become so valuable that you can even try to offer it to other publishers that open the gates for inviting more links. The principle of this type of link building is to create valuable resources that attract high-quality links.

Guest blogging

The method of guest blogging is similar to what you have done when inviting experts to publish content on your platform. The only difference is that the persons you approach to contribute content may or may not be experts but have the credentials of being the right influencers with an established band of followers. By scanning the links that you have already earned, you could identify the persons behind it and invite them to publish content on your website.

Similarly, you can also spread your outreach by making them agree to publish your content on their website. The mutual arrangement is highly beneficial for both parties as the number of links flowing to the sites keeps multiplying. Some amount of effort and PR skills is all that you need to succeed with this method.

List your website of Resource Pages

Many sites have a Resource Page that contains a list of other relevant resources and sites that could be useful for the audience. Identify some credible websites pertinent to your business that have such provision and connect with them to enlist your website on the Resource Page. Once you get your site listed, you not only get a link from that website, but it opens immense possibilities of earning more links when others click on your site on find it in the Resource Page.

Create reviews for products or services

Creating product reviews by authentic people who wield some authority is a great way to garner attention and acquire new links without any investment. Identify bloggers and other respected people in your field who regularly review products and services as well as influencers on the social media and request them to write reviews that you can publish and create a new avenue for earning links. To attract people to review your products, you can offer them some freebies or discounts that motivate them.

These strategies of link building should work well when you include it in your content marketing strategy, and the highest satisfaction is that you do not have to spend any money to get things done.

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