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May 05, 2024

You have great services or products, an awesome marketing team and your sales are booming.

However, if you don’t have an awesome web host to ensure your website is running all the time, you are just a step to losing clients to competitors.

Your website is your greatest investment for your online business. It is essential to choose the best hosting services to ensure a strong web presence all the time.

For business growth and security, invest in a reliable web hosting company. This article will guide and teach you how to choose and host your business online.

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Features of a good host website

There are so many web hosting companies out there and choosing a great web host can be confusing to many people.

 Here are some features to look for when searching for a hosting company.

Awesome customer care

You need customer support for your web host services. 20% of web hosting clients say support is the most important feature when they choose a web host site.

To ensure a smooth running of your business, choose a web host with excellent customer care to help and guide you on how to run your website.

 Make sure the web host site you choose has worthy customer care. To test their worthy you can give them a call and ask them about their hosting services

 Another way to test if they have excellent customer care is to read their reviews and recommendations. Clients will always leave reviews based on how they enjoy the services of a particular host site.

Happy customers will be more than ambassadors for great web hosting companies with excellent services.

Great customer care should be fast and available 24/7 wherever time a customer needs help. Here is an example of Bluehost web hosting.

The number of happy clients also shows many business owners use and trust their services.

Give priority to web hosting companies with an in-house support team. They have in-depth knowledge of web hosting. 

Your company of choice should have social media accounts. Here is an example of the Bluehost LinkedIn page.


When choosing a web host, ensure it is secure. The last thing you want to hear is a hack on your website.

There are lots of cyber attacks, hacking attempts and malware threats on websites. Your web hosting company should be able to keep your site secure from all security threats.

 If the host is not secure your website can crash and lead to loss of revenue from your website. Your customer’s private data and information could also be at risk. 

Think of your website as an online shop.  If your website is hacked and it’s not operating for some time you lose customers to your competitors.

 Before you invest in any site, check out the reviews of the host from the existing customers about the security reliability of the site. 

Back up plan

When you lose your website files you lose your business investment, sales, and reputation. To avoid this have a backup plan your website files when hosting.

A great web host servers help create a back up for your website. In the case of hacking attempts or any circumstances that can lead to data loss, your details and files will be secure and your online business will be protected.

Your website security can’t be complete without a backup plan for website files. Before investing in a web host, ensure it has a backup plan for your website. 

You can ask the web host company to download your website files for you. For extra security,  keep your website files on an external device.

In case of an unfortunate event that can lead to data loss, you will save and secure your website files.

Imagine running an online business for ten years. You have great products or services you sell and your website has been your source of revenue. 

You have been generating sales through your content, products or services on your site. Then something happens and you lose your website data and files. 

You will be out of business and loss of sales and revenue. You will lose your clients to your competitors. That is why it is so important to have a backup. 

Faster load speeds

Nobody likes a slow loading website. Clients hate slow loading speeds. Slow speeds affect your marketing, sales pipelines and conversion rates for your business.

47% of clients and website visitors expect your site to load in less than two seconds.

Your host should ensure your website loading speeds are super fast. Slow web loading speeds increase page abandonment rate

Faster web host servers increase user experience which helps build more trust with your audience.


As time goes, your website grows as you add more services, products or clients. 

When choosing a site, ensure that they can give you extra space for your website if you need it. This will help accommodate the growing size of your business.

Benefits of great web hosting services

Great hosting services come with awesome benefits for your online business.


When you host your site with a reputable host site you get great hosting services. Your website will always be secure and available to readers and clients. 

The host will give you awesome services to help your site perform better. It will be easy to grow your business as you will always have an online presence.

Data management

With a reliable host, you control your content management system. That makes it easy to write and post content that attracts readers, generates leads and increases business conversions.

You are free to add any pages to your website.

Design and style

You are free to redesign your website and any related technology. This helps you make your website more professional and attractive.

Great design improves user experience and builds more trust with your potential customers and web visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

To reach more clients, build your brand and increase customer engagement, you have to optimize your site. Your website has to rank high on search engines to help attract more leads to your business.

Around 75% of new searches are done on Google search engine. Potential clients start their product or service search through google

A great web host will ensure your website has a high search ranking. With an optimized website, you can reach many readers and generate leads for your business.

Did you know the top five results on Google get an average of 67% click rate? That’s the power of search engine optimization.

The main types of web hosting

Now that you know the features and benefits of web hosting, let’s look at the types of web hosting you can have for your website hosting services.

Shared web hosting

As the name suggests, you share a host server with other websites on the web host server network. 

 An advantage of this type of hosting is it is inexpensive as the cost of hosting is shared among the hosted websites.

However, shared web hosting can affect your website performance. Your website is growing and attracting high website traffic. Since you are sharing a server, high spikes in traffic can affect the performance of your site.

High traffic to other websites on the server can also affect your website performance. This can lead to the loss of website visitors and customers.

Virtual private server (VPS ) Hosting

For VPS a server is divided into different multiple servers. 

Each hosted website has a virtual server. The website loads faster as each website is hosted sub-server sites on the main server.

Besides loading, VPS hosting gives the owner more control over the website. It is faster than shared hosting. 

If your website has videos, images or other content that can slow page loading speeds, you can use VPS for your hosting. 

VPS hosting is highly configurable than the shared hosting. It also provides website owners with more flexibility for hosting services.

Cloud hosting

With cloud hosting, different servers are linked to work as one giant server. When you host your website with cloud hosting your website is spread across these different servers.

This optimizes the working of your website. Despite the fact you share the server with other websites, spikes of traffic can’t affect your website performance. All the other websites on the cloud are spread across the servers. 

A report by Statista shows that cloud hosting has been growing over time.

Dedicated server hosting

For this type of hosting, you have complete control for the hosting. However, this type of hosting is expensive. Your website is hosted on a single server and you don’t share the hosting with any other website.

You don’t have to worry about traffic as there are no other websites that can affect traffic to your site. 

Dedicated hosting is suitable for hosting sites with high website traffic. Most businesses that use this hosting type are developed business. Companies that generate high-income revenue and sales.

Reseller web hosting

This is just a shared hosting package with extra tools. You can use the extra tools to resell the hosting space. 

An advantage of reseller hosting is that it provides the website owner with the ability to offer branded hosting services under their own brand, creating a seamless experience for their clients. Reseller hosting plans usually come with a centralized control panel that enables efficient management of multiple websites. This makes it easier to allocate resources, monitor performance, and manage client accounts all from one place. By setting your own pricing and packages, you can generate revenue and expand your service offerings without the need for extensive infrastructure investments.

This package gives the website owner a great technical control. Some of these include the white label technical support. In this, the hosting website handles your clients’ issues once you resell the hosting space. 


For your business growth, you need to have an online space for your website. Hosting a website is one of the most important decisions you make for your business.

With so many factors to consider, choosing a website to host your business can be confusing. 

Use the above insights and guides to choose the best web host company for your online business.

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