New Arrivals Email Subject Lines

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Every person loves new things and so do your customers who shop at your online store.

In your marketing, you need to notify your customers about your new arrivals to keep them engaged in your brand and increase sales.

Customers like new products. A survey by Nielsen shows that 63% of customers like new products.

It also shows that 23% of customers purchase a product because of its affordability.

Besides just introducing new products, your customers need to know how the products will help them solve their pain points and if they can afford it.

You need a great product marketing strategy when launching your new arrivals to capture more potential clients and increase conversions and sales.

And for your email marketing strategy, here are some email subject lines you can use for your new product arrivals.

  1. Don’t miss our discount on the NEW ARRIVALS
  2. We are launching new products. Pretty amazing huh!!!
  3. Be the first to buy and ENJOY 60% off sale on our new products
  4. We have new arrivals. But the price is rising soon. BUY NOW
  5. Enjoy our new products+ free delivery. Offer expires in two days
  6. We have a FLASH SALE on our new arrivals. Just for a week.
  7. BUY our new arrivals and enjoy 40% off the price
  8. We care for you. That’s why we added new products, just for you
  9. Explore our AMAZING new arrivals. You will love them
  10. We start a NEW YEAR with great product launches to serve you better. Isn’t that AWESOME
  11. Don’t miss these CRAZY discounts on our new arrivals
  12. You said you want NEW PRODUCTS and here they are. Have a great shopping experience
  13. We keep our PROMISE. And here are the new arrivals we promised you
  14. The discounts on the NEW ARRIVALS have been extended for a week. Don’t be left out. Shop NOW
  15. Here come our AWESOME new arrivals.
  16. Just to alert you we have great products for you. Check them
  17. Take your shopping to the next level with our NEW PRODUCT ARRIVALS
  18. This is crazy OFFER 50% off the price+ free product delivery
  19. VISIT our store and do shopping on our new ARRIVALS today
  20. Spend $150 and above on our new arrivals and get FREE SHIPPING
  21. You need better products. That’s why we have NEW ARRIVALS for you
  22. Shop our new JANUARY arrivals and save up to $200 per purchase
  23. A New Season with awesome NEW ARRIVALS for our esteem customers
  24. Just THREE HOURS and the offer on NEW ARRIVALS expires. Hurry up
  25. Take this survey and win one of our NEW ARRIVALS. NOW!!!
  26. Subscribe to our email for an update on new arrivals
  27. Thanks for being a LOYAL customer to us. Enjoy these NEW ARRIVALS
  28. Get free delivery for every new arrival you purchase this week
  29. It feels great to make an order for NEW PRODUCT. Well why don’t you just enjoy the feeling
  30. Your long-awaited NEW ARRIVALS are here.
  31. Have a burning question on our new product arrivals? We are here to help
  32. Please, can you give us a REVIEW of our new products?
  33. Just TONIGHT and our reduced prices shoot up. Make your NEW ARRIVALS orders, NOW
  34. An ALERT we are launching new products in a MONTH. Be ready by then

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