How Do You Make Your Home More Comfortable and Inviting?

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Even those of us that can’t actually call ourselves homebodies are still very much fond of our home and the familiarity it brings throughout the day. It’s where we recover after a long day, where we rekindle with our loved ones and where we set new intentions in our lives. It only makes sense that it’s designed and furnished in such a way that it supports us fully. To this end, in order for this to happen, our home needs to feel comfortable and inviting to us, only then can we fully unwind and let our true selves unfold. Let’s look at five ways in which we can make our home more comfortable and inviting, to both ourselves and our guests:

1. Redo Your Walls

Walls have a more significant impact on your well-being than you might think. This is especially true of those wildly-colored or dark walls that are meant to energize you rather than bring you settled comfort. If the latter is what you are looking for, consider redoing your walls in more inviting, lighter shades. You can go for creamy pastels that will ultimately bring you a feeling of coziness, openness and lightness. Of course, there’s always the possibility of having three light-colored walls and one that uses a more lively accent, just for the creative contrast and a tad of energizing inspiration.

2. Don’t Be Shy, Use Plants

Plants are great additions to any home that needs to look like it actually has an owner. Having said this, regardless if you have a green thumb or not, it’s recommended that you get several varieties to place around your home. You can choose leafy, lush, trailing plants that can really turn a room around. When placed strategically, these plants can really create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that’s inviting to both you and your guests. 

3. Scent Your Rooms

Comfort can not only be felt through your visual or tactile senses – on the contrary, it can also be brought about by a great fragrance. Having said this, consider getting some scented candles that will not only be inviting to look at, but naturally also stimulating to smell. Aim for fragrances that are soothing and relaxing, like vanilla or lavender, and you’ll instantly feel that your home is more relaxing and will undoubtedly work towards putting you in the correct, relaxed state of being. Likewise, you can also get incense sticks, a tried and tested method to bring about some zen into your living space. Regardless of what you ultimately choose, the possibilities are endless and you get to pick the scents that most appeal to your personal taste.

4. Improve Your Surroundings

A poorly landscaped front lawn can create an unwelcoming feeling that is obvious to all from the moment that they enter the property. A bad first impression will already be created and it may well be difficult for you or your guests to further find peace and comfort indoors. This effect can, however, be reversed if a little time and effort is spent on keeping your lawn lush green along with some well-kept surroundings. You need to be mindful that regular upkeep is needed in order for your landscaped scenery to be the talk of the street. Dealing with compacted grass, regular weeding and fertilizing, keeping to a beneficial watering schedule are all part of the price you’ll have to pay to be able to maintain your green oasis. However, the results of which will undoubtedly speak for themselves. 

5. Embellish Your Home With Beautiful Art

When it comes to paintings, illustrations and photographs, there’s really an ocean of possibilities for you to choose from in order to decorate your home. Don’t underestimate the effect of hanging artworks in your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom and how it can make that room feel more interesting and inviting. You can get a masterpiece from one of your favorite artists or you can decorate a wall, for example, with candid photos of you and your family members or friends. Whatever you choose, it will ultimately brighten up the space and give it that familiar and homey feeling.

These are just five of the ways in which you can turn things around for your home and truly make it feel more inviting. Let the creativity blossom and imagination rule over your decisions if you want to come back at the end of the day to a space that’s comfortable and welcoming and uniquely yours. The best part about it is that most of these subtle changes won’t be breaking the bank, anytime soon.

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