5 Most Useful Digital Marketing Channels for eCommerce


Kevin Urrutia




July 10, 2024

What makes small and medium-sized businesses prefer the Best e-commerce services for an immediate online presence? Because it offers simple and affordable marketing channels to reach a vast number of people locally and internationally. This has increased the completion, and more and more entrepreneurs are shifting to make a killing in their different ventures. With all this buzz, it is a perfect time to evaluate the various digital marketing channels to increase sales. The following are the five digital marketing channels that are bound to produce desirable results fast and easy. Read along for more insights.

Social Multimedia Marketing


Thanks to this technology, the world has become a global village. SMM is the most effective marketing channel in the online world today. This marketing channel has made it easier and affordable to attracting more customers and converting them into loyal customers. It is also used to introducing new products and finding prospect businesses. It has also made it easy to advertise online and to generate leads. Trends are changing, and visitors now prefer getting more information about the product before going ahead to purchase it. That is why Google is now focusing on quality content as a significant factor for ranking websites. SMM is all about using a different type of media to compose your business promotional content. These include images, stock photos, graphical illustrations, infographics, graphical images, 3D pictures, videos, audios, text content, and webinars. It also involves other content types that have all the attractiveness to lure the visitor into a particular website. Major social networks for social media marketing include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Reddit, and popular blogging websites.

Affiliate Marketing

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Another great and useful digital marketing channel is what is called Affiliate marketing. This is a marketing channel that involves promoting products from another website to earn a certain percentage of the profit called commission. This is experienced on both ends of the business. The world has shrunk when it comes to communication thanks to globalization and technology. This has increased both local and international competition. Companies are on each other’s necks trying to get ahead of their competitors. If you want to improve your local e-commerce business, then affiliate marketing offers the best way to do that, as it allows you to reach a massive audience without using a lot of funds. Once you have promoted your business locally, you can work with affiliates on Pay per Click, Pay per Sale or Pay per Lead basis. You can also refer to traffic as another way of affiliate marketing. To show you just how vital affiliate marketing, Google has grown from using backlinks to rank websites and is now focusing on Brand Mentions and content sharing. To do this, brands are now sharing content from other websites on their websites, and in return, they also do the same, which is a win-win situation. 

Search Engine Optimization


The best way to ensure that visitors and search engines can discover your website is by using SEO or search engine optimization. It is a significant contributor to all the digital marketing channels. If you are running an e-commerce website, this method is bound to give you desirable results by allowing search engines to crawl your website to look for keywords that visitors use to find your website. This way, if you have targeted the right keywords, they will type in the keywords on the search bar, and they will be directed to your website. This is not the only thing that SEO does. It also improves your online presence and gives you a higher domain authority. One of the best ways to use SEO to market your e-commerce business is by setting up a blog and publishing content that is related to what you are selling online. Of course, you have heard of the phrase content is king, which is very true. Content allows you to insert as many keywords and search phrases as possible so that your website is picked by search engines fast and placed on the first or second pages for better ranking.

Online and Mobile Display Advertising


This is the modern way of digital marketing that involves targeting local or niche-specific audience. This is done using graphical images, banner ads, video ads, and rich media ads. There are various ways to display these ads, which include posting ads on social media pages.

A good example is the introduction of Multi-Product Ads by Facebook, where one brand purchases slot and space on the Newsfeed page to run the company’s ads using a gallery. You are allowed to post various products in the gallery as well as different images of one product only. You can also integrate more than a social network to reach out to a more significant number of prospects. You can also choose to place ads on a major website including Forbes and Reddit. When choosing which method you are doing to use to display ads ensure that your e-commerce website is responsive on mobile devices, so you can capitalize on the mobile prospects and visitors. Failure to do this will end up with insignificant traffic that will not add value to your business.

Mobile Advertising


Mobile has taken the digital marketing system by storm, and businesses have realized its potential and are now capitalizing on this to reach most of their prospects. There are about 3 billion active internet users globally, and out of that figure, 1.7 billion are active mobile social accounts with a penetration rate of 23%. This shows you how powerful mobile devices are in reaching out to new audiences. Another element that has contributed to this growth is the integration of mobile apps into businesses. The majority of companies and brands running their businesses online are using apps to simplify transactions. These apps can be used as ad platforms where advertisers can place ads in these apps so users access these apps; thereby making mobile devices essential in running your e-commerce business.


If you fail to take advantage of these marketing channels, you deny your business growth. Ecommerce websites are popping up every day, and to cut through this stiff competition, you need to use the latest marketing channels. These are not the only five digital marketing channels. There are more out there and is up to you to evaluate which ones are good for your eCommerce strategies.

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