What are the Best Features in Mobile Apps?


Kevin Urrutia




August 12, 2022

In this world, where mobile has become a need of human beings, mobile applications are made to provide them ease. Moreover, developing software by judging the demands of users, this business can stand firm in the market. It is highly important to know what certain features can make your application unique and business progressive.


The application should be made with modern ideas. New features should replace old and irrelevant ones to make it successful among the users. It should not have complex features and should be easy to use with simple and better app structure.

Reminders and alerts:

This is one of the essential features of mobile application software. The user must be constantly notified of new updates. It should be in the form of an alert or a push notification rather than lengthy emails to save time. Whatever the new features are added to the software, the user should get a reminder. This also lets the user engage with the application. Hence it proves to be one of the best features of the mobile application.

Should work without an internet connection:

A successful mobile application consists of features that can be used in all the circumstances. Not all people have a frequent internet connection. For such people, an application should have offline features. This lets the user connect with the application more often and leaves them with a positive impact.


An application should have a feature of letting the users customize it according to their preferences. They should feel free to modify settings, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts, etc. This also increases the number of users and makes it more popular.

Easy to use:

This is one of the best features in a successful mobile application. An application should have very simple features and easy for people to use. This makes it more user-friendly. Complicated features are hard to understand. The users are reluctant in using applications having such features.


It is said that “Time is money”. In today’s world, the most valuable thing is time. People are very short of time and they need to get their tasks done as quickly as possible. So, an application should be designed keeping this parameter in mind. It should work with speed.

Integrated User Interface:

The user interface should be designed while keeping all the needs of users under consideration. The application should consist of all the best features with a simple design. The application should be a perfect combination of what a user seeks. In other words, a user should find all in one.

Constant updates:

The demands in the market change with time. The application should be updated now and then to keep pace with the increasing demands. New features should be added and the updated version should be easily available. This makes your application stay up to date and more popular among users.


Three main mobile operating systems are working in the market including, the Android operating system, iOS, and windows. There are a few applications in iOS that do not work with the Android operating system and vice versa. To avoid this issue, the application should be available in all of the operating systems. It can be done by changing a little bit of the coding language and other changes. This increases the use of applications.

Connected to social media:

The trend of using the social media platform is increasing day by day. People want to stay and keep others updated about their lives. So, if an application provides this connection then there will be more chances for it to be successful. It will get more exposure.

Access to queries:

The Application should provide the support facility which further gives access to the department that helps them in the queries. They should provide the facility, to the people who are using the application, different platforms such as, live chat forums, e-mails, etc. This will also keep the application updated and high rated.


It is important to give a user of an application an environment, in which he feels safe while working. His all information that he is adding should be kept private even if the application is having access to the gallery.

Provide nearly same outlook as in the desktop version:

The application of any website or any social media platform should have an outlook on the same or at least nearly the same. This will not be easy for the creator of an application but also prevent users from getting confused or disappointed.

Provide touch facility:

This is the era where people tend to do less work or they try to work smartly. If an application requires more usage of the keyboard, then people are likely to get offended. So, the best application offers a more touch facility which ultimately makes it easier and interesting to use.

Always updated:

The mobile application always stays updated. It fixes its bugs, introduces new stuff (according to the demand). And they all are free of charge. This makes the user engaged with the application. For example, Angry Birds was one of the most installed applications. This wasn’t only because it was entertaining but it continuously met the people’s demands by offers new updates and changes free of charge.

So, the above article discusses several features that if an application comprises them, then they will make it among one of the best application. It will not only be helpful for the users but also be profitable for the application creator.


Author’s Bio: Aston Arnold is the chief editor at App Peanuts – a leading mobile application development company in Los Angeles. He is an expert on the evolution of the e-commerce industry and loves to share his opinion about the future of the industry. Follow him on Twitter.


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