How to define your media outlets and position your brand online


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

Designing your media outlet can be a great way to apply the principles of publicity to your business’s digital presence.

The main reason is that it can boost your reputation as a benchmark for a sector and opens the door to new ways to market standing out from other brands and their approach -which is usually marked by advertising.

That way, you will know the characteristics of a successful media outlet strategy, as influencing the market against the current saturation is an arduous and exciting task.

Where is your brand?

Having a brand means having competition. Therefore, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur, it is essential to analyze the environment in which the company will develop a media outlet strategy. Find your nearest competitor and ask yourself:

  • What kind of content are they doing?
  • What actions do they take to position themselves on the Web?
  • How do they communicate with their community?
  • How often do they publish content?

And, of course, it is essential to monitor your level of media exposure or any other indicator that may be relevant to understanding your overall media outlet strategy.

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What type of content defines your brand?

As you know, the content surrounding your brand goes far beyond images, videos, infographics, and even blogs. There is a whole world of possibilities that you can use to generate a link with your audience (in addition to increasing your authority).

Undoubtedly, good writing and well-structured articles are the main ingredients that all content must include, but unfortunately, they are not the only determining factors.

Having that in mind won’t make your content stand out for the audience or for Google. It is for this reason that designing an appropriate media outlet becomes a necessity.

As GoodNoon, a media coverage agency providing list, states, these are the four steps to start:

  • The “Who”: To be clear about who or whom you write allows finding the type of content you want and share it.
  • Discipline: You must respect the types of content to be created that best suit the needs of those who read you.
  • Organization: Always optimize the creation and distribution times.
  • Efficiency: Do you want to build a loyal bond between you and the user? Attract them? Is it persuading them? Or are you looking to create a conversion?

The right way to get your brand’s message to the world

The news is the central axis on which a media outlet revolves, but when good news doesn’t get transmitted through the appropriate means and formats, all your effort will have served for nothing, be it in the off or online world.

What are the most recommended media outlet formats?

  1. Format “Guide”

Even today, this format remains one of the trendiest media outlets (as in GoodNoon media outlets). The idea is to solve the users’ doubts and, of course, attract them to your ultimate solution.

Usually, this article introduces a problem, its solution, and its steps, summarizes the information and gives a proper conclusion.

The more timely your solution is, the more extensive the range of impressions will be. It is also worth telling: use audiovisual resources to give emphasis and credibility to each piece of information presented.

  1. Format “Success cases.”

It is about making known a point of interest explained in full detail, from its creation, development, and results obtained in the analysis (Eg: The position of digital marketing before the blockchain). Think of this type of content as your way of earning the respect of the public and the market.

You can structure it starting with an advance of the report and the final sample, then letting them know about the obstacles that there were to gather this information and the way to overcome them, explain the method that you used clearly, and finally invite the readers to take action towards your words.

You must be careful with the format because it is straightforward to end up sounding like an infomercial; the idea is that the reader gets to the end feeling fulfilled and ready to go wherever you want.

  1. Format “List”

The Atlantic explains that humans are accustomed to thinking numerically (2 + 2 = 4). Therefore you have probably seen list titles like: “5 ways to overcome the strategy of your competition.”

It should be noted that this type of content has the particularity of generating more leads and conversions than any other.

Just choose a topic of common interest between your target audience and you, then mark and delimit the points to cover. Don’t be afraid to create long lists since the reader will always assume the more facts presented, the more valuable information they’ll get.


We hope this info has been helpful when defining your media outlet. Also, remember to bet on other formats, such as compilations, reviews, tutorials, contests, surveys, etc.

Think that the content should not be flat nor always the same because if it is, you will bore your audience, or you will always get the same type of traffic.

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