Ways You Can Take Advantage of Instagram Story for Business


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024

There are many ways you can make your first sale online. One of the most popular tools used nowadays to aid in making your first sales is social media. One particular social media marketing strategy that you can implement is through Instagram Stories.

Stories are one of the many functionalities that Instagram makes available for social media marketers. Stories were launch in 2016, and it has been a huge part of Instagram ever since.

Instagram reported that there are more than 300 million daily users of Stories towards the end of 2017. There’s an opportunity for you to tap this huge platform, and to maximize its effect, the following should be part of your strategy:

Show off your Milestone

If you have achieved an important milestone in your business, it is a good idea to make use of Instagram Stories to feature it. You can take your followers down memory lane by presenting your key events in your corporate history, and then highlight the new milestone you have reached at the end.

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You can also present clips of messages from key people in the business to talk about what you have achieved as an organization, as well as what else is in store for the future.

Always remember that milestones do not necessarily have to be super huge achievements, but something your business values no matter how small and simple it may be. It can even be an event for a cause that the business fights for.

Having an Influencer to Take Over

A lot of heavy users of Instagram Stories are influencers. They need to keep their followers entertained so they have to make use of a lot of tactics to engage them, and Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to do so.

For your business, working with influencers can be of great help. This helps you connect with their numerous followers. You can come up with a strategy where an influencer would be featured in your Stories. There are many creative ways for which you can pull this off but the key is to find a great influencer to partner with.

Another way you can work with Influencers is to have them mention your brand in their own Instagram Stories. This way, they can really reach out to their followers for you.

It’s all about giving the brand a face so it’s important to work with an influencer who best reflects the business and its values.

Integrate Calls-to-Actions to your Stories

Call-to-action is an integral part of any marketing strategy because this helps direct your audience to the desired action. Even for your post on Instagram Stories, you should make sure that CTAs are in place.

Some of the most common CTAs that can be found in Stories are the following:

  • Buy now
  • Shop now
  • Reserve now
  • Call us now
  • Download
  • Watch more
  • Swipe up

The key here is strategically making use of CTAs to your advantage. Don’t push for using CTAs when the situation doesn’t call for it.

Engage your Followers by Featuring them

It’s a good idea to let your followers know that you are listening to them by featuring some of them every now and then. For example, if you like a review made by a customer, you can feature in your Instagram Stories.

Your customers would see that you are reaching out, and they would feel more connected to the brand, which can eventually help improve your sales performance.

You can also make use of stories to feature winners of a contest you would hold for your customers.

The whole idea is to have your customers feel that you are easy to reach out to, so they would have no problem if the need arises. Your customers would also appreciate how you spend time and effort to feature them.

Product in Action

Another strategy that you can implement for your marketing campaign via Instagram Stories is showing your products in action. This helps give a better perspective on your products, which can help convince more buyers to complete a purchase of your products.

The idea is to show a photo or a video of the actual use of your products, showing off how durable, or how it can outperform other products of the same category, or how it is a one-of-a-kind product that can address a problem that has not been solved by other products.

Linking your Products on your Stories

For most online marketing strategies, you only have up to 60 seconds to show off your stuff. So make sure you make it count.

This is especially true for Instagram Stories. Not only is there a 24-hour limit for each post, but there’s only a short period of time to make your Stories count so make sure you implement great strategies. One of them is to link products on your stories.

You can add a buy button on your Stories that will make it a lot easier for your Stories to bring about direct results. You may also wish to link your product pages to your Stories, as well as other relevant content.

Bonus Tip: Implement your Brand’s Design Guidelines in your Stories

For whatever marketing strategy you wish to implement, make sure that you are consistent with your Brand’s design guidelines. This should also be observed for your Instagram Stories. It’s always great to stick with your brand, and these design guidelines help you stay on track.


Instagram Stories is one of the ways in which you can tap social media for your business’ marketing needs. With over 3,000,000 users of Instagram Stories daily, it has the potential of really helping you improve your sales performance.

But of course, Instagram Stories, as it is, cannot change the tide instantaneously. What you can do is to implement one or more Instagram Stories strategy as listed above, and planning it carefully before execution. By then, you would be able to take real advantage if Instagram Stories for your business.

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