Boosting eCommerce UX Design to Reach Gen Z


Kevin Urrutia


Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Marketing


September 01, 2023

Gen Z is already using the internet in a much different way than Millennials or any other previous generation. They want things to happen fast, they don’t like it if too many things are happening on the site, and they all wish for everything to be minimalistic. That is causing many problems in the marketing department as well as with designing an eCommerce site.

Without a doubt, every eCommerce business is striving to get the best UX design that will mainly fit the Gen Z, and some of them are struggling. So, in order to achieve that approachable site that will please them all, follow these simple tips.


Target the mobile platform

The Gen Z’ers are using the technology almost since their day one. This changes things in the way that they are using different devices than the previous generations – the smartphones. They are so accustomed to their smartphones that they use them to their fullest and they never leave  them behind. This is exactly the reason why your eCommerce business should aim for the mobile platform.

The first thing is to have a responsive design. This means that your website can scale well on different screen sizes without any problems or delays. The second thing to work on is the voice search because the Gen Z’ers are increasingly using this feature to search for products. Lastly, you have to work on location-based marketing for the mobile platform, because Gen Z’ers are constantly on the move and you should target them with local adds, of course.


Three-Tap rule

We all know that the Gen Z is always on the move and has no time to click thousands of time on your website in order to find what they’re looking for. Thus, you need to implement a “Three-Tap Rule” into your eCommerce UX design. What this rule means is that when a visitor lands on your homepage, it shouldn’t take them more than three taps to get to your products. So, the best eCommerce store should look like this:

  1. The user is on your homepage and can choose from different categories of products.
  2. The user chooses the sub-category to find a specific product.
  3. The user is on that specific product page.


Lastly, from the product page, you should transfer the user to the check out and they will be happy with the UX design and their newly bought products.


Minimalism and simplicity

When a Gen Z’er enters a website, they want to see your products as soon as possible. This means that you have to heavily rely on minimalism and simplicity, because anything else will drive them away. Aim for a clean and sleek design of your eCommerce site. Have easily recognizable categories and sub-categories. Make sure that your product page is easy to follow and that the images of products look nice. All this will help you trigger a positive buying decision.

Additionally, make sure there isn’t too much text on your site; try to be brief and include as much info about a product in a simple and short manner. And instead of relying on content, you should make an image speak for itself.


HQ photos

Images on your eCommerce store are an absolute must, and they have to be properly done! No matter what your products are, the photos of your products have to be absolutely flawless if you want a Gen Z’er to even look at them. So, the first thing to emphasize is that the photos have to be of high quality. Any pixelated and blurry images will just make them leave the site.

Secondly, you need to know how to do proper editing. Many eCommerce site owners rely on smartphone photography, but the editing is still necessary. You don’t want for your products to look way too photoshopped, especially if you’re using models. Remember all those fails where you have two people in an image and 5 arms? Well, that shouldn’t happen on your site.

Use simple editing tools, add some overlays on the images, rely on minimalism and emphasize the good details on your products and they are bound to look attractive.


Highlight deals

The Gen Z comes from an age when our economic system wasn’t in its best shape and their households probably had to be very frugal in order to live comfortably. This probably lead them to be frugal today with their own money. That is why you should make sure to highlight any deals and sales you have, because chances are good that they’re going to shop only then.

In order to make them visit your site and buy your products, make sure to have the deals featured on your homepage. Even better, you can have a whole section dedicated to products on sale, but make sure it’s visible and that it catches their eye.


Be socially aware

Gen Z is supportive of the society and they will interact with any company that supports their values and views. If they see that your products or a company are engaging in practices they find objectionable, they will certainly avoid your business completely. Even though each Get Z’er has different beliefs, there are some things they all have in common. These include support for inclusivity, social justice, taking care of the environment, multiculturalism and anti-capitalism. So, if you want your eCommerce business to be successful with this generation, you will have to present yourself as socially aware.


Gen Z is constantly on their phones and on the move, and it is only logical to build your eCommerce site around that. Keep in mind that everything has to be simple, that there are shortcuts and that the images speak for themselves and your eCommerce UX design will be flawless.

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