How to Get Quality and Cost-Effective PSD to Magento Development


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January 23, 2022

PSD to Magento conversion is the best option when you are planning to convert your PSD designs into a fully functional shopping store. It is considered to be the most cost-effective and result oriented process for the E-commerce field. Also, Magento is a well thought-out and the first choice of developers across the world.

Reasons why Magento is the Original Choice

There are various reasons why Magento is the preferred pick and one of the reasons is that the matchless features of Magento allow you to create a great online store that meets international standards and various other technical parameters. Another reason is the PSD to Magento Conversion gives a flexible output hence you are sure to have an online shopping website which will work flawlessly. Therefore E-commerce developers across the world mostly favor this.

Why Magento leads all the other Platforms for E-commerce

Without any argument, Magento dominates all the E-commerce development platforms in each and every aspect. Over 40% of the shopping website across the world is built over Magento. Apart from being a development platform Magento also helps in creating an e-store according to the latest trend and the demand of the customers. Hence all business sizes, small, mid or large favor PSD to Magento Conversion mainly.

Let us understand the key of getting Quality PSD to Magento Conversion as well as its Cost-effective Development.

  • Analyze the requirement and plan

The first and foremost step of PSD to Magento template conversion will be to analyze the requirement thoroughly. Here you have to work out a detailed plan and a rough framework or feature list of how you want your store to be like, what all features you want to highlight, and what will be your marketing strategy to promote the E-commerce store.

  • Preparation of PSD files efficiently

The second step will be preparing PSD designs efficiently. For this, you can use Adobe Photoshop, or any other image editing software that gives you a clean and attractive output of the designs. Make sure all the font size, color, logos are in sync and the layout looks visually appealing.

  • Slicing the PSD files

Here comes the most important step of the entire process i.e. slicing the PSD designs into various layers. This process simplifies the coding and ensures an effective and quality conversion. This process demands the high level of precision and expertise and the smallest of the element need to be saved as a separate element as a PSD file.

  • PSD to HTML and CSS

Once the slicing process is complete, the immediate next step will be coding the PSD images into HTML/ XHTML format. To make the design look visually appealing you also have to use CSS. The CSS style sheet needs to be linked for your ideal styles to replicate in the stripped HTML page which we will see ahead with Magento solution platform.

  • Integrating HTML and CSS into Magento

After all the PSD files are being coded into HTML or XHTML, the next step will be integrating all the coded files into Magento E-commerce platform. This is again a crucial step in the development process as you will have to create folders, directories, and subdirectories. This step makes sure your design looks attractive and is fully responsive to access on any device.

  • Adding Data to Magento Theme

Once the HTML is integrated into Magento you need to start uploading data to your shopping site. This is a lot of tasks and it is very time-consuming too as it includes details like prices, product range, description, terms, categories, images and a lot more.

  • QA Testing on your E-commerce site

The last and final phase will be testing the online store. After the data is added to the store, the website should undergo a QA testing process where the features, functionalities, the workflow of the website are checked. Testing is done on multiple browsers and devices to make sure the design is responsive and works flawlessly on all the browser and devices including desktop, laptops, and smartphone.

With this, we can conclude that PSD to Magento Conversion Services deliver accurate and specific E-commerce solutions which are why they are so much accepted worldwide.

Key Takeaways

Magento Conversion is a tedious task and as mentioned earlier it demands expertise and precision as the PSD files need to be coded into markup and style sheets like HTML and CSS.

Also, the PSD to Magento theme conversion needs to be precise and picture perfect.

These steps will help you to convert PSD to Magento effectively. This process will make your site all the more user-friendly and interactive with the many features. Users will be able to easily search for the products they are looking for. Additionally, you can also highlight the features products the exclusive sale so that customers can easily locate them on your site and can buy them instantly.

More about Pixlogix

We at Pixlogix are a leading web design and development company based in India that delivers exceptional services in India as well as across the globe. In the field of PSD to Magento, Pixlogix is considered as the finest PSD to Magento conversion services providers. Along with this worldwide acceptance for e-commerce solutions, we have succeeded to deliver over 7600 projects till date and growing with over 450 clients as well as 96% of client return ratio. So, if you anytime need to discuss your upcoming projects then feel free to connect with us.

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