How to Embed Your Instagram Photos and videos on the website?


Kevin Urrutia




May 05, 2024


Do you have a business website and you want to drive traffic to it and showcase your offerings to a wider audience?

Do you want extended exposure for your website by linking it to social media like Instagram? 

Do you want user-engagement like Instagram, on your website? 

Well! The answer to these questions is YES. You can do this all by just embedding Instagram feeds into your website. 

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But Why use Instagram?

Benefits of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion active monthly users and around half a million daily active users. 

This is not it. These active users take engagement actions like sharing, commenting, liking posts billions of times collectively every day. 

You should embed Instagram feed to your website for the following reasons: 

  • It is a visual-heavy platform with stunning images and engaging visuals
  • A social hub of influential user-generated content 
  • A massive global audience that presents the opportunity of extending exposure, reach & awareness.
  • One of the top social platform in terms of audience interaction and engagement’
  • Delivers a complete user experience with possibilities for browsing, sharing, exploring, promoting, and shopping
  • Helps in building social proof, brand image, consumer loyalty, following, and community for brands

With these benefits, it becomes evident that embedding those engaging images and video content from Instagram on your website can help you unlock the door to better returns and growth potential. 

Ways To Embed Instagram feeds on your Website

  1. Embed Photos & Videos Directly

This is quite an easy, simple, and quick way to get those exciting visuals from Instagram to your website. You just need a device with the tools for screen capture or screen recording. 

Go to the Instagram feed that you want to embed on your website, open the screen capture tool and take a screenshot of the post or if it’s a video then screen record it. 

Now take those photos or videos to your website and with the admin panel post the visual on the webpage where you want them to show on your website. 

It is a free method that is highly advantageous for new users as it does not require any technical knowledge. You can even keep the posts even after it has been deleted from Instagram for any reason. 

  1. Embed with Instagram Aggregator

This way is not as complex as the name suggests. An Instagram aggregator is an aggregation and display tool that lets you aggregate engaging content from Instagram into a single feed and embed it on your website. 

This is the most effective and useful way for your website as you can collect content from Instagram according to your requirements & preferences using hashtags, handles, mentions, or profiles. 

You can further customize the aggregated content & feed using personalization options like different themes, banner, colors & fonts, posts styles, content highlight and more. 

The moderation option gives you the possibility of showcasing the best quality relevant content with the profanity filter. It also has real-time content updates, content play, shoppable posts element, active customer support and much more. 

Instagram aggregators can help you display engaging visual UGC on your website that will enhance your website vibrancy, user engagement & interaction possibilities, dwell time, reduced bounce rate, and even shorter buying journey with shoppable posts. 

  1. Embed Widgets & Plugin

Widgets and plugins are available for most of the essential elements that are required for any website. So, they are also available for Instagram photos and video integration as well. 

You just simply have to install a plugin or widget based on your website building platform and link your Instagram to the widget/plugin so that it can fetch the content and display it on your website. 

These widgets/plugins give you many crucial features like compatibility for different screen sizes, feed layout & design options, clickable CTA, responsive design, and options of creating multiple feeds for your website.  

These widgets or plugins are mostly provided by third parties and you would need to pay some amount to unlock some advanced features. 

  1. Embed From Instagram

Instagram has its own feature for the embedding of posts on a website. It is simple and easy for the most part and it only operable through a desktop or laptop. 

From a laptop, log in to your Instagram account go to the post that you want to embed on your website be it photo or video post. Open the menu section for the posts where you will get the embed option. 

Clicking Embed will generate an HTML code for that post and you can copy that code and paste it in the coding section of your website page where you want to display it. 

This is a secure and trustworthy way to embed Instagram feeds visuals but the issue is that you have to keep in mind the API guidelines of Instagram as a violation of that might lead to API access being revoked. 


Adding visuals from Instagram is an immensely effective and resourceful way to bring visitors to your website from social media.

These visuals can help you showcase your products & website attractively, display positive UGC, fresh & unique content, and deliver a prime user browsing experience that will enhance the possibilities of conversions. 

Therefore, use one of these ways and embed Instagram feed to your website to make the best returns with minimal investments.

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