How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Boost Your Business


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May 05, 2024

Today Instagram has more than 400 million and growing users every day 80 million posts are shared, making it a pretty compelling platform for advertisers –other platforms struggle with concerns over data and privacy.

Instagram boasts a highly engaged audience and ads help drive awareness among users. This platform offers multiple options, from photo ads to carousel ads, as well as video ads and ads on Instagram Stories. To connect with the users the latter to offering sight, sound, and motion to further connect with users.


No matter which video ad format you choose, some of the tips to maximize their effectiveness.


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1. Make the first seconds count.

Instagram users usually  quickly scroll through their feeds, so you need to make video ads that compel users to stop and invest some time

“You have very less time to capture anyone’s attention,” slow openers are not in competition to attract someone’s attention …you need something that is bright, moves and catch attention”.


2. Add text.

As you know Instagram audio is muted by default, brands must lead with visuals and/or text that is very attractive.

“How can you grab their attention by just getting your message across—by providing more than just captions,”.Create some dynamic text effects with help of  apps like Apple Clips to highlight the main points that you wouldn’t want any viewer to miss.”


3. Solve the problem.

These Instagram video ads identify a problem and show how a particular product solves it.

First identify a problem your potential customers have, then creating an emotional bond with them, so they are already intrigued with what you offer to them. Once they are hooked, then show them how your product or service solves that particular problem.


4. Focus on a single goal.

You should focus on a central theme, topic and goal for each ad posted on Instagram.

it could be anything from brand awareness to product education or ‘buy now’ options. Never try to incorporate all of this into the one ad because you will lose your audience and they will just scroll past your ad.

create video content that is tailored for them and to the point.


5. Look less like an ad.

Video ads should blend naturally into Instagram feeds for the best reception. Avoid overly self-promotional. Make sure video ads blend into feeds organically.

Capture users attention while scrolling. he said. Posting video content that brings value to the user is more likely to have engagement.


6. Shoot in the right dimensions.

Feed videos can’t be enlarged to cover the whole phone screen on Instagram. Viewers will consume a video ad within an Instagram post.

But in stories, the video will fill the entire screen but should be designed and filmed vertically. The ads that fill the entire space are the best ones.


7. How landing page optimization is done for mobile.

If you set call to action on video ads leads to a landing page, the brand has to make sure all these pages are optimized for mobile.

Instagram is mostly accessed from mobile devices. Keep everything simple don’t make it difficult for the users.


8. Visual consistency.

You should keep the momentum going with supporting content that is aligned with the ad. And keep it aligned with the video content.

It includes the colors, the style of video and the music involved in the video. Each and every small component makes a significant impact on the video as a whole.

If the message of the video does not match or line up with your brand identity, it will be marked off as inauthentic and users will avoid and scroll right past it.


9. Add a clear call to action.

Use Instagram video ads as teasers as users are looking for content that can be quickly consumed. To tracking down a link in a bio requires a lot of effort.

Always simplify your call-to-action as much as possible. Stop sending them from your video to your profile to a landing page, try including the ‘learn more’ on your video advertisement.

Complete your entire message within the video advert. This will encourage interested viewers to learn more from your website, rather than have to go searching for your call-to-action.


10. Test.

Always create multiple versions of their Instagram video ads. A/B test them to see which works best with their audiences.

Agreed advertisers should take advantage of Instagram tools to enhance results. Track the user’s path from ad to conversion.


11. Wait until users are connected to WiFi.

Show the ads only to consumers connected to WiFi to avoid a subpar experience where videos slow to a crawl. On slow networks, the user prefers not watching video ads.

Always remember people are very impatient and have so many distractions on social platforms, they won’t wait for your video ad to buffer and start playing.

For this reason, you need to use a Growth hacking tool kit.


12. Loopable videos.

Always create a video ad with loop ability in mind, with fade-out video and music at the intro and outro.

The longer your prospect spends with your video ad, the more likely the ad and your brand are to make an impression and will attract more and more users.

Currently, if you take a picture or record a video with a device other than your phone or use an editing tool on your desktop to alter your image or video, you then have to send that picture to your phone where you can then upload it to Instagram. It’s annoying and it adds an unnecessary step to the process.

To speed things up, here’s how to upload video to Instagram from your PC.

About the Author: Oren Greenberg is a digital marketing consultant at Kurve growth consultancy, a keen investor in disruptors, namely Fat Llama and Baby MORI. He has been featured in The Telegraph, Social Media Examiner, M&S, Virgin, HubSpot, Real Business, Awario, Brand24, Warm, Foundrmag, Smart Insights, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Today, and Digital Marketing Magazine.

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