6 Small Business Website Myths That Hinder Your Growth


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November 15, 2023

(Summary: Here are some common small business website myths you shouldn’t believe anymore. )

Do you think that a business website is too expensive to afford? Or you assume that a Facebook page is a great alternative to a website? Or you are expecting thousands of visitors as soon as you create a website?

Well, these are nothing but baseless myths that could be preventing you from maximizing the prospective growth your business.

Here is a rundown of some common misconceptions built around small business websites and the truth behind them.

Myth # 1: My Business is Too Small to Have a Website

FACT: This is the greatest misconceptions many small business owners have. They think that they don’t need a website as they don’t have to sell online or they are too small for that. According to one survey, nearly 40% of small businesses don’t have a website yet.

Having a website is downright essential when over 90 percent people look online to make a buying decision. Owning one will help you earn credibility and trust, minimize your overhead expenses, exceed your customer reach, and improve your customer service. So you don’t need to be an e-commerce business to have a website. It is just like your virtual store over the web.

Myth # 2: Build a Website and Forget About It:

FACT:A website needs constant updates to stay fresh and “valid” to the search engine’s guidelines. Simply put, the websites should be updated with the latest trends. The web design that is looking great today may be obsolete tomorrow. Think the web as a stream constantly touching by different trends and you need to swift with the flow. Remember, your website is the face of your business over the web. If your website looks professional, the user will see you as an expert. If the site looks poorly designed, outdated and cluttered, they will make the same assumptions about your brand.

Make sure to update your website according to the latest trends in design, SEO, coding and mobile responsiveness, else your website can have the high bounce rate.

Myth # 3: A Website Will Give Me Visitors Overnight

FACT: The Internet has swarmed with thousands of websites. Will a visitor be able to spot your website in the crowd? Having a website is not a guarantee to pull off a large number of customers overnight. It will take time. To increase the visibility of your website, work over your SEO strategies.

Myth # 4: A Website is nothing but an Online Brochure:

FACT:Perhaps that might be true 10 years ago, but not today. In fact, an online brochure is something that is generally available in a downloadable PDF document. A business website is more than showcasing the products or their prices, contrary to the popular belief. Today, a website can help you interact with the customers, display useful contents, conduct surveys, make subscriptions, improve customer services and more.

Myth # 5: I Can’t Afford a Website. It’s So Expensive

FACT:The cost of a website is determined by several factors like development and design, domain name and other ongoing expenses. However, creating a website shouldn’t be expensive, especially for small businesses as they don’t needthe big websites of a large business.

You can use DIY website building tools like Wix.com or Weebly where you can create your own. Or you can outsource it to abroad through the platforms like Upwork at cheaper rates.

Myth # 6: Facebook Page is enough for My Small Business

FACT:Social media is a great way to build your brand. But you still need a website to prove your business’s credibility. Besides, a website gives your social media followers a place to go for more details. While you can list location and hours on Facebook and even images to display your business, it’s probably not an ideal place for showing pricing info and company history. Your website gives you complete control over the content while Facebook is a third-party site where you have to follow their terms of service.

So these are the myths about small business website you shouldn’t believe anymore. Like I have said before, having a website helps you build credibility, reduces expenses, increase your customer reach and facilitate your customer support.

Author Bio: Varun Sharma is a director of leading SEO Company in India- KVR Webtech. He analyses digital marketing strategies, trends, and practices emphasizing mobile, SEO, social media, and content marketing.

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