How To Increase E-mail Open Rates


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May 05, 2024

Although many people consider E-mail marketing as dead still but it has one of the best ROI in the marketing industry which makes this form of marketing still alive in the competition.

Know more about E-mail open rate

In general sense, one would consider E-mail open rates as the total clicks that an E-mail generates when it is received. But, it is not the way it goes. An E-mail is considered to be open only when any one of the following scenarios occurs:

  • When an image is displayed to the readers in the full view of the E-mail or at least in the preview pane.
  • When the recipient of E-mail clicks on the link provided with the E-mail.

Not all E-mails sent from the E-mail Service Provider (ESP) are received to the recipients as some of them even get bounced. Therefore, they cannot be considered as a sent E-mail and are termed as Bounced. The E-mail open rate is calculated by dividing the number of people who actually opened the E-mail to the number of E-mails that aren’t bounced off and have reached to the recipients.

What is E-mail Click Through Rate (CTR)?

Talking about the Click Through Rates, CTR is the count of the clicks that a link gets when an E-mail is opened. Hence, to get a good E-mail CTR, it is necessary to get more E-mail open rates. A person can only click a link when an E-mail is opened.

Methods to increase E-mail Open Rates

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To get more CTR it is necessary to get more E-mail Open Rates as it is required for the customer to open the E-mail so he can decide whether to click on the link or not.

Not all E-mail opened gets a click since it can’t feel appropriate to the recipient due to many reasons. Consider the following key factors which are important to get more E-mail Open Rates.

Write User-friendly Content

Barely any of the readers are interested in reading E-mails instead of chats on social media. So, if you try writing the content professionally without adding any gesture towards the reader they would read it and move to the next mail. So, it is suggested to write User-friendly content which the eyes of the reader in no time.

Writing User-friendly content can also be more attractive and trustworthy as it catches more attention of the user which will show a fair increase in overall CTR and E-mail Open Rate hence, it can considerably affect the sales of a business or a brand.

Timing is the Key

Timing is one of the most important factors in a business. The selection of a perfect time can be a key factor in deciding whether a reader would open the mail or not. 

Although, there is not any accurate timing in which a reader would surely check your mail. But it can be evaluated by carrying out various checks by sending E-mails at different phases of the day, week or month. After analyzing the result, it can be used as a reference in the near future.

Hopefully, an E-mail sent at a perfect timing can score you more attention of the reader if they are free to read your E-mail and also get you more CTR in this marketing.

Add humour to your content

No one is interested in a ready long and bold paragraph instead of a paragraph that has more humorous content which embeds some humour and attention towards the content.

There are several ways a regular E-mail can be made interesting by adding some humour to it. It does not require you to be a comedian or a joker to be humorous but everyone does have some sense of humour, you need to imply the very thing. Things like adding animated GIF, funny pictures or captions which makes the reader relate it with the latest humour trend can be enough to do your work.

Spam Filters: Enemy to your E-mails

Spam filters are not less than a threat to the E-mail marketing since their purpose is to look for E-mails which are spam and contain potential viruses and malicious program inside the mail and add them in Spam Folder.

In recent years, the algorithm of the spam folder has been such complex that it even considers your top performing E-mails as spam. Which would be never accessed by your readers and keep it in the darkness of vicinity.

Consider the following point to overcome the issue of your E-mails being spam.

  • Send the E-mails through a well-known domain.
  • Never send your E-mails through IP addresses that have been used earlier. Especially form those IP addresses which have previously sent spam E-mails.
  • Request your readers to subscribe to your E-mails by telling the process involved in brief.
  • Don’t add certain keywords (words such as “buy”, “cash”, “offer”) which makes your E-mail more prone to being caught by the spam system.


E-mail marketing is still one of the most convenient forms of marketing in which marketers are still reliable due to its high-efficiency rate and ROI. There are certain terminologies that are associated with this field and are often pronounced when E-mail marketing is pronounced. These are Click Through Rate (CTR) and E-mail Open Rate.

Having high CTR means having a large ROI in the business. Which can be achieved only when there is a high E-mail Open rate. To earn higher E-mail Open Rates, there are certain key factors that should be considered while writing and sending of the content.

Regular content is not enough for the readers to make them click through the E-mail. So, you need to be smart and add some twist and make the article entertaining by adding humour to it and sending it at the right time of the day.

In spite of having great content, not every Email makes it visible to the reader due to newer and complex spam detection algorithms that prevail most of the E-mail due to the above mentioned properties of the E-mail and also the IP address from which it is sent.


Author’s Bio: Naveen is the marketing head at MightyThemes by profession and a blogger by passion. He loves to write about WordPress, Joomla, Digital Marketing and Blogging. Apart from this, in his spare time, he loves to play games, watch netflix and do product research. You can follow him on Facebook , Twitter

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