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May 05, 2024

Do you have an online business you want to use the power of social media to grow your business? Are you confused about how to start, which sites to use for your social marketing?

Do you have doubts and questions to ask about whether you should use social media for your business? 

Well, don’t worry. This article will give you all the details you need to know about social media marketing and how you can use it to grow your business.

To start with let’s define social media marketing.

It is engaging clients and potential readers on your social sites with content to draw their attention to your business. You earn their trust and convert them to clients.

We focus on direct response and customer acquisition in e-commerce, lead gen, and mobile. When it comes to results and leads, we speak your language.

How social media marketing helps

Engage leads

You need clients to grow your business. Social media marketing helps you draw the interests of potential buyers to your business and engage them. 

Most of your potential readers don’t know about your business. Social media helps create impressions in your business. 

According to research by sales for life, 57% of business teams are using their social media skills to engage leads on social sites. 

The above report also shows that 81% of teams use the sites for social selling. 

Increase website traffic

Social media sites play a vital role in growing your site traffic. To grow your website traffic, create high-quality content that addresses your target client’s pains.

Include links to your business website where potential clients can learn more about your products or services.

Social sites help you build client’s trust as you engage them in your business brand.

Increase conversion rates

Use social media to educate your readers, advocate your business brand and convert them to clients. The more your lead conversion rates, the higher your business sales and ROI. 

Your social media posts help you earn the client’s trust. They learn about your products and engage with your brand through your content. 

Build trust with leads

Your business is a trust-building process. Before a client makes a purchase from your business they need to first know that they can trust your services to solve their pains.

Engage leads with your content. Comment and like their post and content related to your business. 

Once your business earns the trust of clients, the client can offer a life-time value that will increase your sales and profits.

Improve search engine rankings

Social sites play a vital role in contributing to your SEO rankings. Here is a simple co-relationship of social sites and an SEO.

When you share quality content that readers love, they will engage with it. They will share, like, and comment on the posts. This sends a signal to search engines that you have useful information readers love.

As you keep interaction with your readers and sharing more useful content search engines rank your content high on their pages.

Improve brand loyalty

Your potential clients talk about your online brands a lot on social sites. Showcasing a positive image of your brand to your clients can help you earn more trust, get more customers and sales.

Different sites have different social marketing strategy. To build and improve brand loyalty, create and execute the right social media strategy for your brand.

If your potential clients ask questions about your brand on their social sites, ensure you address them effectively. To earn your clients’ trust, ensure your answers are detailed and address their pains in a professional way.

Use social media tools to monitor your brand mentions, recommendations, and trends on social sites as you improve your brand loyalty.

Learn about your business competitors

You are not the only business in the market. Each business in your niche is doing its best to get the clients you want. 

Since you are in business with other different businesses, you can use social media sites to learn more about their business, how they handle their customers and how they run their business.

Learning from competitors can help market your brand in a unique way as you can leverage what’s working for them and optimize them.

Thought leadership

Clients like the businesses that care about them. You can use social media to be a thought leader in your market niche. 

You can create content with deep research findings that helps your clients solve their pains.

With high-quality content, your potential clients get to know you and your brand. You interact with them and help solve their biggest pains. This builds more trust and bond to your brand and makes it easy to convert to customers.

Since you are an expert in your market niche, ensure you create thought leadership content that can help shorten the sales cycle.

How to market your business on social media sites

Now since you know the importance of social media to grow your business, let us look at how you can use social sites.

Have a strong and consistent profile

Social media is all about building trust with leads as you you nurture them to be customers. One great way to do this is to have a consistent profile across all your social sites. 

Use the same business logo for all your social sites as clients can identify your brand with ease.

Here is an example of Voy Media company with its different social media sites

LinkedIn profile

Facebook profile

Twitter profile

And here is the official website for Voy Media company

If for instance, you are searching for facebook ads agency for your brand it will be easy to go with the above business is it’s consistent across their different social sites.

Provide value

You must provide value upfront to your target customers. Getting new customers is hard and costly. Through social media, provide value to your customers to retain and engage them. 

Have a great customer care support to address your clients’ requests and handle new incoming clients. 

Potential clients gain trust with brands that have friendly and knowledgeable customer care.

According to research by Invesp, social media sites rated 72% as channels business use to acquire clients. Use social sites to provide value to your customers to gain credibility with them. 

Share different content types

You need content to engage your leads on social media. One of the most performing types of content is video content. 

Smart Insights did a research and found that 53% of customers engage with brands when they watch video content on the brand social sites.

This shows clients value video and engages with it more than other content types. 

As a social media marketing strategy, create explainer video content and post it on your site. Video marketing has a high ROI for your brand.

Engage your customers

Your clients will have questions about your products or services. Ensure you address them as you keep them engaged with the right content on your social sites.

Post content within your niche specialty and follow up on the readers’ comments. Ensure your content is easy to read and share to increase the engagement rate.

Research on your target market and post content that aligns with their business and passions. If for instance, your fans love golf, create short posts about golf as this will draw their attention to your site.

When potential clients find your posts useful they engage more with your brand and are likely to convert into clients.

The best social media marketing platforms

There are many different social platforms where you can market your business. In this post, we will look at some of the best platforms you can use for business marketing.


You can use facebook and create a business fan page to promote your business. Here is an example of the Shopify facebook business page.

Through the page, you can share content, engage potential customers and direct them to your business website to increase traffic. 

Apart from the page, join groups that relate to your business. Here are examples of Ecommerce groups on Facebook.

Through the groups, you can interact with potential clients through commenting, asking and answering questions and offering useful information.


Through twitter, you can post tweets that relate to your business. Here are some tweets and retweets on the Hubspot Twitter profile.

All the above tweets relate to the services Hubspot offer their clients. To increase engagement, you can retweet other people’s comments and share them with your audience.


This social site can be very influential in growing your online business. emarketer report shows that Pinterest has a 16.4% influence in purchase decision making for buyers who use social media.

You can use Pinterest to promote your new products by posting pictures of your business products. 

Here are some of Voy Media pins.

To promote your business on Pinterest, ensure you sign up for a business account

A Pinterest business account gives you tools to help track your business growth. 

You will know the strategies that work for your business and optimize them to grow your client base and sales. 

With Pinterest, you can showcase your product offers and develop your brand personality by creating unique pinboards.


This is one of the largest professional websites that link brands with their customers. 

You can engage with potential customers by creating content that tailors their personal needs. Create high-quality content and post in on LinkedIn pulse. 

According to research by content marketing institute, 74% of brands create educative content to engage with their customers.

Ensure your content provides actionable tips your potential clients can apply to solve their pains.

Join different Linkedin groups and be active. Here are some groups related to digital marketing.

Comment, like ask questions and answer questions other people ask. Remember, most of the people within your group are target customers. 

Through commenting and asking questions, you can create the first impression that can help you earn their trust and probably convert them to clients.


Use Youtube to create video content that addresses your target market pain points.

 Video has a high engagement rate. If you create quality content that helps target market solve their pains they will convert and be your loyal clients. 

To start, create a youtube channel for your business. This is the Voy Media youtube channel. 

Besides educative videos, you can ask satisfied clients to leave testimonials on your youtube channels. Here is one more example Marketo company on their youtube business channel.

Testimonials help build trust as more potential clients can see other people who used your services and we’re happy. 

You can use your youtube channels to post your webinars to attract potential customers to your brand. 

You can use youtube to answer your potential clients and existing client’s questions as you engage with them. Here is an example of the Dan Lok youtube channel.


You can use this social site to grow your organic reach and increase your brand followers. Create and update your account with content that will engage your readers.

You should have a clear brand strategy for your marketing. Here is an example

Ensure you post images that impress readers and engage them to like and share to increase your brand awareness. 

Below are some images of Shopify on their Instagram account.

Include great CTA’s for the content you post on your social sites. You can create awesome content and engage leads but if you don’t show them what to do next after engagement you can lose them.

Other social media sites

The above are some of the main social sites most brands use for their lead generation, brand awareness and lead conversion. Here are some other social sites brands can still use.

  1. Quora
  2. Snapchat
  3. Medium
  4. Reddit
  5. Google +
  6. Tumblr

Best social media marketing tools

Below are some of the best tools you can use in your social marketing campaigns.

  1. Mention
  2. Buffer
  3. Lithium
  4. Hootsuite
  5. Meet Edgar
  6. Quick Sprout
  7. HashtagsforLikes

There are many other different social sites that you can optimize to grow your business.


Use the above tips to create your social media marketing strategy that will help you generate leads for your business.

Retaining clients is much easier that acquiring one. Use the power of social media marketing to engage leads, address your clients’ concerns, deliver them awesome services and products and grow your business revenue and sales.

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