Green Monday Email Subject Lines

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Green Monday is the best bay for retailers as they make huge sales and profits for their business. Retail sales are rapidly increasing at a faster rate.

If brands prepare well and increase their target market they can increase their sales during this green Monday sales day.

Because it’s one of the great days where people do a lot of shopping in preparation for Christmas celebrations.

Brand owners should ensure that they marketing their business in advance to capture more target customers and nurture them.

This will help prepare them for a great shopping time when green Monday time comes.

If you want to run email marketing campaigns this green Monday, you can use these awesome subject lines on your emails.

  1. GREEN MONDAY is here. Get amazing discounts when you make orders NOW!!!
  2. Save 40% OFF price when you order your items NOW!!!
  3. Just SIX HOURS left and our free shipping offer ends. Make your order NOW!!!
  4. Amazing green sales event starts in one day. Are you ready for shopping?
  5. Chrismas comes early this year with great shopping time during GREEN MONDAY
  6. LAST chance to get 60% OFF for your products this GREEN MONDAY
  7. Get free shipping + special gift this GREEN MONDAY
  8. HOT DEALS are here this green Monday. See what we got for you.
  9. After all the long waiting here comes the special day: GREEN MONDAY. Happy times
  10. Save $50 on every item you purchase on GREEN MONDAY
  11. After all, those other special days come GREEN MONDAY. Want to know what we have for you on this special day?
  12. GREEN MONDAY is always a saving time. See what you can save as you shop from us this special day
  13. CHRISTMAS is around the corner. Don’t miss this GREEN MONDAY to make your orders at reduced prices
  14. Just spend $500 this GREEN MONDAY and get free shipping + a special present for you
  15. How about an EXTRA 30% OFF all your online purchases this GREEN MONDAY, Sounds cool, right?
  16. GREEN MONDAY ends today and so does our special OFFERS. BUY NOW!!!
  17. Check out your cart NOW and get free delivery for your items
  18. Do you want to save$250 this GREEN MONDAY for purchases above $750? Make your order NOW!!!
  19. Hi JORDAN, here is our present to say thanks for being our loyal customer
  20. Invite a friend for shopping this GREEN MONDAY and get DISCOUNTS for your purchases
  21. Save for the holiday times when you make your purchases this GREEN MONDAY sales event
  22. Did you know our SPECIAL green Monday offers end today? Make your orders NOW before its too late
  23. Visit our store for WONDERFUL shopping time this GREEN MONDAY
  24. Happy Christmas in advance. Shop till you drop this GREEN MONDAY
  25. Here is our new DEALS for this GREEN MONDAY shopping. Happy shopping
  26. Get your special TREAT for Christmas this GREEN MONDAY shopping day
  27. If you don’t take this OFFER now you will see it next year. Take action
  28. Happy shopping starts NOW with GREEN MONDAY great offers
  29. This email is just to remind you that Special green Monday discounts and offers end at MIDNIGHT. Make an order NOW!!!
  30. We have EXTENDED the GREEN MONDAY offers for SIX HOURS. BUY NOW while there is time

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